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Robert Conway, director and CEO NASDAQ:ARRY


Founded in 1998, Array BioPharma Inc. is a discovery research company creating drug candidates through innovations in chemistry. Array provides a range of drug discovery products and services, including optimer building blocks, lead generation, lead optimization and process research and development. The company also provides a proprietary chemoinformatics platform to support the entire drug discovery process.

The company's in silico drug development allows researchers to employ drug building blocks and create a library of compounds that then can be synthesized and tested.

In addition to commonly used structural biology and high-throughput screening techniques, Array BioPharma also employs predictive chemoinformatics as a means to predict drug characteristics, such as potency, dosing frequency and potential side effects. The company also uses its drug metabolism assays to determine how quickly the drug begins to work and how long it stays active.


The company has drug discovery collaborations with Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., targeting phosphatases and ICOS Corp., of Bothell, Wash., targeting a protein with the IDAS motif. The company also has drug discovery agreements with Takeda Chemical Industries Ltd., of Osaka, Japan, for an undisclosed target and with Trimeris Inc., of Durham, N.C., to discover small-molecule fusion inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus and respiratory syncytial virus.