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Abgenix Inc. (ABGX)

Chiron Corp. (CHIR)

Expanded relationship allowing Chiron to use XenoMouse technology to generate fully human monoclonal antibody therapies against multiple cancer-specific antigen targets supplied by Chiron over several years

Abgenix will receive milestone and license payments, plus royalties; Chiron will be responsible for product development, manufacturing and commercialization of products; original agreement from December 1999 included one antigen in the autoimmune disease field and four cancer antigens (3/29)

Abgenix Inc. (ABGX)

Diabetogen Biosciences Inc. (Canada)*

Research collaboration to develop a fully human monoclonal antibody therapy against human antigen CD28 to treat Type I diabetes, and possibly other autoimmune diseases

Abgenix has an exclusive option to co-develop the antibody product (3/27)

Abgenix Inc. (ABGX)

Impath Inc. (IMPH)

Development and commercialization agreement of antibody therapies for a variety of diseases

Agreement will expedite screening of targets and XenoMouse-generated product candidates in the field of oncology (3/23)

Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)

GeneData AG (Switzerland)*

Nonexclusive comarketing agreement for the GeneData Expressionist software

Affymetrix will promote and recommend Expressionist software for use with Affymetrix products and software solutions (4/9)

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A)

MDS Proteomics Inc. (Canada; unit of MDS Inc.; NYSE:MDZ; TSE:MDS)

Agreement to develop new protein analysis technologies and products expected to speed the development of new medicines

The focus will be to develop specialized products that speed the process of identifying and analyzing proteins (5/22)

Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARNA)

Axiom Biotechnologies Inc.*

Collaborative research program to develop and share information related to the localization of known G protein-coupled receptors within Axiom's human cell lines

Axiom also will profile Arena's several thousand small-molecule compounds using its Human Cell Bank and RHACE technologies; Arena will have exclusive ownership of the localized GPCR information and the small-molecule data and will purchase a $2M equity stake in Axiom (4/25)

Atrix Laboratories Inc. (ATRX)

MediGene AG (Germany; Neuer Markt: MDG)

European marketing agreement for Atrix's Leuprogel products

The $20M agreement gives MediGene rights to the Leuprogel products and an option for a formulation for endometriosis (4/5)

Aurora Biosciences Corp. (ABSC)

Integrative Proteomics Inc.*

Collaboration and license agreement to generate a set of about 3.5 million "data points" at Aurora's discovery facility using Integrative's targets

Integrative will license Aurora's high-throughput Big Biology and chemistry platforms to generate biochemical and cell-based assays to screen Integrative's targets; Integrative will gain access to Aurora's collection of 500,000 compounds and will pay an up-front technology access fee, license fees and make annual research-support payments; Aurora will receive revenues on certain products and will make an equity investment in Integrative (4/19)

Austrian Nordic Biotherapeutics AG (Austria)*

EuroFerm GmbH (Germany)*

Agreement, with letters of intent, to collaborate on the in vivo production of viral vectors

The collaboration initially will focus on vectors to treat cancer (5/4)

Avalon Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Compugen Ltd. (CGEN)

Collaboration to identify and develop drug targets and diagnostic markers through the license of Compugen's Gencarta annotated genome

Compugen will receive cash payments and an equity stake in Avalon; Avalon gets complete rights to develop resulting therapeutic and diagnostic products (4/3)

AVI BioPharma (AVII)

Exelixis Inc. (EXEL)

Five-year collaboration for antisense drug discovery research and development

AVI will provide its Neugene morpholino antisense agents to Exelixis and its subsidiary, Artemis Pharmaceuticals GmbH; Exelixis will define gene function in vivo in zebrafish and other model organisms; AVI will perform preclinical and clinical studies, and any products resulting will be jointly owned; Exelixis also gains a codevelopment option (4/27)

Biomax Informatics AG (Germany)*

Softberry Inc.*

Strategic agreement granting Biomax an exclusive worldwide license to Softberry's complete human genome database

Biomax will develop and annotate the database to create the Pedant Human Genome Database (4/2)

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. (AMEX:BIO)

American Medical Laboratories Inc.*

Agreement to provide testing for hereditary hemochromatosis

AML will provide testing services using Bio-Rad's DNA-based product line (5/9)

BioSource International Inc. (BIOI)

MiraiBio Inc.*

Strategic partnership to create a multiplex system based on LabMAP technology BioSource licensed from Luminex Corp.

