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Pharma Co.

Change from original agreement

Terms/Details (Date)

3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals

Centocor Inc. and Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development LLC (units of Johnson & Johnson)

Extended thrombin collaboration through December

3DP will receive about $1.4M in additional research funding and will continue to be eligible for milestone payments and royalties on sales of any products marketed under the agreement; the original agreement in December 2000 granted worldwide rights to 3DP's orally active, direct thrombin inhibitor program to Centocor (2/4)

Cerep SA*

Sanofi- Synthelabo (France)

Renewed drug discovery collaboration in an undisclosed therapeutic area

Cerep plans to provide Sanofi with a major lead, plus secondary chemical compounds, for each of the four targets it is screening (2/19**)

Cetek Corp.*

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development LLC (unit of Johnson & Johnson)

Extended agreement to use Cetek's capillary electrophoresis screening technology

Cetek will develop CE Assays for the J&J division and screen against compound libraries provided by the division; Cetek will receive an up-front payment and screening fees; it could receive milestone payments (1/13)

Biosystems Inc.

Pfizer Inc.

Expanded collaboration to include studies designed to discover protein biomarkers from human serum that provide early detection of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease vs. healthy individuals

The studies will be conducted at Ciphergen's Biomarker Discovery Center in Copenhagen, Denmark (1/28)

Corixa Corp.

GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals (unit of GlaxoSmithKline)

Amended collaboration that gives Corixa the rights to therapies for prostate and breast cancer

Corixa will pay up to $32M for proof-of- principle trials on the two vaccines before GSK Biologicals decides whether it wants to buy back the worldwide exclusive licenses from Corixa; if the buyback hap- pens, Corixa could participate in further development and share in U.S. promotion rights (1/30)

Entelos Inc.*

NV Organon (the Netherlands)

Extended collaboration
to expand the research program in rheumatoid arthritis using the Entelos rheumatoid arthritis PhysioLab technology

Organon will provide up-front fees, milestones and royalties on the sale of immunological and inflammatory drugs (12/3)



Aventis Pasteur

Exercised option agreement to develop up to five targets discovered by Eos

Aventis has worldwide rights to develop and commercialize the targets; Eos got an up-front fee on signing the agreement, and will receive funding of research and development; Aventis will provide milestone payments plus royalties on any products that come out of the deal (1/13)

Gene Logic

Takeda Chemical Industries Ltd.

Expanded GeneExpress subscription agreement

Takeda gains access to the complete Bio- Express dataset, allowing Takeda research- ers to assess the full range of normal and diseased human tissues, animal and cell lines and associated clinical annotations within BioExpress; Takeda will continue to use the complete ToxExpress Predictive System (2/18)




Extended drug discovery research alliance to develop therapeutics to prevent and treat osteoporosis

The extension is expected to last through December 2003, with total payments to Genome Therapeutics possibly reaching $118M, excluding royalties (12/30)


Corp. (Japan)

Modified collaboration
in which GlycoDesign regained all rights to Core 2 inhibitors

The inhibitors are being developed as oral anti-inflammatory drugs; under the new deal, GlycoDesign licensed to Seikagaku exclusive Japanese rights to GlycoDesign's Core 2 assay system for internal research and development purposes, and would receive royalties on products resulting from the research (1/31)


Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Expanded relationship
to include purification of Merrimack's MM-093

The original agreement was for GTC to produce rhAFP in the milk of transgenic goats (1/3)

Icagen Inc.*

Squibb Co.

Renewed research and development agreement for the discovery and development of small-molecule drugs targeting a specific ion channel involved in atrial fibrillation

The renewal provides for continued re- search and development funding by BMS (12/20)

(Belgium; Pink
Sheets: INGTF)

BV (Belgium)

Renewed research collaboration to provide candidate drug targets

The five-year-old partnership is being extended three years, during which both parties will complete work on previously discovered targets as well as explore new ones (1/28)

and Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical Inc. (units of Johnson & Johnson)

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development LLC

Extended collaboration
in which Kosan is producing macrolide antibiotic leads and J&J is responsible for characterization and development of the compounds

Marketing and sales of any resulting drugs would be undertaken by Ortho-McNeil; the collaboration is extended until Dec. 28 (1/14)

Genetics Inc.

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Expanded OmniBank Universal agreement

Boehringer will continue its access to Lexicon's OmniBank library through February 2004 (3/20)

Genetics Inc.

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development LLC (unit of Johnson & Johnson)

Extended agreement for OmniBank

The J&J unit will continue its access to Lexicon's OmniBank library through December; it also will continue to have access to gene knockouts generated under Lexicon's gene targeting technologies with genetic alterations directed at drug targets of interest and access to drug target validation data generated by Lexicon for specified targets (1/8)


Royalty Pharma Management LLC

Expanded selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) royalty agreement for Ligand's approved cancer drug, Targretin

Royalty Pharma exercised an expanded option agreeing to pay Ligand about $6.8M for 0.1875% of future sales of three SERM products now in Phase III development, and for 1% of worldwide sales of Targretin capsules through 2016 (1/7)



Takara Bio Inc.

