Biotech Company** (Country)


Pharma Partner (Country)

Type Arrangement/Geographic Area/ Details (Date)

Amrad Corp. (Australia; ASX:AML)

Oprol (sameterol xinafoate) for asthma

Glaxo Wellcome Australia Ltd. (unit of Glaxo Wellcome plc; NYSE:GLX)

Amrad co-markets product in Australia (2/99)

Aurora Biosciences Corp.

Mutant green fluorescent proteins

Clontech Laboratories Inc.*

Clontech to apply technology to not-for-profit customers worldwide for non-commercial research with a "zip-lock" license; Clontech may also supply to for-profit customers for non-commercial research (direct license required from Aurora); Clontech pays up-front technology access fee and royalties on any tools sold (3/99)

Centocor Inc.

Retavase (recombinantreteplase)

Covance (NYSE:CVD)

Covance to manufacture product for U.S. and Canada; further terms ND (4/99)

Fragmin (dalteperin sodium for injection)

Pharmacia & Upjohn (NYSE:PNU)

Centocor to promote product in U.S. after FDA approval; further details ND (3/99)

Cypress Bioscience

Prosorba column for rheumatoid arthritis

Fresenius AG (Germany)

Letter of intent for exclusive license and distribution agreement covering U.S., Europe, Latin America and, subject to certain conditions, Japan; Fresenius to have exclusive rights outside the U.S., where product will be jointly introduced (1/99)

Entremed Inc.

Angiostatin protein for anti-angiogenesis

Covance Biotechnology Services (NYSE:CVD)

Covance to provide large-scale GMP production of Angiostatin for further preclinical studies (3/99)

Enzo Biochem Inc. (ASE:ENZ)

Various products; reagents; DNA labeling technologies

NEN Life Science Products Inc.

NEN to distribute products globally; further details ND (1/99)

FibroGen Inc.*

Recombinant collagen

Zeneca LifeScience Molecules (business unit of Zeneca Group; U.K.)

Zeneca to provide process development and scale-up expertise for commercialization of multi-gene expression technology; further details ND (3/99)

Gensia Sicor Inc.

Oncology products portfolio

Abbott Laboratories Inc. (NYSE:ABT)

Abbott to market and distribute multi-source oncology products now under development; further terms ND (1/99)

Genzyme Corp.

Sepra products; adhesion barrier and coating solution

Fresenius AG (Germany)

Fresenius to distribute and market products in France, Germany, Australia, Switzerland and Luxembourg; further details ND (1/99)

Geron Corp.

Cell lines immortalized with telomerase enzyme

Clontech Laboratories Inc

Clontech to produce and sell products for the not-for-profit research market, and supply to biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries under licenses between Geron and the companies; Clontech gets up-front licensing fee; companies to share equally the operating profits from cell-line sales (3/99)

Insite Vision Inc.

AquaSite treatment for dry eye

Global Damon Pharm (Korea)

Global Damon to distribute AquaSite in Korea for 10 years, paying royalties to InSite; further terms ND (3/99)

Integra LifeSciences Corp.

Panafil for healing and debridement, and Accuzyme (enzymatic debridement agent used to remove necrotic tissue of wounds)

Healthpoint Ltd.*

Series of agreements to purchase Panafil product line, brand name and related equipment for $6.4M; Health-point also agreed to pay sales commissions to Integra for marketing Panafil and Accuzyme to podiatry market and for marketing Panafil to certain hospitals with burn centers; Healthpoint will be responsible for all product distribution and coordination and sales of both products in other markets (1/99)

LifeCell Corp.

Acellular tissue matrix for urology, gynecology procedures

Boston Scientific Corp. (NYSE:BSX)

Boston Scientific to distribute product worldwide; Life-Cell to pay distribution fee based on percentage of sales; funding to market development programs to be shared equally; joint oversight of clinical research and marketing programs (3/99)

Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Oncology products ONTAK, Panretin gel and capsules, Targretin gel and capsules

Ferrer Internacional SA (Spain)

Ferrer to market and distribute products in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Central and South America; Ferrer has exclusive rights for 10 years, subject to extension; Ligand gets $2.5M over next six months as registration services reimbursement, plus milestone payment on first registration of Targretin for breast cancer in any of its European markets; Ligand to exclusively supply Ferrer with all 5 products for marketing in the territories (3/99)

The Liposome Co.