MiraiBio will develop software to use with BioSource's assay panels for drug discovery focused on extracellular signaling, neuroscience and signal transduction (3/30)

Biosyn Inc.*

Crompton Corp. (NYSE:CK)

Worldwide exclusive licensing agreement to develop Crompton's compound UC781 as a topical microbicide targeted against the AIDS virus

Biosyn will fund all development costs and give Crompton milestone and royalty payments (5/23)

Celltech Group plc (UK; NYSE:CLL)

Evotec OAI (Germany; unit of Evotec BioSystems Inc.)

Agreement in which Evotec will apply its VliP (virus-like particle) technology to two of Celltech's G protein-coupled receptor targets

Celltech will have the option to obtain a nonexclusive license to use the VliP technology; agreement will include an up-front payment, annual fees and milestone payments (4/10)

Cetek Corp.*

Genome Therapeutics Corp. (GENE)

Collaboration for the development of high-throughput screening assays for identification of drug leads

Cetek will develop capillary electrophoresis assays for validated drug targets and screen the assays against compound libraries from Genome Therapeutics and other sources (3/29)

Chiron Corp. (CHIR)

Rhein Biotech NV (Germany)*

Collaboration to develop, manufacture and market combination pediatric vaccines for sale through international organizations in developing countries

Chiron will provide antigens for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and haemophilus influenza type B; Rhine will supply hepatitis B virus vaccine and manufacture the combination vaccines (5/3)

Connetics Corp. (CNCT)

Prometheus Laboratories Inc.*

Agreement selling the rights to Ridaura to Prometheus

Prometheus will pay $9M in cash plus a royalty on annual sales in excess of $4M for the next five years (5/2)

Corixa Corp. (CRXA)

Biovation Ltd. (UK)*

Research collaboration to design antibodies

Biovation will use its DeImmunization technology to come up with antibodies in undisclosed areas; Biovation gets up-front research money, along with license fees and potential milestones and royalties (5/21)

Cytochroma Inc. (Canada)*

Molecular Mining Corp. (Canada)*

Collaboration to search for genes to enhance Cytochroma's library of validated molecular targets for drug discovery

Financial details were not available (5/1)

Deltagen Inc. (DGEN)

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. (VRTX)

Collaboration to provide Vertex with access to Deltagen's Delta-Base product

Vertex will have nonexclusive access to a subset of DeltaBase that contains in vivo mammalian gene function information in kinases, proteases and other gene families; Deltagen will receive certain milestone and royalty payments (5/8)

Diversys Ltd. (UK)*

Peptech Ltd. (Australia; ASX:PTD)

Research collaboration agreement to develop single-domain antibody drug candidates against four Peptech targets

The collaboration will generate $10M in guaranteed revenues to Diversys, plus royalties (4/5)

DoubleTwist Inc.*

Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc. (RIGL)

Licensing agreement for Double-Twist's clustering and alignment tools

Financial details were not disclosed (4/17)

Gene Logic Inc. (GLGC)

Lark Technologies Inc. (OTC BB: LDNA)

Agreement for Lark to provide genomic services to support Gene Logic's GeneExpress Suite of databases

Lark will be responsible for supporting the CloneExpress Library (3/28)

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Inpharmatica (UK)*

Multimillion-dollar three-year deal that includes a subscription for Inpharmatica's Biopendum proteomics platform

Genentech will take a minority stake in Inpharmatica, as well as pay subscription fees, milestones and royalties on potential products (3/21)

Genometrix Inc.*

Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc. (unit of Pfizer Inc.; NYSE:PFE)