Expanded technology licensing agreement for Lynx's Megaclone, Megasort and Massively Parallel Signature Sequencing, or MPSS, technologies

Takara accelerated its technology access fee payments to Lynx and its equity purchases of Lynx common stock; the amended license provides Takara with the right in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan to use Megasort, Megaclone and MPSS (1/9)


H. Lundbeck A/S

Expanded collaboration to test compounds for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease in MindGenix's relevant model of the disease

The APP/PSI transgenic mouse model used in the platform developed by MindGenix demonstrates behavioral abnormalities and other hallmark features of Alzheimer's neuropathology (1/31)



Pfizer Inc.

Expanded contract agreement for Oxford to provide additional proteomics services

The companies have been working together since 1998 in a collaboration to discover biomarkers and drug development targets in Alzheimer's disease, arteriosclerosis and other disease targets and indications; the area of research and other terms of the new agreement were not disclosed (1/7)


plc (UK)

Extended research collaboration shifting efforts from the generation of screening libraries to a drug discovery collaboration to identify promising small-molecule lead compounds against an AstraZeneca drug target

Pharmacopeia will provide its small-molecule drug discovery expertise in return for research funding, potential milestone payments and royalties on any resulting drugs (2/10)

Sequitur Inc.*

Squibb Co.

Extended antisense-based agreement

Sequitur will perform biological screening assays and provide Bristol-Myers with RNAi for use in target validation studies; the deal is extended for another year (3/3)

Thuris Corp.*
SpA (Italy)

Sigma-Tau Industrie Farmaceutiche Riunite

Expanded research collaboration to develop compounds to combat brain inflammation

Thuris is broadening experiments into living animals; financial terms were not disclosed (3/3)

Inc. (VRTX)

Eli Lilly and Co.

Restructured agreement centered on hepatitic C viral protease inhibitors

Vertex will develop and commercialize VX-950, and has obtained worldwide rights to compounds identified during the collaboration; Lilly will retain a financial interest in VX-950 and other HCV protease compounds through royalties on future net product sales (1/3)

Viragen Inc.
and its subsidiary Viragen International Inc.

Laboratorios Pisa

Renewed and extended agreement providing Laboratorios Pisa with the exclusive rights to distribute Multiferon in Mexico

The agreement is extended by 10 years (1/31)


Corixa Corp.

Japan Tobacco
Inc. (Japan)

Terminated agreement for certain rights to a lung cancer vaccine program

Japan Tobacco decided to drop the program as part of the company's restructuring efforts; Corixa reacquired rights in North America and several other countries; Japan Tobacco will retain rights in Japan (2/5)


Draximage Inc.
(subsidiary of
Draxis Health Inc.)

Terminated license and distribution agreement and product manufacturing and supply agreement for Draxis' BrachySeed I-125 and BrachySeed Pd-103 products

Cytogen terminated the agreement as a result of Draxis' failure to consistently supply the BrachySeed products at quantities, activity levels and schedules amenable to commercial sales; Draximage disputed Cytogen's claims and said it was exercising its rights to terminate Cytogen's exclusivity with regard to the marketing and distribution of BrachySeed implants in the U.S. (1/27)

De Novo

F. Hoffmann-La
Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)

Completed technology development collaboration with the creation of SkelGen II, a chemoinformatics platform to accelerate drug discovery

De Novo retains full ownership and commercialization rights to SkelGen, and granted a limited license to Roche forinternal drug discovery (2/18)


Elan Corp.
plc (Ireland)

Terminated joint venture, SafeScience Newco Ltd.

GlycoGenesys will acquire all of Elan's interest in their oncology joint venture in exchange for a royalty interest on certain future revenues related to GCS-100, a cancer product (12/19)


plc (UK)

Terminated development agreement for cantuzumab mertansine

ImmunoGen regains all rights to the tumor-activated prodrug compound it developed; GSK wanted to renegotiate the product license agreement in order to take the compound into Phase II studies, but the companies could not come to an agreement (1/24)


Elan Corp.
plc (Ireland)

Terminated option for an affiliate of Elan to license Incara's catalytic antioxidant compounds for use in combination with cancer radiation treatment

Incara regains full rights to the com- pounds (1/15)


Merck & Co.

Terminated agreement for rights to Isis' preclinical Type II diabetes antisense candidate, ISIS 113715

Isis regains all rights to the candidate; the agreement ended due to the slow progress of taking the product into the clinic (12/23)

Nastech Pharmaceutical
Co. Inc.

Pharmacia Corp.
(unit of Pfizer Corp.)

Terminated agreement for a sexual dysfunction product

Nastech reacquires all development and marketing rights to intranasal apomorphine to treat erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction; the terminated agreement results from a Federal Trade Commission investigation of the pending merger between Pfizer Inc. and Pharmacia (1/27)


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