Company (Symbol)*


Type Of Agreement

Product Area

Details (Date)

Aastrom Biosciences Inc. (ASTM)

The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute at Wayne State University

Development agreement

New cell-based therapies

Project will be funded through a $2.2M grant; the work will be done through a Center for Cell Therapy, which will pursue cord blood stem cell therapies for leukemia patients and dendritic cell vaccines for cancer treatment (2/14)

Advanced Biosystems Inc. (subsidiary of Hadron Inc.)

U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command

One-year contract

Medical defenses for anthrax

The one-year contract is worth $2.6M (2/22)

Advanced Viral Research Corp. (OTC BB:ADVR)

Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)

Research agreement

Immunomodulator and antiviral drug, Product R

Weizmann scientists will investigate the effects of Product R on immune function, especially on T lymphocytes (2/5)

Affitech A/S (Norway)*

University of Oslo and the Norwegian National Hospital

Exclusive, nine-month option agreement


Affitech obtained the option to the vaccine delivery system, Troy-bodies (12/1)

Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)

Medical Research Council (UK)

Licensing agreement

Patents for nucleic acid arrays

Affymetrix licensed the patents to make, use and share types of certain nucleic acid arrays for gene expression monitoring; MRC will use the property internally (11/28)

Altus Biologics Inc.*

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics Inc.

Development agreement


Altus is receiving $25M in funding to develop the product for nutrition-starved cystic fibrosis patients (3/7)

Amersham Pharmacia Biotech*

Georgia Research Alliance

Access agreement

Ettan integrated proteomics technologies

Amersham will provide instrumentation, chemistry and software tools to facilitate proteomics research (3/22)

Amersham Pharmacia Biotech*

University of Washington's Department of Molecular Biology

Access agreement

SNiPer scoring system

Amersham granted early access to its SNiPer scoring system to the university, which will use it in a validation study focused on typing genetic differences between individuals in the angiotensinogen gene (11/17)

Amersham Pharmacia Biotech*

Cambridge University (UK)

Access agreement

Proteomics technology

Amersham will provide the university with its proteomics technology to be used to unravel the proteomes of the fruitfly and the mustard plant (12/14)

Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics BV (the Netherlands)*

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

License agreement

Gene therapy for familial hypercholesterolemia

AMT gains a license to low-density lipoprotein receptor-related research, with an exclusive option to license future intellectual property in the field (3/1)

Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMLN)

National Institutes of Health

License agreement


Amylin gains worldwide rights to patent applications directed to a novel use of exendin-4 to convert noninsulin-producing cells into insulin-producing cells; Amylin agreed to pay license fees (3/19)

Applied Biosystems Inc. (NYSE:ABI)

University of Washington

Licensing agreement

Isotope-coded affinity tag (ICAT) reagents

Applied obtained an exclusive worldwide license to manufacture and commercialize ICAT reagents; financial terms were ND (11/20)

Aquasearch Inc. (AQSE)

University of Hawaii

Development agreement

New pharmaceuticals

Scientists will develop new drugs from more than 2,000 strains of microalgae; university will receive royalties on any drug candidates discovered (1/4)

Athersys Inc.*

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Collaboration agreement

Cancer and inflammation drug targets

Collaboration is to discover and validate the targets; Athersys has an exclusive option to commercialize novel therapeutics that result (3/9)

Atrix Laboratories Inc. (ATRX)

Tulane University Health Science Center

Option licensing agreement

Human growth hormone releasing peptide-1

Atrix will develop the compound for its own product portfolio (1/24)

Avax Technologies Inc. (AVXT)

French Army


Clinical trial of Avax's thymidine kinase suicide gene program for prevention of graft-vs.-host disease

Contract is valued at $140,000 (2/5)

Aviva Biosciences Corp.*

University of California, San Diego, Institute of Molecular Medicine

Collaborative research project

Biochip-based isolation and study of cardiac conduction system

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed (3/2)

Biokeys Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Pink Sheets: BKYS)

University of Southern California

Option and license agreement

ThioChemistry and the Thiovir product line of antiviral and anticancer compounds

Biokeys exercised its right under the August 2000 agreement for an exclusive worldwide license to the technology (12/19)

