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Terms/Details (Date)

Aurora Biosciences Inc.

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)

Technology access agreement; Aurora will provide automated systems (including those for compound storage, high-throughput screening and multiple ion channel lead discovery platforms) at Pfizer research facilities worldwide


Contract includes $50M in guaranteed payments, plus milestones, profit-sharing for commercialized compounds identified using the system, and funding related to the exercise of various options included in the deal (6/99)

Centocor Inc.

Covance (NYSE:CVD

Long-term manufacturing agreement under which Covance will produce Centocor's Retavase for the U.S. and Canadian markets


ND (4/99)

Cephalon Inc.

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT)

Collaborative agreement to further develop and market Abbott's Gabitril, an anti-epileptic drug, in the U.S.; Abbott gains a right of first negotiation to develop and promote Cephalon's Provigil (an FDA-approved narcolepsy drug) should Cephalon elect to collaborate with a 3rd party in the U.S.


Cephalon is required to make certain promotional and clinical development expenditures, and will share in growth of the product sales beyond a contractually specified baseline; Abbott has a right of first negotiation to develop and pro-mote Cephalon's Provigilin the U.S. (6/99)

H. Lundbeck A/S (Denmark)

Development and marketing agreement for Cephalon's preclinical-stage receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors


Cephalon will receive aprox-imately $40M, which includesan up-front license fee, research and milestone payments, and an equity investment of $12M (1M Cephalon shares at $12 each); Lundbeck will also share development costs and support research; Lundbeck gains commercial rights in Europe and certain other territories (6/99)

Cypress Bioscience Inc.

Fresenius AG (Germany)

Fresenius exercised option to acquire manufacturing rights for Cypress' Prosorba column for treating rheumatoid arthritis


Fresenius gained the option as part of marketing alliance signed 3/99; the $4M Cypress had drawn down from a line of credit will be applied to the purchase price of the facility, and Fresenius paid an additional $1.2M to exercise the purchase option (4/99)

DiagnoCure Inc.(Canada;MSE:CUR)

Medite Histotechnic Italia (Italy)

Distribution agreement under which Medite will distribute in Italy DiagnoCure's ImmunoCyt diagnostic test for the detection of superficial bladder cancer using monoclonal antibodies


ND (3/99)

Euro-Diagnostica AB (Sweden)

Distribution agreement under which Euro-Diagnostica will distribute ImmunoCyt's monoclonal antibody-based diagnostic test for superficial bladder cancer in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland


ND (5/99)

Digene Corp.

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT)

Sales and marketing agreement under which Abbott will handle those responsibilities for Digene's women's health and blood virus DNA testing products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa; agreement replaces Digene's agreement with International Murex Technologies Corp., which Abbott acquired in 1998-


ND (5/11)

Draxis Health Inc. (Canada)

Elan Corp. plc (Ireland)

Draxis licensed from Elan exclusive Canadian rights to 8 neurology products, of which 3 are approved, 3 are nearing approval and 2 are late-stage; products include Zanaflex (tizanidine hydrochloride; approved); Diastat (diazepam rectal gel; approved), Mysoline (primidone; approved), frovatriptan, NeuroBloc (botulinum toxin type B), ziconotide, Zonegran (zonisamide) and Zelapar (selegiline hydrochloride flashtab)

Elan to receive $12M, but will purchase $8M in Draxis equity

Draxis will pay Elan a 1-time up-front fee of $12M; Elan will purchase 3.04M treasury shares of Draxis at a price per share of $2.63 ($8M total), a premium to trading price, representing a stake of 8.6%; Everen Securities acted as financial advisor to Draxis; Elan will supply manufactured products to Draxis and provide assistance with pricing and regulatory and launch activities; agreement expires 12/31/98 (6/99)

Epitope Inc.

Organon Teknika Ltd. (subsidiary of Akzo Nobel; the Netherlands)

Organon will collaborate on final development of OraQuick (an oral fluid rapid assay test for HIV infection) and will manufacture initial pre-production lots


If product succeeds in winning approvals, companies plan to negotiate a long-term manufacturing and supply agreement (4/99)

IDEC Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Schering AG (Germany)

Marketing and distribution agreement for IDEC's Zevalin (Ibritumomab Tiuxetan; formerly called IDEC Y2B8), an anticancer monoclonal antibody conjugated to yttrium-90; product is in development as therapy for low-grade and/or follicular non-Hodgkin's B-cell lymphoma


Schering will pay IDEC $13M as an up-front licensing fee and will provide $15M in committed funding for Zevalin; IDEC may receive up to $19.5M in additional milestones, plus a royalty on sales outside the U.S.; Schering gains exclusive marketing rights outside the U.S.; IDEC retains U.S. rights (6/99)

Maxim Pharmaceuticals Inc.