Abelcet (lipid-based formulation of amphotericin B)

Wyeth-Ayerst International (subsidiary of American Home Products; NYSE:AHP)

Wyeth-Ayerst to market product in the U.K.; certain members of Liposome's U.K. sales force to join Wyeth-Ayerst's (3/99)

LJL Biosystems Inc.

Drug-discovery products

Sumitomo Corp. (Japan)

Sumitomo to exclusively sell products in Japan; further details ND(2/99)

Martek Bisociences Corp.

PBXL fluorescent dye products for assays

Amersham Pharmacia Biotech Ltd. (Sweden)

Pharmacia to supply products for market; further details ND (3/99)

MGI Pharma Inc.

Ridaura (auranofin), anti-rheumatic drug; Luxiq (betamethasone balerate)

Connetics Corp. (NASDAQ:CNCT)

MGI to promote products in U.S. in exchange for promotional fees; for Ridaura, MGI gets $250,000 per quarter for making certain number of sales calls, plus split of gross profits over first $7.5 million; for Luxiq, MGI gets split of profits from sales in rheumatology market; Connetics retains profits from dermatology sales (3/99)

MitoKor Inc.*

MitoLoad assay and softWare to diagnose Alzheimer's disease

SRL Inc. (Japan)

SRL acquires right to use product for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease and selecting candidates for clinical trials; SRL pays up-front payment and royalties on a per-test basis; further terms ND (2/99)

Molecular Simulations Inc. (wholly owned subsidiary of Pharmacoepia Inc.)

Software products

Ryoka Systems Inc. (wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Ltd.; Japan)

Ryoka exclusively distributes products to MSI customers in Japan, and commits to certain increased revenue levels for 24 months (3/99)

Neoprobe Corp.

Gamma-guided surgery products

KOL Bio-Medical Instruments Inc.*

KOL will market and promote Neoprobe's current and future products in the U.S.; further terms ND (3/99)

Neuro-Biotech* (Canada)

Diagnostic kits for stress-related and neuroscience-related conditions

Tutimpex Trading Co.

Tutimpex to commercialize products in the Middle East; further details ND (3/99)

Procyte Corp.

Iamin Hydrating Gel and other wound-care products

Merck KgaA (Germany)

Merck to market Iamin and other wound-care products in its Latin American regions (1/99)

Graftcyte, Complex Cu3 for skin repair, Tricomin for thinning hair, and other physician label products

Sigmacon Medical Products* (Canada)

Sigmacon to market products in dermatology, cosmetic and surgery markets in Canada; further terms ND (3/99)

QLT Phototherapeutics Inc.

Visudyne (verteporfin) for ophthalmic conditions

Raylo Chemicals Inc. (Canada); Nippon Fine Chemical Co. (Japan); Parkedale Pharmaceuticals Inc. (wholly owned subsidiary of King Pharmaceuticals Inc.)

Raylo to manufacture active ingredient; Nippon to manufacture formulated intermediate; Parkedale to manufacture finished, lypholized product; further terms ND (3/99)

Synapse Technologies Inc.* (Canada)

p97 diagnostic assay for Alzheimer's disease

Kyowa Medex Co. (Japan)

Kyowa provides Synapse with up-front and pre-launch milestone payments exceeding C$2.5 million, in exchange for exclusive promotion rights in Japan (3/99)

Unigene Laboratories Inc.

Forcaltonin injectable calcium for Paget's disease

Strakan Ltd. (U.K.)

Strakan distributes product to hospitals and pharmacies in the U.K. and Ireland upon marketing authorization, paying royalties to Unigene (1/99)

Zonagen Inc.

Vasomax (phentolamine mesylate) for erectile dysfunction

Schering-Plough Corp. (NYSE:SGP)

Schering-Plough exercises right to begin manufacturing product, which is under review by the FDA; further terms ND (2/99)

# This chart does not include any marketing and/or distribution agreements that involve agricultural product development. The information in the chart covers the time period between1/1/99 and 3/31/99.
ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available; NYSE=New York Stock Exchange; ASX=Australian Stock Exchange
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 13-14.