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Garry Merry, vice president, genomic services
Wholly owned subsidiary of Qiagen NV


Qiagen Genomics Inc., formerly Rapigene Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qiagen NV that was acquired in 1999. The company is a commercial provider of high-throughput single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping services and gene expression analysis.

The company's Masscode tagging system, which is based on using a family of low-molecular-weight compounds and standard PCR and mass spectrometry, enables high-throughput SNP genotyping. DNA Reaction Control technology enables multiple parallel DNA reactions that are common to many new DNA measurement platforms, and is designed to improve array specificity and accuracy of results.

In addition to SNP genotyping services, Qiagen offers SNP discovery, DNA purification and DNA sequencing. The Masscode system is available through a preferred partnership program for in-licensed, research-based SNP genotyping applications.


Qiagen Genomics has a collaborative partnership with Genomics Collaborative Inc. The company entered into an agreement with Shimadzu Corp., The Institute for Genomic Research and the Montefiore Medical Center focused on an association study of single nucleotide polymorphisms in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In addition, the company has a co-promotion agreement with Agilent Technologies Inc. and a licensing agreement with Daiichi Pure Chemicals Co. Ltd.