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John Couch, CEO
Privately Held


DoubleTwist Inc. (originally founded as Pangea Systems Inc. in 1993) is an application service provider devoted to empowering life scientists. The company provides research environments that leverage information technology and the World Wide Web to simplify and accelerate gene discovery. The foundation for the company’s current product development is a high-throughput data-processing engine, an open data architecture, advanced data-mining software and intuitive data visualization tools that have resulted in a genomics web portal, DoubleTwist.com, and a suite of products for use by drug discovery organizations.

The company’s Prophecy products include The Prophecy Database and Tools Suite extensively annotated human genome database coupled with data-mining and visualization tools; the Prophecy ToolKit, UNIX-based programs enabling customers to incorporated data into Prophecy Suite; and Genomatix Promoter Resource, a database of eukaryotic polymerase II promoter annotations across the entire human genome. The company also produces Clustering and Alignment Tools (CAT) for analyzing large sequence databases and SNPTwist for rapid detection of SNPs.

At DoubleTwist.com, the company offers GenomeZone a hosted online solution for accessing annotated genomic and analysis tools, and GeneCards a Wiezmann Institute of Science database of genes and disease associations.


The company has numerous partnerships. It is coupled with Derwent Information, of London, allowing access to Derwent’s Geneseq patent database through DoubleTwist.com. It has a deal with Myriad Genetics Inc. to provide a publicly available version of Myriad’s ProNet and has similar deals with BioTools Inc. of Edmonton, Alberta; The Weizmann Institute of Science, of Tel Aviv, Israel; High Wire press; and Genomatix Software GmbH.