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. (AMEX:BIO)

Institut Pasteur (France)

Renewed collaboration

Research developments in virology, microbiology, physiology, biochemistry, parasitology and mycology

The collaboration, begun in 1990, is renewed for four years (3/6)

BioReliance Corp. (BREL)

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Development and production contract

Viral vectors

The value of the contract is just over $6M; it calls for separately ordered deliverables over a five-year period; the institute expects to use the materials in trials to test gene therapies for infectious diseases (12/14)

BioTransplant Inc. (BTRN)

Massachusetts General Hospital's Transplantation Biology Research Center

Collaboration renewal

Research in human organ transplant

Parties renewed their agreement for five years to find new approaches to prevent the need for long-term immunosuppressive treatment for human organ transplant patients; BioTransplant will fund a portion of the research in exchange for worldwide royalty-bearing rights to resulting technology and inventions (12/4)

Carrington Laboratories Inc. (CARN)

Southern Research Institute

Evaluation agreement


Carrington contracted with the institute to evaluate its charged polysaccharide, CR1013, as a drug delivery agent; results are expected in mid-2001 (11/27)

Celera Genomics (NYSE:CRA)

Sandia National Laboratories

Four-year development agreement

Software and computer hardware for computational biology and life science applications

Compaq Computer Corp. will provide the technology (1/19)

Celera Genomics (NYSE:CRA)

University of California

Multiyear access agreement

Celera's database products

Financial terms were not disclosed (1/29)

Celera Genomics (NYSE:CRA)

AMDeC LLC (consortium of 37 of New York's medical schools, academic health institutions and other research institutions)

Multiyear access agreement

Celera's database products

AMDeC will have access to the products through the Celera Discovery System (3/1)

Cerus Corp. (CERS)

Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity division of the Department of Defense

Cooperative agreement

Pathogen-inactivation technologies

Cerus received a $3.5M award to develop the technologies to improve the safety and availability of blood that may be used in the U.S. Armed Forces for medical transfusions (3/7)

Charles River Laboratories Inc. (NYSE:CRL)

Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine

Development and commercialization agreement

Cloning technology

Charles River will sponsor research at Tufts to refine the somatic cell-cloning technique in exchange for an exclusive license to the technoogy in the field of rat, mouse and other rodent research use (12/4)

Ciphergen Biosystems Inc. (CIPH)

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Multiyear research collaboration

Protein biomarkers for cancer

The collaboration will focus on the discovery and validation of diagnostic markers that improve tumor detection; Ciphergen will provide financial support and technical assistance, and will have commercial rights to the discoveries (11/30)

Celgene Corp. (CELG)

National Cancer Institute

Cooperative research and development agreement

Celgene's selective cytokine inhibitory drugs (SelCIDs)

The NCI will conduct Phase I and II trials of the most promising SelCID compounds in the five-year agreement (12/7)

Collateral Therapeutics Inc. (CLTX)

University of California

Exclusive option agreement

Genes related to cell cycle regulation

Collateral will develop and commercialize the research and technology, which gives an option for exclusive worldwide rights to genes and technologies (1/23)

Collgard Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.*

Mayo Clinic

Collaborative and licensing agreement


Agreement is for a second collaborative and licensing agreement to further develop the coronary restenosis treatment (2/7)

CoPharma Inc.*

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Agreement for worldwide rights

Beta-Lapachone (CO-501)

Co-Pharma acquired worldwide rights to the compound to treat ovarian, breast and prostate cancers (2/1)

Copernicus Therapeutics Inc.*

U.S. Naval Medical Research Center

Collaborative research and development agreement

PLASmin Complexes

The parties will explore uses of Copernicus' PLASmin Complexes in the development of a malaria DNA vaccine (12/19)

Cypress Bioscience Inc. (CYPB)

Sanquin Blood Foundation

Expanded development agreement

Cypress's platelet alternative, Cyplex

Agreement, initiated in Feb. 1998, is for the development of Cyplex up to commercialization (2/14)

