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Type/Product Area

Terms/Details (Date)

Accelrys Inc. (subsidiary of Pharmacopeia Inc.; PCOP)

IBM Corp. and
United Devices

Agreement to support a global research effort focused on the development of new drugs to combat the smallpox virus post infection

The project will be powered through a computing grid that will be designed to enable computer owners worldwide to contribute idle computing resources with the goal of developing a collection of potential anti-smallpox drugs (2/5)

Biogen Inc.

Forward Inc.

Three-year technology subscription for Phase Forward's InForm electronic data capture solution

Biogen will use the technology to expedite the collection and management of trial data (1/15)

Chiron Corp. (CHIR)

Axeda Systems Inc.

Licensing agreement for the Axeda DRM System to enable the proactive monitoring, service and support of Chiron's Procleix System

Chiron will use the Axeda DRM system to remotely monitor Procleix Instrumentation installed at customer facilities, designed to improve service response times and instrument uptimes of those medical instruments (1/7)

DeCode genetics Inc. (Ireland; DCGN)

IBM Corp.

Three-year alliance to jointly market a set of integrated applications, technologies and services for analyzing, managing and storing genetic, genealogical and clinical data

The companies will market and sell DeCode's Clinical Genome Miner Discovery system running on IBM hardware and software (1/23)

Iconix Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

MDL Information Systems Inc.

Agreement for Iconix to link its DrugMatrix with the ISIS Enterprise Edition of MDL

The pairing is designed to provide subscribers access to the genomic, chemical, toxicology and pharmacology information in Iconix's database by using all of the ISIS structure-searching tools (1/14)

Plexxikon Inc.*

Synthematix Inc.

Agreement to incorporate into Plexxikon's drug discovery platform the Arthur technology belonging to Synthematix

Plexxikon gains access to Synthematix's Arthur family of products consisting of two major components: a database of synthetic organic reactions and experimental conditions combined with a search engine, and a suite of modules to enter, analogue, annotate and mine the database (1/15)

SurroMed Inc.*

Fidelity Biosciences Group*

Agreement to develop biomarkers and diagnostic products for neurodegenerative conditions

Fidelity will provide SurroMed multiyear funding to develop the biomarkers as well as to conduct preclinical and clinical studies; SurroMed will share in the commercialization of any resulting biomarkers (2/10)

Zen-Bio Inc.*

Linco Diagnostic Services Inc.

Joint contract assay service agreement for monitoring the release of cytokines and endocrine analytes from human adipocytes and preadipocytes

The service takes advantage of LINCOplex assays offered by Linco Diagnostics and the cultured human adipocyte model offered by Zen-Bio (1/16)


# This chart does not include agreements that involve agricultural product development.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk

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