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San Diego, CA 92127
Phone: 858-675-2400

Edward T. Maggio, chairman, president and CEO
Privately Held


Founded in 1996, Structural Bioinformatics Inc. focuses on proteomics-driven drug discovery using large-scale generation of protein structural information to accelerate drug discovery and optimization.

The company’s “Genes to Leads” technology employs DynaPharm templates virtual constructs of active sites of proteins derived from simulations of the changes in flexible protein shape ( “molecular movies”) that predict the 3-D molecular characteristics of likely drug leads, and the CombiLib database a virtual library of millions of drug-like small-molecule 3-D structures.

In addition, the company has the structural database products ProMax, Variome and StructureBank. ProMax is a database comprised of thousands of protein structures in more than 450 distinct protein structural families, generated from primary sequence data using SBI's ProMax Augmented Homology Modeling technology. The Variome database modules consist of large-scale drug target-specific collections of protein structures generated from the genetic sequence variants from tens of thousands of individuals. SBI's StructureBank is an object-oriented relational database management system designed for storage and retrieval of 3-dimensional protein structures and associated information.


SBI has partnerships with IBM and Quest Diagnostics Inc., and agreements with BioChem Pharma Inc., DuPont Pharma and Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

In September 2001, SBI and ChemNavigator signed an agreement to combine SBI's technologies in 3-dimensional computational proteomics with ChemNavigator's technologies in chemistry.