Cytochroma Inc.*

Johns Hopkins University

Research and license agreement

Intellectual property portfolio relating to noncalcemic, antiproliferative and transcriptionally active vitamin D analogues

Agreement is for exclusive and worldwide rights; it also grants rights to Cytochroma on new intellectual property arising from the collaboration (12/7)

CytRx Corp. (CYTR)

University of Cincinnati Medical Center


CRL-5861 to treat muscular dystrophy

University will study the drug; initial funding for the collaboration will come from a grant from the Muscular Dystrophy Association (1/29)

Deltagen Inc. (DGEN)

University of Kentucky

Licensing agreement

A new approach to the treatment of acute myelogenous leukemia

Deltagen was granted an exclusive worldwide license to research, develop and commercialize methods and compounds targeting CD123, a marker for certain types of leukemic cells; financial terms were not disclosed (11/27)

Diversa Corp. (DVSA)

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Biodiversity access agreement

Environmental samples from South Africa

Diversa gains the rights to discover genes and commercialize products from the samples; it will support the CSIR's activities and pay royalties on any resulting products (12/7)

DNAPrint genomics (Pink Sheets:DNAP)

University of Miami

Discovery and development collaboration

Personalized medical products

Collaboration aims to qualify and quantify the genetic and environmental determinants underlying variation of ovarian cancer patient response to chemotherapy (12/13)

DNA Sciences Inc.*

University of Utah and Yale University

Licensing agreement

152 variants in five separate genes associated with severe cardiac arrhythmias

DNA Sciences will develop and commercialize clinical management tests for Long QT syndrome (11/16)

Eliance Biotechnology*

The Center For Biomedical Inventions at the UT Southwestern Medical Center

Licensing agreement

Expression Library Immunization

Eliance gains exclusive development rights for the technology (2/7)

EluSys Therapeutics Inc.*

University of Virginia

Renewed development agreement

Heteropolymer System

Renewed agreement to further develop the system for the treatment of human diseases (2/15)

Entigen Corp.*

South African National Bioinformatics Institute

Development agreement

Data sets describing gene expression profiles called Clusterall

The parties will combine their resources to create and deliver the data sets (1/23)

EntreMed Inc. (ENMD)

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Subcontracting agreement

Malaria vaccine

EntreMed will receive about $1M to $2M per year for seven years for its expertise in the recombinant production of malaria vaccine candidates (11/28)

EntreMed Inc. (ENMD)

Children's Hospital, Boston

Extended sponsored research agreement

Antiangiogenic agents

EntreMed extended its agreement with the hospital to continue discovery research (12/6)

Epigenomics AG (Germany)*

Stifterverband fur die Deutsche Wissenschaft

Research project

Activity of genes in the RAS tumor-signaling pathway

Epigenomics is participating in a US$1.39M research project to analyze the activity of genes in the RAS tumor-signaling pathway (3/15)

Galenica Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Preclinical evaluation agreement

Galenica's immunomodulator (adjuvant) technology in the development of a tuberculosis vaccine

Galenica's lead adjuvant candidate, GPI-0100, will be evaluated in vaccine formulations containing mycobacterial antigens (12/12)

GeneData AG (Switzerland)*

Japanese National Institute of Technology and Evaluation

License agreement

GeneData Phylosopher

The institute will use the technology for the computational analysis of genome sequence data (3/19)

GeneFormatics Inc.*

Rutgers University

Worldwide license agreement

New nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy technology

GeneFormatics gains an exclusive worldwide commercial license to the technology (1/17)

GeneSoft Inc.*

University of Alberta's chemistry department

Exclusive worldwide license agreement

Patents based on research conducted in the laboratories of William Lown

The patents relate to compounds that recognize and bind to different DNA sequences and are useful as anticancer or antiviral agents (3/21)

Genetic Technologies Ltd. (OTC BB:GNTLF)

University of Melbourne


Infectious diseases in livestock

Collaboration will pursue a genomics approach to the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases in agricultural animals and common worms in domestic animals (1/5)

Genetic Vectors Inc. (OTC BB:GVEC)

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Research and technology transfer agreement