Agreement for Genometrix to identify, characterize and validate single nucleotide polymorphisms

SNPs will be screened against Genometrix's population diversity panel to determine the distribution of these alleles in an ethnically diverse population (3/28)

Genometrix Inc.*

GE Medical Systems*

Alliance to combine genetic and protein data with diagnostic imaging to enhance early diagnosis and treatment of cancer

The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center will pilot the initial research using the combined technologies (4/23)

Genomica Corp. (GNOM)

Celera Genomics Inc. (NYSE:CRA)

Agreement for Genomica to create a “Celera Edition" of its Discovery Manager genetic analysis software suite

The suite will be integrated with the SNP Reference Database module of the Celera Discovery System (5/1)

Genzyme Corp. (unit of Genzyme General; GENZ)

Zentaris AG (Germany)*

Strategic collaboration for Genzyme to acquire a 5% stake in Zentaris

Genzyme will receive 900,000 shares of Zentaris stock when the company goes public in Germany; Genzyme has committed to pay not more than US$14.2M (5/15)

Graffinity Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Germany)*

m-phasys GmbH (Germany)*

Alliance aimed at G protein-coupled receptor drug discovery platform development and marketing

The integrated platform will include m-phasys' M-FOLD refolding technology for GPCRs and Graffinity's chemical microarray-aided drug discovery technology (4/24)

Harvard Bioscience Inc. (HBIO)

NexGen Sciences Ltd. (UK)*

Collaborative research and development agreement to develop tools to alleviate bottlenecks in the drug discovery process

Collaboration will focus on tools for protein isolation and ADMET screening (5/10)

Hybridon Inc. (OTC BB:HYBN)

EpiGenesis Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Collaboration to develop and market up to five antisense drugs for respiratory diseases

Hybridon will receive a $500,000 up-front cash payment in addition to royalties and sublicense fees on any future compounds that use Hybridon's chemistries (4/23)

Imaging Research Inc. (Canada)*

Biogen Inc. (BGEN)

Collaboration to apply Imaging Research's statistical informatics software, ArrayStat, to Biogen's genome arrays

Agreement will enable Biogen to analyze its gene expression arrays more rapidly (3/30)

Immunex Corp. (IMNX)

Cambridge Antibody Technology Group plc (UK; LSE:CAT)

Collaboration to develop and commercialize human antibody-based therapeutics for autoimmune and inflammatory disorders

Collaboration calls for an equal split in research costs and profits (5/21)

ImmunoGen Inc. (IMGN)

Raven Biotechnologies Inc.*

Collaboration to identify targets and therapeutic antibodies for ovarian cancer

ImmunoGen gets development, manufacturing and commercialization rights in North America and Europe to therapeutic products stemming from the targets and antibodies provided by Raven, which gets an up-front licensing fee, research support, milestones and royalties (3/29)

Incyte Genomics Inc. (INCY)

Genomic Health Inc.*

Collaboration to use Incyte's genomic and proteomic databases, functional genomics technologies and intellectual property

Genomic Health will get access to Incyte's LifeSeq Gold and BioKnowledge databases (5/7)

Incyte Genomics Inc. (INCY)

Odyssey Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Collaboration on the functional characterization of proteins encoded by Incyte gene transcripts

Financial details were not disclosed (5/9)

InforMax Inc. (INMX)

Abgenix Inc. (ABGX)

License agreement for GenoMax enterprise software

Abgenix gains access to GenoMax, which is designed to work with sequence information, gene expression data, protein structure and protein-protein interactions (5/11)

InterMune Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ITMN)

MoliChem Medicines Inc. (OTC BB:MLCM)

Agreement to jointly develop and commercialize MoliChem's Moli1901 to treat pulmonary indications

InterMune will make a $1.5M up-front payment and milestone payments for each indication of use; companies will develop and commercialize the product worldwide and share equally in expenses and profits (5/11)

IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IBPI)

Cetek Corp.*

Collaboration to identify compounds with antibacterial and antifungal properties using Cetek's capillary electrophoresis screening technology