F.H. Faulding & Co. Ltd. (Australia)

Marketing agreement for Maxim's Maxamine anti-cancer therapy in Australia and New Zealand


Faulding will pay marketing rights fees and milestones, and provide clinical and regulatory assistance; Faulding will assume responsibility for registration and marketing approval and related applications for reimbursment in Australia and New Zealand; combined with agreement for Israel (see below), Maxim expects to receive a 40% or greater share of Maxamine sales with in these territories (5/99)

MegaPharm Ltd. (Israel)

Marketing agreement for Maxim's Maxamine anti-cancer therapy in Israel


As part of the agreement, MegaPharm will manage the Israeli component of 3 clinical trials and also will assume responsibility for approval application in Israel; combined with agreement for Australia and New Zealand (see above), Maxim expects to receive a 40% or greater share of Maxamine sales within these territories (5/99)

Palatin Technologies

Mallinckrodt Inc. (NYSE:MKG)

Worldwide marketing agreement (excluding Europe) for Palatin's LeuTech radiolabeled infection imaging agent

$23M ($13M equity purchase)

Mallinckrodt gains exclusive worldwide license (excluding Europe) for sales, marketing and distribution of LeuTech products; Palatin will receive milestone payments, funding for 50% of development and clinical testing expenses for all indications covered in the agreement, a transfer price for LeuTech sales to Mallinckrodt and a royalty on sales; Malllinckrodt will purchase $13M worth of restricted, unregistered convertible preferred shares, which are convertible after 5 years to 0.7M common shares; milestones include $5M upon FDA marketing clearance and $5M when Mallinckrodt's LeuTech sales reach $20M (5/99)

PathoGenesis Corp.

Swedish Orphan AB

Distribution agreement for PathoGenesis' TOBI (tobra-mycin solution for inhalation) in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland; drug is currently under review in the U.K., the lead country for seeking approval in the European Union


ND (5/99)

PulmoPharm (Germany)

PulmoPharm will market PathoGenesis' TOBI (tobra- mycin for inhalation) for cystic fibrosis in Germany upon the drug's approval


PathoGenesis purchased equity amounting to 20 percent of PulmoPharm at an undisclosed price (5/99)

SangStat Medical Corp.

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT)

Co-promotion, distribution and research agreement for SangStat's SangCya (cyclo-sporine oral solution; FDA-approved) in the U.S.

$14M (equity purchase)

Partnership marks continuation of initial agreement for Abbott to provide bulk cyclosporine to SangStat; Abbott will make a $14M equity purchase in SangStat, make up-front and milestone payments, and will make a long-term loan to SangStat (5/99)

SciClone Pharmaceuticals

Sigma-Tau SpA (Italy)

Sigma-Tau will market SciClone's Zadaxin thymosin alpha 1 for treatment of cancer and hepatitis in Italy, Spain and Switzerland


Sigma-Tau receives semi-exclusive development and marketing rights in Italy and Spain, and exclusive rights in Switzerland; Sigma-Tau will be responsible for clinical development and regulatory submissions in Italy (4/99)

Triangle Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT)

Marketing agreement for 6 antiviral products, 4 from Triangle and 2 from Abbott; Triangle products are Coviracil (for HIV and hepatitis B virus), Coactinon (formerly MKC-442; for HIV), DAPD (for HIV) and L-FMAU (for HBV)

$335M ($118M equity)

In the U.S., Abbott and Triangle will co-promote 4 Triangle products currently in development for HIV and hepatitis B virus, and Abbott's 2 HIV protease inhibitors (Norvir, which is FDA-approved, and Phase III-stage ABT-378); outside the U.S., Abbott will have exclusive sales and marketing rights for the 4 Triangle antivirals; Abbott will purchase 6.57M shares of >Triangle stock at $18 per share, for a total of $118M; additionally, Abbott will provide research funding of $31.7M and up to $185M in milestones, plus will share future commercialization costs; companies will share profits and losses for all Triangle drug candidates, and Triangle will receive detailing fees and commissions on incremental sales generated for the Abbott products; Abbott will have right of 1st discussion on future Triangle compounds, and the partners plan to execute a manufacturing agreement to allow Abbott to produce certain Triangle products worldwide; Warburg Dillon Read acted as financial adviser to Triangle, and Goldman Sachs advised Abbott (6/99)

Vivus Inc.

Bio-Medic Institute Inc. (Japan)

Agreement for registration and commercialization of Vivus' Muse (alprostadil; for erectile dysfunction) in Japan


Bio-Medic will make a $5M up-front payment to Vivus and assume responsibility for all clinical and regulatory activities necessary for registration of Muse in Japan; Vivus will manufacture and sell Muse to Bio-Medic (5/99)


# This chart does not include any marketing and/or distribution agreements that involve agricultural product development. The information in the chart covers the time period between 4/1/99 and 6/30/99.

ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available; NYSE=New York Stock Exchange; ASX=Australian Stock Exchange

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 14 - 15.