To discover and define genes and nucleic acid sequences related to diseases, therapeutic responses and management

The companies will collaborate to discover genes involved in cardiovascular diseases (2/21)

Genetronics Biomedical Ltd. (GEB)

Naval Medical Centers

Cooperative research and development agreements

Using electroporation for in vivo gene delivery

Genetronics entered into three agreements to assess the feasibility of using electroporation for in vivo gene delivery (1/31)

Genomic Solutions Inc. (GNSL)

Duke University, Josephine Ford Cancer Center and Henry Ford Health System

Contract agreements

Genomic and proteomic research

Organizations contracted with Genomic Solutions for genomic and proteomic research to be conducted at its Proteomic Research Center (12/20)

Genta Inc. (GNTA)

U.S. National Institutes of Health

Exclusive worldwide licensing agreement

Decoy aptamers, a novel type of cancer therapy

Separately, the parties will execute a cooperative research and development agreement to provide funding of further research (12/21)

GenVec Inc. (GNVC)

Northwestern University

Exclusive license agreement

Pigment epithelium-derived factor

The license is for all ocular gene therapy applications and covers methods invented to inhibit abnormal blood vessel formation (2/12)

Genzyme General (GENZ)

University of Michigan

Licensing agreement

A class of small-molecule compounds that may be useful in treating lysosomal storage disorders

Terms were not disclosed (11/27)

Genzyme Molecular Oncology (GZMO)

Bruce Walker, director of the Partners AIDS Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital

Discovery and research collaboration

HIV antigen

Walker and Genzyme Molecular will conduct research to identify novel peptides that may be used as HIV vaccines (1/10)

Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD)

Southern Research Institute

Licensing agreement

4'-thio-araC, a nucleoside analogue for the treatment of cancer

Gilead gains an exclusive worldwide development and marketing license (12/18)

GlycoDesign Inc. (Canada; TSE:GD)

Institute for Biological Sciences at the National Research Council

Three-year research collaboration


Collaboration involves the investment of C$4.1M (US$2.7M) in cash to characterize new glycobiology drug targets from a number of medically important bacteria, including Helicobacter pylori (12/19)

GPC Biotech AG (Germany; OTC BB: GPCBF)

California Institute of Technology/CalTech and Garching Innovation (Germany)

Licensing agreement

Protein-protein interaction intellectual property

The technology, Detection Enhanced Ubiquitin Split Protein Sensor, will be used by GPC for product development and in its drug discovery alliances (11/27)

GPC Biotech AG (Germany; OTC BB: GPCBF)

Massachusetts General Hospital and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Licensing agreement

Cyclin-D1 gene and its referring protein

GPC will pay annual license fees to the originators (12/13**)

Heska Corp. (HSKA)

Torrey Mesa Research Institute

Exclusive evaluation agreement

Heska's proprietary genes

The institute will evaluate the genes for the ability to alleviate and prevent clinical symptoms of allergic disease (2/2)

Igen International Inc. (IGEN)

National Cancer Institute

Development collaboration

Techniques and products for cancer research

Igen signed a letter of intent for the collaboration, which will use Igen's Origen biological detection technology to detect ubiquitin (2/22)

Immunicon Corp.*

Fox Chase Cancer Center

Research support agreement

Use of Immunicon diagnostic technology in the monitoring of colon cancer

Agreement also will be to find new targets for screening, diagnosing and managing the disease (1/26)

Immuno-Designed Molecules SA* (France)

Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute

Collaboration agreement

Extension of IDM's Phase III clinical trial in ovarian cancer

The study will take place over three years and will include 300 ovarian cancer patients (2/15)

Incyte Inc. (INCY)

The Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht at the University of Maastricht (the Netherlands); University of California San Francisco

Genomics research partnership

Cardiovascular disease compounds; prostate cancer compounds

Resulting intellectual property will be jointly owned in each agreement (12/13)

Incyte Genomics Inc. (INCY)

Gene Ontology Consortium


Scientific standard for describing and querying the function of genes

Incyte made a significant financial contribution to the Gene Ontology Project at Stanford University, a member of the consortium (1/4)

