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Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)

Caliper Technologies Corp. (CALP)

Collaboration to develop and provide automated target preparation instruments for GeneChip and other products

New products will incorporate Caliper's expertise in high-throughput automation and microfluidics with Affymetrix's expert- ise in microarray technology; Affymetrix would market resulting products (1/13)

Argenta Discovery Ltd.* (UK)

TTP LabTech (unit of TTP Group plc; UK)

Deal to expand Argenta's capabilities through the incorporation of TTP's Acumen Explorer screening platform

The companies also will work to develop novel screening assays within the drug dis- covery process (1/29)

CombiMatrix Group (CMBX)

Cyrano Sciences Inc.*

Collaboration on the development of chemical sensors that merge CombiMatrix's microarray technology with Cyrano's electronic nose technology

They intend to develop products for sensing chemical agents in air and water; terms were not disclosed (1/12)

Concurrent Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Intel Corp.

Collaboration to apply machine learning tools to the discovery and development of drugs

Intel Capital was among the investors in Concurrent's Series B financing, which was disclosed along with the alliance; terms of the deal were not disclosed (1/12)

PharmaStem Therapeutics Inc.*

Securacell Inc.*

Securacell gained a license to PharmaStem patents

Securacell will use the patents in its umbilical cord blood-banking business (2/5)

PharmaStem Therapeutics Inc.*

Newborn Blood Banking Inc.*

Newborn Blood Banking gained a license to PharmaStem's patent portfolio

The patents are in the area of umbilical cord and placental blood preservation; terms were not disclosed (1/30)


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