Total: $2,779.81M


Type Of Financing

Shares, Units Or Warrants (M)

Amount Raised (M)

Investors; Placement Agents; Details (Date)@

Abgenix Inc.

Private placement of convertible subordinated notes



Abgenix raised $200M in the placement; the initial purchasers also have an overallotment option for up to an additional $50M in notes (2/27)

Amgen Inc.

Private placement of 30-year zero-coupon senior convertible notes

Notes convertible into 31S


Amgen raised $2.5B through the private placement; the initial purchaser has an option to purchase an additional $321M in notes; the notes are convertible into about 31M shares, or 35M shares if the overallotment is exercised (2/22)

Antisoma plc

Financing with a 4-for-3 rights issue


22 (US$31.3)

Antisoma raised US$31.3M with a 4-for-3 rights issue; the issue was priced at 20 pence per share (2/27**)

CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CGPI)

Equity line financing



CollaGenex secured an $8.5M equity line financing commitment from Kingsbridge Capital Ltd. (2/19)

Immtech International Inc. (IMMT)

Private placement of convertible preferred stock and warrants



Immtech raised $4M in the placement of restricted Series A convertible preferred stock with a predetermined conversion price and warrants to purchase common stock (2/19)

MoliChem Medicines Inc. (OTC BB:MLCM)

Exercise of warrants



MoliChem received an additional $1.5M in funding in connection with the exercise by two of its shareholders of warrants to purchase additional shares of its common stock; Dacha Capital Inc. and Multivox Marketing Inc. each invested an additional $750,000 (2/5)

NaPro BioTherapeutics Inc. (NPRO)

Private placement of common stock and debentures



NaPro raised $16M in a private placement in which TL Ventures was the sole investor (2/14)

Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp. (NYMX)

Private placement of common stock



Nymox raised $550,000, at prices between $3.90 and $4.05 per share (2/7)

Orchid Bio-
Inc. (ORCH)

Private placement of common stock



Orchid raised $20M selling 8M shares to a select group of new and existing shareholders; Robertson Stephens Inc. served as underwriter for the offering; there is an overallotment option for another 1.2M shares (2/27)

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc. (PPHM)

Private placement of common stock and warrants

1.1S and W for 0.275S


Peregrine raised $2.2M in a placement led by Zimmer Lucas Partners LLP; it included Vertical Capital Holdings Ltd.; the company issued 1.1M shares and warrants to purchase an additional 275,000 common shares; Atlas Capital Services LLC acted as placement agent (2/5)

The Immune Response Corp. (IMNR)

Private placement of a convertible note and warrant



The Immune Response privately placed a $2M convertible note and warrant with Oshkim Ltd. Partnership (2/15)

Tm Bioscience Corp. (Canada; CDNX:TMC)

Exercise of warrants


C$3.6 (US$2.26)

Tm Bioscience received a total of C$3.6M since the end of the third quarter 2001 from the exercise of warrants and compensation options relating to a private placement in May 2000 (2/8)


# Unless otherwise indicated, shares are traded on the Nasdaq exchange. This chart does not include real estate or manufacturing plant financings.

@ Dates refer to the date of the press release.

** Denotes the date the item ran in BioWorld International.

N/A = Not available, applicable or reported.

CDNX = Canadian Venture Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over the Counter Bulletin Board