104 Alexander Drive, Building 2
P.O. Box 14528
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Phone: 919-425-3000

John Ryals, president and CEO


Paradigm Genetics Inc. focuses on industrializing the functional genomics process for four major sectors of the global economy: human health, nutrition, crop production and industrial products. The company’s platform includes plant and fungal research, gene sequencing, bioinformatics and biochemistry.

As well as using functional genomics and bioinformatics to determine gene function, the company has established a proprietary high-throughput bioinformatics system, FunctionFinder, which integrates gene discovery, gene function determination and gene use identification. Using this technology, the company is targeting the following organisms: Arabidopsis thalania, rice and six filamentous fungi.

Its proprietary MetaVantage technology, which is being co-developed by LION bioscience AG, will be used in drug discovery and development for use in human health. MetaTrace will consist of biochemical profiling data predominantly from human cells, fluids and tissues, accessible through an IT-interface, which will allow the rapid identification and understanding of disease-related genes, their related biochemical profiles and with that, the development of diseases.


Research collaboration for the biochemical profiling of adult human stem cells: StemCo BioMedical Inc.

Expansion of five-year strategic alliance, initiated in January 2000, to co-develop and co-market MetaTrace, a metabolic profiling database: LION bioscience AG.

Strategic alliance to design and develop the next generation of chromatography/mass spectrometry systems for use in the field of metabolomics: Thermo Electron Corp.

Multiyear collaboration to commercialize the first whole Arabidopsis thaliana genome microarray for use in gene expression studies: Agilent Technologies Inc.

Extension and expansion of commercial partnership for herbicide discovery and development: Bayer AG.

Paradigm has established strategic alliances to develop bioinformatics tools and pursue the development and commercialization of products with pharmaceutical and agricultural companies. Other partners include Monsanto Co., Prionics AG and PE Biosystems.