4 rue Pierre Fontaine
91000 Evry
Phone: +33 1 60 87 44 83

Jean-Luc Gerbier, CEO
Privately Held


IntegraGen was founded in July 2000 as a spin-off of the Centre National Genotypage of France. The company plans to internally discover and validate genes implicated in metabolic diseases (obesity, Type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases), from which it will develop and provide pharmacogenomic services, diagnostics and pharmaceutical products.

Its core technology is GenomeHIP (Genome Hybrid Identity Profiling), an integrated platform that allows the identification and validation of genes implicated in complex genetic diseases.

The company seeks partners to apply its unique technology in all fields (plants, animals and humans) where gene discovery is commercially valuable.


IntegraGen has two scientific collaborations to enhance its access to family collections required to drive its gene discovery activities. Its collaboration with the University of Marburg is complementary to an ongoing program: the Obesity Consortium, part of the German Human Genome Project, which includes the Max Planck Institute Bad Nauheim; the Sequencing Centre within the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Jena; and the universities of Heidelberg and Ulm. IntegraGen participates in the analysis of five specific chromosomal regions, potentially containing genes responsible for human obesity, and aims to identify these genes. The agreement grants IntegraGen exclusive broad access to the University of Marburg’s DNA bank to allow the identification of additional genes implicated in human obesity.

The collaboration signed with the University of Heidelberg will allow IntegraGen to develop a Type II diabetes family collection, for which it will hold exclusive access rights. IntegraGen will leverage its technology platform to develop its own genomic programs in this therapeutic area.