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Soheil Shams, president
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Founded in 1997, BioDiscovery Inc. focuses on the development of integrated microarray bioinformatics software and services. BioDiscovery released version 3.0 of its GeneSight software for statistical analysis and visualization of data from microarrays. The company focuses on integrated microarray solutions. It offers three main products: CloneTracker, ImaGene and GeneSight.

CloneTracker is a system for managing and processing information associated with fabrication of spotted microarrays using many common robotic systems. ImaGene automates the process of measuring and visualizing gene expression data from high-density array images. GeneSight 3.0 is a data-mining tool designed for microarray data.

The products are designed to function as stand-alone products or together as integrated software modules. In addition, BioDiscovery is developing a new enterprise-wide software product called GeneDirector, which will provide the power and convenience of a database to the management of large amounts of microarray data. GeneDirector will integrate all the BioDiscovery software applications as well as data from sources such as the Affymetrix GeneChip


The company has a co-marketing agreement with Corning Inc. to sell CloneTracker, ImaGene and GeneSight. BioDiscovery also has a distribution agreement with Chinetek Scientific (China) Ltd. to distribute BioDiscovery products in Hong Kong and the Peoples Republic of China.

Oregon Health & Science University's Gene Microarray Resource Facility in Portland and the Torrey Mesa Research Institute the genomics research center for Syngenta have licensed BioDiscovery's technology.