The agreement is scheduled to last one year with an option to renew (4/17)

Lexicon Genetics Inc. (LEXG)

Taconic Farms Inc.*

Technology sublicensing program permitting academic research use of positive-negative selection and isogenic DNA technologies

The technologies will be used to generate and use transgenic and knockout mammalian models of human gene function (5/22)

LION bioscience AG (Germany; LEON)

Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)

Licensing agreement to LION's SRS data integration system

Affymetrix will use the system to build a web portal for Affymetrix's customers and for internal use (5/17)

Luminex Corp. (LMNX)

ARUP Laboratories*

Strategic partnership allowing ARUP to develop and commercialize assays based on Luminex's Multi-Analyte Profiling technology

Luminex will receive a royalty payment from the sales of diagnostic tests developed by ARUP, which will have access to the LabMAP technology (4/17)

Luminex Corp. (LMNX)

Tm Bioscience Corp. (Canada; CDNX:TMC)

Licensing agreement for two key microarray technology components

Luminex obtained rights to Tm's universal tags and hairpin capture probes for applications involving bead-based microarrays; a separate agreement grants Tm rights to develop and market diagnostic products using LabMAP technology (4/2)

Lynx Therapeutics Inc. (LYNX)

GenoMar ASA (Norway)*

Collaboration to use Lynx's Mega-sort technology to identify genes related to saltwater tolerance in the tropical fin fish tilapia

Lynx will receive undisclosed payments from GenoMar for genomics and discovery services (4/11)

Lynx Therapeutics Inc. (LYNX)

UroGene SA*

Collaboration to identify differentially expressed genes with potential therapeutic value against prostate, renal and bladder cancers and prostatic hypertrophy

Lynx will receive undisclosed payments for the work, which will involve its Megasort technology (3/21)

Medarex Inc. (MEDX) and Genmab A/S (Denmark; CSE:GEN)

Glaucus Proteomics BV (the Netherlands)*

Collaboration on an antibody generation deal that could lead to proteomics mapping tools and therapeutic antibodies

The deal is a cost- and profit-sharing arrangement that calls for co-ownership of commercialization rights to the antibodies produced (4/2)

Medarex Inc. (MEDX)

Neuro Therapeutics Inc.*

Monoclonal antibody partnership to develop fully human antibody therapeutics against central nervous system disorders

Medarex will use its UltiMAb platform to produce fully human antibody therapeutics with Neuro Therapeutics' targets (4/26)

Medarex Inc. (MEDX)

Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc.*

Strategic alliance to generate fully human antibodies against cancer

The deal is an equal-input, equal-ownership cost- and revenue-sharing arrangement that includes a $4M equity investment in Northwest; if Northwest goes public in the next year, Medarex will buy $3.5M in common stock (4/25)

Medarex Inc. (MEDX)

NovImmune SA (Switzerland)*

Collaboration on the development of fully human therapeutic antibodies

Medarex expects to use its UltiMAb Human Antibody Development System to generate antibodies to disease targets discovered by NovImmune, which will develop and market the products; Medarex will receive license fees and milestone payments, as well as royalties (5/17)

MediChem Life Sciences Inc. (MCLS)

Celgene Corp. (CELG)

Agreement for the structural determination of a Celgene drug lead bound to a kinase drug target that regulates disease-causing genes

MediChem will test conditions for binding the small-molecule drug lead to the target protein with the small-molecule compound bound to it; MediChem may receive a bonus payment for early completion of project goals (4/11)

MediGene AG (Germany; Neuer Markt:MDG)

Evotec Biosystems AG (Germany; Neuer Markt: EVT)

Agreement for MediGene to collaborate with Evotec OAI to identify drugs for cardiac diseases

Evotec will search for molecules related to a target identified by MediGene, which will keep rights to targets and will receive rights to the identified therapeutic substances; Evotec will receive a fixed payment, milestone payments and royalties (3/28)

MedImmune Inc. (MEDI)

Genaera Corp. (GENR)

Research collaboration and worldwide exclusive licensing agreement to develop and commercialize antibodies or recombinant molecules against interleukin-9

Agreement to find therapeutics to treat asthma and other respiratory diseases could be worth $65M in research and development funding, milestone payments, royalties and associated stock purchases (4/20)

Microcide Pharmaceuti-

cals Inc.


