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Doug Lockyer, CEO
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Founded in 1997, ProteoMetrics Inc. develops and supports enterprise-class software for proteomics efforts. Its discovery platforms and tools provide data mining, mass spectra analysis and knowledge management features for biologists.

The company’s data mining tool, Enterprise M/Z, is an automated method for analyzing protein and mass spectrometry data. Profound is a search engine for protein sequence databases. Sonar MS/MS is a software product for identifying proteins from tandem mass spectrometry data. Paws allows the visualization of proteins and their cleavage fragments and permits virtual experimentation. Biobrowser is a web-based interface for representing biopolymer analysis. Radar/MS is an integrated platform for the proteomic laboratory. And Knexus/MS is an interface for analyzing and storing the results from small-scale proteomics experiments.


Clients include Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, Novartis Pharma AG, Merck Research Laboratory and Diversa Corp. The company has an agreement with Genomic Solutions Inc. to create a bioinformatics tool integrating Genomic Solutions’ Investigator Protein Warehouse with ProteoMetrics’ Radars system for mass spectrometry analysis. Genomic Solutions also will distribute Knexus, Proufound and Sonar MS/MS.

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