InforMax Inc. (INMX)

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research


Genomic research

The institute has licensed GenoMax from InforMax and will give input for future enhancements (11/17)

Introgen Therapeutics Inc. (INGN)

Texas Heart Institute

Research agreement

Gene therapy in cardiovascular disease

Study will extend preclinical testing to more complex tissue and animal models of cardiovascular disease (3/14)

Invitrogen Corp. (IVGN)

The Institute for Genomic Research

Master distribution agreement

Gene clones and clone sets

Invitrogen will have worldwide rights to distribute gene clones and clone sets derived from TIGR's gene libraries (3/21)

IsoTis NV (the Netherlands)*

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Extended collaboration

Tissue-engineered cartilage

IsoTis was granted exclusive rights to MIT patents (2/14**)

Large Scale Biology Corp. (LSBC)

U.S. Navy and National Institutes of Health

Research project

Non-embryonic human stem cell research

Large Scale will produce a stem cell growth factor using its patented tobacco plant-based technology (3/16)

LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Montana State University

Development agreement

M Cell vaccine technology

LigoCyte will develop the technology for the delivery of anti-infective agents via oral and nasal routes; company also licensed bacterial and fungal antibodies, proteins, peptides and carbohydrates that have potential prophylactic or therapeutic applications; licenses include up-front fees, sponsorship of research projects, patent costs, stock options and royalties (12/7)

Magainin Pharmaceuticals Inc. (now called Genaera Corp.; GENR)

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (Germany)

Discovery and development collaboration

Novel genes and proteins as pharmaceutical targets and therapeutics

Agreement calls for joint primary commercial rights to intellectual property for a number of novel genes and proteins discovered during joint genomics and biological research conducted under a 1996 agreement (1/31)

Maxygen Inc. (MAXY)

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and DBLV LLC

Three-year collaboration

For the development of an HIV vaccine that has activity against a number of HIV strains

Maxygen will use its Molecular-Breeding technology in the collaboration (2/20)

Microbia Inc.*

Harvard Medical School

Exclusive license agreement

Logic circuits of bacterial biofilm formation

Microbia gained a license to the circuits, as well as compounds and methods for finding compounds that disrupt biofilms; financial terms were not disclosed (11/16)

Microbia Inc.*

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical

Exclusive license agreement

Fungal biofilm formation

The agreement gives Microbia rights to the formation and means for identifying compounds that inhibit fungal biofilm formation (1/26)

Modex Therapeutics Ltd. (Switzerland; SSE:MDXN)

Blood Transfusion Center (France)

Exclusive license agreement

Fibrin glue-keratinocyte combinations for wound treatment

Modex gains exlusive rights to the technology in territories other than France (3/14**)

Nanogen Inc.

Three undisclosed

Beta testing

Nanochip Molecular

The institutions have begun




Biology Workstation

gene expression beta tests (3/15)

NaPro BioTherapeutics Inc. (NPRO)

University of Delaware and Thomas Jefferson University

Licensing agreement

Gene alteration technology

NaPro licensed the technology; the agreement includes patent and research funding commitments, as well as NaPro stock; deal is valued at about $1M (12/1)

NeoPharm Inc. (NEOL)

National Cancer Institute

Development agreement

SS1(dsFv)-PE38 to treat mesothelin-expressing tumors

Parties increased the scope and funding of their collaboration to develop the anticancer agent (3/2)

Neoprobe Corp. (OTC BB:NEOP)

University of California's San Diego Cancer

Option licensing agreement

Radiolabeled agent designed to improve surgical management and diagnosis of breast cancer

Neoprobe has an option to license the compound from the university (2/14)

NeoTherapeutics Inc. (NEOT)

NDDO Research Foundation (the Netherlands)

Signed intent to acquire anticancer compound

EO9 and 79 of its analogues

NeoOncoRx, subsidiary of NeoTherapeutics, will receive worldwide rights to the compound it will call Neoquin (1/4)

Nycomed Amersham plc (UK; NYSE:NYE)

