6H Gill Street
Woburn, MA 01801
Phone: 781-937-5550

Eugene Chan, chairman and CEO
Privately Held


Founded in 1997, U.S. Genomics’ focus is developing technologies to make full use of genomic information. To this end, the company’s technologies employ the direct and linear reading of large sections of genomes.

U.S. Genomics’s technology platform, the GeneEngine, has two components: nanotechnology systems for positioning DNA so that it can be read linearly (broadly termed DNA Delivery Mechanism), and detection technologies to allow the information to be read from the DNA Delivery Mechanism. The company intends to develop its technology to enable complete genome analysis, sequencing, polymorphism analysis and gene expression determination.

The company has filed more than 25 patents and in 2001 received a patent on molecular motors as well as one for methods and analysis using a spatial network of fluorophores for fluorescence energy resonance transfer. Also, in April 2001, the company privately raised $17 million.


U.S. Genomics and The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute entered a collaboration in late January 2002 to examine the use of U.S. Genomics’ linear DNA analysis technology in research on the human genome. The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and U.S. Genomics will jointly employ their scientific expertise to conduct genetic research using the GeneEngine technology and other aspects of U.S. Genomics’ technology platform. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.