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Neil Taylor, president
Privately Held


BioTools Inc. is dedicated to producing bioinformatics analysis software for data mining, data manipulation and graphical visualization of biological information. Founded in 1995, BioTool’s goal is to accelerate and simplify biological research by providing software with a unified user interface for platforms including Sun Microsystems, SGI, Linux, Windows and PowerMac.

The company’s primary bioinformatics products include:

GeneTool a software package providing an integrated environment to manipulate, visualize and store DNA data. The product also includes a nonredundant DNA database.

PepTool a full-featured protein sequence analysis package that includes access to BioTool’s proprietary database as well as remote database searching capabilities with BLAST and ENTREZ servers at the NCBI and PIR.

ChromaTool a user-friendly DNA sequence assembly program with fully integrated chromatogram viewing and editing capabilities for working with raw sequence data.


BioTools has partnership with to offer limited versions of GeneTool and PepTools to DoubleTwist subscribers. The company is also a partner in AGAVE Architecture for Genomic Annotation, Visualization and Exchange an XML format developed by DoubleTwist.