Cleveland Clinic Foundation


Genetic basis for prostate cancer

Nycomed will provide technical support and funding for the foundation's examination of the genetic basis for prostate cancer (11/27)

Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp. (NYMX)

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Montreal


Animal treatments for E. coli 0157:H7

The parties will study animal treatments for E. coli (1/31)

Oncology Sciences Corp.*

Tulane University and Colorado State University

Collaborative research agreements


Collaborations will focus on 2-ME and other antiangiogenesis inhibitors for cancer treatment (12/6)

Oxford BioMedica plc (UK; LSE:OXB)

French Centre for National Scientific Research University of Montpelier

Technology access agreement

Antibody technology to treat diseases, including cancer

BioMedica will pay an up-front fee, milestones and royalties on sales (2/1)

Oxford BioMedica plc (UK; LSE:OXB)

King's College

Exclusive rights agreement

RAR beta-2, a gene associated with nerve regeneration

The combination of the gene with Oxford's LentiVector gene delivery system could lead to a product for nerve repair (2/5)

Oxxon Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (UK)*

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

Licensing agreement

Tumor-associated antigens

Oxxon will use the antigens in its therapeutic vaccines program for the treatment of certain cancers (12/13)

Panacea Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Collaborative research agreement

Fully human, high-affinity single-chain antibodies for Panacea's cancer platform technology

The technology is based on the enzyme aspartyl asparaginylbeta hydroxylase; financial terms were not disclosed (2/7)

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc. (PPHM)

Paul Scherrer Institut (Switzerland)

Extended research and development agreement

Tumor necrosis therapy-based positron emission tomography imaging agents

The agreement originally focused on scaling up the radio-labeling processes for Peregrine's Cotara and Oncolym monoclonal antibody-based anticancer agents (3/13)

Pharsight Corp. (PHST)

FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

Development agreement

Products developed using clinical drug trial simulation and population pharmacokinetic analysis software

The three-year agreement will involve future versions of Pharsight's WinNonMix and Trial Simulator products (2/14)

PowderJect Pharmaceuticals plc (OTC BB:PWJPF) and its subsidiary Evans Vaccines

UK's Department of Health


Tuberculosis vaccines for adults and children

The two-year contract covers the vaccines, as well as tuberculin tests used to identify those who require vaccination (3/26)

Procyon BioPharma Inc. (Canada; OTC BB: PCYBF)

University of Toronto Innovations Foundation

Purchasing agreement

Technology and patents related to Colopath

Procyon finalized an agreement with the foundation for the rapid, noninvasive screening test for colorectal cancer; terms were not disclosed (11/30)

Progen Industries Ltd. (Australia; PGLAF)

Griffith University

Research collaboration

Heparanase inhibitors to treat inflammatory diseases, including multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease

Progen will invest up to $1.4M (3/26)

Proteome Sciences plc (UK; OTC BB: PMSNF)

King's College, Institute of Psychiatry


Neurodegenerative diseases

Proteome will provide protein separation, identification and characterization skills and the institute will provide its expertise in pathogenic mechanisms; Proteome will have the option for an exclusive license agreement to commercialize resulting products (3/26)

Proteus SA (France)*

CEA-LETI (France)


Phenomics-based biochips

The partnership will minitaurize the Phenomics 96-well microtiterplate format into more than 8,000 micro-well biochips (11/27)

Protogene Laboratories Inc.*

University Health Network (Canada)


Protogene's fully customizable oligonucleotide DNA microarrays

Researchers will use the arrays to validate the arrays in gene expression studies (2/7)

Qiagen Genomics Inc. (QGENF)

The Institute for Genomic Research and the Montefiore Medical Center

Research and license agreement

Single nucleotide polymorphisms in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Qiagen gained an exclusive license to make and sell kits or other products based on M. tuberculosis patents (3/15)

RCT BioVentures NE*

Boston University

Formation of a new company

Sedecim Therapeutics Inc.