Discovery Partners

International Inc. (DPII)

Research collaboration to optimize the drug-like qualities of Microcide's antifungal compound series

Microcide used its microbial genomics VALID system to discover the compounds (5/10)

Miicro Inc.*

Duramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (DRMD)

Agreement to conduct a neuroimaging study

The study will assess the central nervous system effects of Duramed's Cenestin combined with Solvay Pharmaceutical Inc.'s Prometrium (4/26)

Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MLNM)

BZL Biologics LLC*

Development and commercialization agreement for antibody-based therapeutics targeting prostate-specific membrane antigen

The companies will work jointly on development programs for immunotoxin and radiolabeled products for prostate cancer through Phase II trials; Millennium then will be responsible for development, manufacturing and commercialization of all antibody-based therapies for all indications, as well as diagnostic products; Millennium will pay all development costs (4/11)

Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MLNM)

Cambridge Drug Discovery Ltd. (UK)*

Two-year collaboration to accelerate Millennium's preclinical research

Millennium gets access to Cambridge Drug Discovery's molecular pharmacology expertise, assay development technologies and fully automated high-throughput screening capabilities (5/23)

Myriad Genetics Inc. (MYGN)

Hitachi Ltd. (Japan; NYSE:HIT) and Oracle Corp. (ORCL)

Collaboration to map the human proteome in less than three years

Collaboration combines Myriad's proteomics expertise with Hitachi's information and electronics technologies, and the software capabilities of Oracle in order to analyze all proteins and their interactions within cells of the body (4/4)

Nabi (NABI)

Acambis plc (UK; ACAM; LSE:ACM)

Agreements for Phase II testing of Acambis' Clostridium difficile toxoid vaccine in plasma donors and the production of specialty plasma to be used in the manufacture of C. difficile intravenous immune globulin

Acambis will use Nabi's new manufacturing facility in Boca Raton, Fla., to test and manufacture its product (4/18)

NeoGenesis Inc.*

Microcide Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MCDE)

Collaborative research and development agreement to discover and develop new classes of antibiotics

Microcide will have worldwide product development and commercialization rights on products that result from the collaboration (5/8)

Nexell Therapeutics Inc. (NEXL)

Epimmune Inc. (EPMN)

Licensing agreement for Epimmune's breast, colon and lung epitope package, which Nexell will use in its dendritic cell vaccine program

Nexell will pay an up-front license fee, milestones and royalties on commercialized products; agreement includes an option for Nexell to acquire nonexclusive rights to another group of cancer antigens (3/29)

Partek Inc.*

Large Scale Proteomics Corp.*

Licensing agreement for Partek's Pro 2000 Statistical and Visual Data Analysis system

Large Scale will use the system for proteomics research; financial details were not disclosed (5/14)

Phytera Inc.*

Gemin X Biotechnologies Inc.*

Research collaboration to find novel treatments for cancer and other diseases

Phytera will get an up-front technology access fee and research funding and could receive milestone payments and royalties from commercialized products (5/16)

ProdiGene Inc.*

Avant Immunotherapeutics Inc. (AVAN)

Collaboration to produce recombinant immunotherapeutic proteins in plants

Collaboration initially will focus on using ProdiGene's plant transgenic production system for the manufacture of an Avant lead compound (5/9)

Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (PGNX) and Cytogen Corp. (CYTO)

Abgenix Inc. (ABGX)

Collaboration for Abgenix's Xeno-Mouse technology to create human monoclonal antibodies that target prostate-specific membrane antigen

Terms of the collaboration were undisclosed (3/27)

Protein Design Labs Inc. (PDLI)

Exelixis Inc. (EXEL)

Collaboration to discover and develop antibodies for use in cancer diagnosis, prevention and treatment

PDL will make a $30M investment in Exelixis through the purchase of a note convertible within a year into Exelixis stock; PDL also will provide $4M in annual research funding for two or more y ears (5/23)

Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals Inc. (RZYM)

Archemix Corp.*

Alliance to share intellectual property in proteomics and molecular diagnostics

Archemix gets a license and sublicense to RPI's intellectual property covering allosteric ribozyme technology in exchange for equity and a seat on the Archemix board; RPI also will receive a license to Archemix intellectual property (5/9)

Rosetta Inpharmatics Inc. (RSTA)

Biogen Inc. (BGEN)

Licensing agreement for the Rosetta Resolver Gene Expression Data Analysis System

Biogen will use the system in its drug discovery processes (4/25)

Sangamo BioSciences Inc. (SGMO)

Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ONXX)

Research and development agreement of novel cancer therapeutics

Sangamo will use its zinc finger DNA-binding protein transcription factor technology platform and Onyx's selectively replicating adenovirus technology (4/5)

SCIL Biomedicals GmbH (Germany)*

Biopharm GmbH (Germany)*

Partnership to develop a product for the medical regeneration of bone in dental and maxillofacial surgery

The agreement gives SCIL the right to market the jointly owned product worldwide; product will combine MP52 with an appropriate carrier (4/20)

Serono SA (Switzerland; NYSE:SRA; SWX:SEO)

Evotec OAI (Germany; Neuer Markt: EVT)

Services agreement for the development of a novel biological assay for a Serono cellular target using Evotec's VliP technology

Evotec will perform screening and compound profiling using its EVO-screen technology to identify chemical compounds that mimic a Serono protein (4/26)

Symyx Technologies Inc. (SMMX)

Rhodia (France; NYSE:RHA)

Research and development agreement to discover materials relevant to Rhodia's specialty chemical business

Rhodia will fund Symyx's discovery efforts and will get exclusive rights to commercialize resultant materials; Rhodia will make payments to Symyx (5/9)

ViroLogic Inc. (VLGC)

Chiron Corp. (CHIR)

Agreement for ViroLogic to assist Chiron in clinical evaluation of new anti-HIV agents in development

Chiron will use ViroLogic's PhenoSense HIV to evaluate the effectiveness of Chiron's non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (3/26)

Xenerex Biosciences (unit of Avanir Pharmaceuticals Inc.; AMEX:AVN)

Eos Biotechnology Inc.*

Agreement to generate fully human monoclonal antibodies to three cancer-target antigens provided by Eos

Eos will evaluate the antibodies for potential development as treatments for the cancers; Xenerex will receive research fees for use of its monoclonal antibody technology and could receive license fees and milestones, plus royalty payments (5/8)

Zygogen LLC*

Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARIA)

Collaboration to develop a joint technology platform based on Ariad's gene regulation technology and Zygogen's transgenic zebrafish models

Collaboration will combine Ariad's Argents system for small-molecule regulation of cellular processes with Zygogen's Z-tag fluorescent-tagging technology to create disease models for use in functional genomics research (5/23)

Zyomyx Inc.*

Axon Instruments Inc. (ASX:AXN)

Strategic alliance and joint development deal for refining instruments to scan the chips for data gathering and analysis

The companies will develop several generations of scanning products, and evaluate new fluorescence and non-fluorescence imaging platforms (4/12)

Zyomyx Inc.*

Dyax Corp. (DYAX)

License agreement for a phage display antibody technology to develop high-density protein biochips using specific human antibodies from Dyax's human antibody library

Zyomyx was granted nonexclusive access to Dyax phage display library for the development and worldwide commercialization of protein biochips for research and development activities; terms include research and technology fees, and royalties on sales (3/27)


# This chart does not include agreements that involve agricultural product development.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols listed for public biotechnology companies are on the Nasdaq market.

AMEX = American Stock Exchange; ASX = Australian Stock Exchange; CDNX = Canadian Venture Exchange; CSE = Copenhagen Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange

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