RCT and Boston University formed Sedecim to develop interleukin-16 as a therapy for a variety of pathological immune responses (2/1)

RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (Pink Sheets: RGRX)

National Institutes of Health

Exclusive licensing agreement

Thymosin beta 4

RegeneRx will make milestone payments and pay royalties on commercialized products in return for exclusive worldwide rights (2/7)

Repligen Corp. (RGEN)

University of California, San Diego

Licensing agreement

Novel methods for the treatment of mitochondrial disease and autism

Repligen receives exclusive commercial rights to both inventions and will pay UCSD an up-front fee, clinical development milestones and royalties; Repligen also will support two research projects at UCSD (12/14)

Sangamo BioSciences Inc. (SGMO)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Exclusive worldwide rights agreement

Cell-based molecular screening system

The license includes exclusive worldwide rights to patent applications covering the selection and identification of sequencespecific DNA-binding proteins in bacterial cells (3/7)

Sequenom Inc. (SQNM)

Whitehead Institute Center for Genome Research

Purchase agreement

MassArray system

The institute will implement the technology in its high-throughput single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping projects (1/5)

SIGA Technologies Inc. (SIGA)

University of California in Los Angeles

Rights agreement

Antibiotic technology

SIGA gained rights to the technology designed to disarm bacteria by interfering with their ability to attach to and colonize human tissue (12/19)

Silicon Genetics*

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Research Foundation

Licensing agreement


The hospital licensed GeNet, Silicon's web-enabled enterprise solution for storing gene expression data and annotated results (11/15)

Structural GenomiX*

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Five-year research collaboration

Cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator

The $13M agreement is to decipher the 3-dimensional structure of the protein that, when defective, can cause cystic fibrosis (2/8)

Symphogen A/S (Denmark)*

Boston University

Exclusive license agreement

Symphage technology

Symphogen licensed the technology worldwide from Boston University and will use it to produce recombinant human polyclonal antibodies; the university receives an ownership interest in Symphogen, as well as up-front payments, milestone payments and royalties (3/21)

Targeted Genetics Corp. (TGEN)

University of Iowa

Licensing and sponsored research agreement

Technologies that increase the efficiency of adeno-associated virus gene transfer vectors

Agreement will allow vectors to be used as a delivery system for genes too large for standard AAV vector delivery (2/1)

Telik Inc. (TELK)

Arizona Cancer Center at the University of Arizona

Research collaboration

Small-molecule compounds

Agreement is to apply Telik's TRAP chemogenomics technology to identify small-molecule compounds active against multiple cancer targets; Telik will have exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize compounds (1/9)

TherImmune Research Corp.*

National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases

Seven-year subcontracting agreement

Malaria vaccine

The $43M contract is to provide nonclinical safety and immunogenicity testing of vaccine candidates (11/22)

Therion Biologics*

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Development collaboration

Prophylactic AIDS vaccines for developing countries, specifically India

IAVI will fund Therion's work (3/20)

Third Wave Technologies Inc. (TWTI)

Catalyst BioMedica Ltd. (UK) and Cambridge University

Research collaboration

Invader operating system-based products

Parties are seeking to discover the genetic differences that predispose certain people to Type I diabetes and other inflammation-related diseases (12/20)

Third Wave Technologies Inc. (TWTI)

University of Minnesota


Invader operating system for genotyping patient samples

The goal is to validate the association between mutations in the gene believed to be responsible for the development of hemochromatosis (1/5)

Viragen Inc. (AMEX:VRA)

The Roslin Institute (Scotland)

Collaborative project

Production of drugs inside the eggs of chickens

The project is designed to enable biotech and pharmaceutical companies to produce drugs inside the eggs of specially developed chickens (12/6)

Vysis Inc. (VYSI)

Mayo Clinic

Renewed research agreement

Diagnostic tests for bladder, lung and prostate cancers

Vysis renewed its agreement, which initially will focus on evaluation of a cellular genomic probe panel under development by Vysis for the early detection of lung cancer (12/14)


This chart does not include grant agreements (unless they are also part of a larger collaboration) or agreements between biotech companies and clinical trial centers.

* Privately held company ** Denotes the date the item ran in BioWorld International

Unless otherwise noted, the stock symbols listed are on the Nasdaq market.

AMEX = American Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; SSE = Swiss Stock Exchange; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange