Biotech Pharma Company Type/Product Area Amount Terms/Details (Month)
Company** (Symbol/Country)
Advanced Tissue Smith & Nephew Expansion of 4/96 joint ND This joint venture was expanded
Sciences Inc. plc (U.K.) venture to commercial- once in 1/98 to include Derma-
ize Dermagraft (for graft-TC for all wound care appli-
diabetic foot ulcers and cations outside the U.S. and all
venous and pressure non-burn wound care applications
ulcers) and Dermagraft- in U.S.; now, Smith & Nephew
TC (for full and partial- will market Dermagraft-TC (to be
thickness burns) to renamed TransCyte) for burns in
include new territory the U.S. (8/98)
Affymetrix Inc. American Home Exercise of option to ND American Home exercised option
Products Corp. subscribe to Affymetrix's under 1/98 agreement between its
(NYSE:AHP) Easy Access program subsidiary Genetics Institute and
for GeneChip expression Affymetrix; American Home and
probe arrays its affiliates get broad access to
custom and standard GeneChips
plus instrumentation and software;
Affymetrix gets subscription fees
and fixed per-chip fees (9/98)
ArQule Inc. Amersham Pharma- Extension of joint ND This is the 4th extension; further
cia Biotech collaboration to develop details ND (8/98)
advanced separations
products, especially
affinity ligands via
ArQule's combinatorial
chemistry; agreement
dates from 3/95
Aurora Parke-Davis Expansion of 9/97 $9M Wyeth-Ayerst will pay $9M over
Biosciences Corp. (division of Warner- agreement on Aurora's 15 months for the new system
Lambert Co.; NYSE: ultra-high-throughput (8/98)
WLA) screening system
(UHTSS) to include
development of auto-
mated master com-
pound storage system
for long-term housing
of chemical and bio-
logical compounds
Cell Therapeutics Ortho Biotech Inc./ Restructuring of 11/96 ND Due to negative results of 1st
Inc. The R.W. Johnson R&D and marketing Phase III trial, the regulatory time-
Pharmaceutical agreement on lisofylline line for this drug has been altered;
Research Institute (anti-inflammatory drug Cell Therapeutics will now con-
(both are affiliates for reducing toxicities trol and fund product development;
of Johnson & John- from radiation and Johnson & Johnson will pay its
son; NYSE:JNJ) chemotherapy in cancer share through 12/31/98; if new
patients) Phase III trial is positive, Johnson
& Johnson has option of resuming
responsibility for product develop-
ment and marketing; if it exercises
option, Cell Therapeutics gets
additional payments; if not, then
Cell Therapeutics can license prod-
uct to other 3rd parties (7/98)
Cima Labs Inc. Novartis Consumer Novartis exercised ND ND (7/98)
Health Inc. (division option under 12/97
of Novartis AG; agreement to license
Switzerland) consumer products
developed via OraSolv
fast-dissolve technology
Corixa Corp. Pasteur Merieux Extension of 3/97 ND This collaboration was already
Connaught (unit research agreement and extended with new options in 1/98,
of Rhone-Poulenc license option on use but those options were to expire;
Group; France) of Corixa's protein Pasteur Merieux extended its
adjuvant LeIF (Leish- options until 12/31/98 to license
mania elongation LeIF exclusively for use in influ-
initiation factor) in enza and respiratory syncytial
vaccines for infectious virus vaccines and nonexclusively
diseases for use in HIV, tuberculosis and
malaria vaccines (8/98)
SmithKline Beech- Extension of 10/95 ND SmithKline will provide additional
am Biologicals SA collaboration on T-cell research funding through 5/99 and
(Belgium; subsid- active recombinant gets exclusive option to license
iary of SmithKline subunit vaccines for Corixa's tuberculosis antigens for
Beecham plc; infectious diseases, use as vaccine through 8/99; if it
NYSE:SBH; U.K.) specifically tuberculosis exercises option, Corixa gets fee
plus milestones; SmithKline gets
exclusive worldwide rights except in
Japan, where Corixa gets co-exclu-
sive rights (8/98)
Desmos Inc.* Baxter Healthcare Renewal and extension ND ND (7/98)
Corp. (subsidiary of of 9/97 collaboration on
Baxter International use of Desmos' extra-
Inc.; NYSE:BAX) cellular matrix as bio-
coating for percutaneous
implants used in renal
GeneMedicine Inc. Corange Interna- Expansion of 7/95 ND Research term of collaboration
tional Ltd. (unit of collaboration on non- extended until 2/02; companies will
Roche Holdings viral gene therapies for work exclusively together on gene
Ltd.; Switzerland) certain cancers to cover therapies using the 3 genes; focus
all human cancer indica- on Phase II trial of IL-2 in head and
tions for gene medicines neck cancer and preclinical through
using genes for interleu- Phase I/II trials of other 2 genes (same
kin-2 (IL-2), interferon- indication); on successful completion
alpha (IFN-a) and inter- of 1 clinical trial, GeneMedicine has
leukin-12 (IL-12); genes option to share development costs
used alone or in com- in exchange for 50% of profits or to get
bination royalties on worldwide sales; Roche
will convert additional equity pay-
ments under 7/95 agreement into
research and milestone payments;
GeneMedicine can partner with other
firms in gene therapy for cancer using
different genes (8/98)
Genzyme Eli Lilly and Co. Expansion of 3/98 $22M Lilly's option to license protein
Transgenics Corp. (NYSE:LLY) feasibility agreement to expires 12/99; until then, Genzyme
produce a transgenic Transgenics will get $1M develop-
therapeutic protein ment funding; on execution of
option, Genzyme Transgenics gets
funding and milestones of $22M;
Lilly gets worldwide rights; Gen-
zyme Transgenics will manufacture
protein and gets royalties (7/98)
Hybridon Inc. G.D. Searle & Co. Extension and expan- ND Searle will continue to support
(OTC Bulletin (subsidiary of Mon- sion of 1/96 collabor- research through 1/00; Searle has
Board:HYBN) santo Co.; NYSE: ation on antisense drugs option of designating additional
MTC) for inflammatory disease molecular targets; companies also
to include more targets initiated program focused on onco-
in cardiovascular disease gene MDM2 (inhibits apoptosis)
and cancer, including (7/98)
MDM2 oncogene
Immunex Corp. American Home Restructuring of prod- ND Immunex no longer obligated to fund
Products Corp. uct rights agreements certain oncology R&D at American
(NYSE:AHP) and termination of Home's subsidiary American Cyanamid;
oncology agreement; Immunex gets worldwide rights to
especially concerns Leukine and 3 drugs still in clinic
Leukine, Mobist (FLT-3 (to which American Home had held
ligand), IL-15 and rights outside North America); Immu-
CD40 ligand nex will pay royalties to American
Home on ex-North American sales;
American Home has option to acquire
rights to 4 future Immunex products;
Immunex can convert 2 of those calls
and then pay American Home mile-
stones and royalties; for exercised
call, Immunex gets fees, milestones
and royalties (7/98)
Incyte Novartis AG Expansion of 6/97 ND This is the 2nd expansion of the
Pharmaceuticals (Switzerland) database partnership to partnership; Novartis gets data
Inc. include Incyte's gene from DNA microarrays from the
expression microarray UniGEM product line as well as
technology data from custom microarrays;
Incyte gets access fees and per-
experiment fees (7/98)
Pharmacopeia Inc. Berlex Laboratories Expansion of 2/95 ND Pharmacopeia will get additional
Inc. (subsidiary of agreement on use of research funding, milestones and
Schering AG; combinatorial chemistry royalties (8/98)
Germany) and high-throughput
screening for drug leads
for multiple sclerosis
to pursue chemical
optimization of lead
compound against
additional target
Organon NV Expansion of 5/96 ND Pharmacopeia will get additional
(the Netherlands) agreement on use of research funding, milestones and
combinatorial chemistry royalties (8/98)
and high-throughput
screening for drug leads
to include development
of compound against
additional target
Phytera Inc.* Tsumura & Co. Extension and expansion ND Collaboration extended through
(Japan) of 6/96 collaboration 6/00; Phytera gets research funds
on use of Phyton's plant and milestones; companies co-own
cell culture extract librar- products; Phytera gets exclusive
ies to screen for small mole- rights in North America; Tsumura
cules to treat rheumatoid gets exclusive rights elsewhere;
arthritis and allergies; will companies will pay each other
now also screen Phytera's royalties (8/98)
marine microorganism
extract libraries
Regeneron Sumitomo Pharma- Expansion of 6/94 col- $5M Sumitomo licensed the product
Pharmaceuticals ceuticals Co. Ltd. laboration on BDNF for developing in Japan; Regeneron
Inc. (Japan) (brain-derived neuro- gets initial $5M payment plus
trophic factor) for milestones and royalties (8/98)
treating amyotrophic
lateral sclerosis
Cambridge Boehringer Ingel- Termination of 1/95 Based on further evaluation of
NeuroScience Inc. heim International collaboration on Cere- negative Phase III interim results,
GmbH (Germany) stat (NMDA ion- companies have terminated collab-
channel blocker) for oration but are still negotiating
traumatic brain specific terms and conditions (7/98)
injury and stroke
CoCensys Inc. G.D. Searle & Co. Termination of 5/96 Searle ended agreement but pro-
(subsidiary of Mon- collaboration on vided no explanation; CoCensys
santo Co.; NYSE: CCD 3693 (synthetic retains all rights to compounds in
MTC) epalon or neuroactive this program (7/98)
steroid) for treating
insomnia (Phase I
trials completed)
Corvas Schering-Plough Termination of 12/94 Companies terminated this pro-
International Inc. Corp. (NYSE:SGP) collaboration on orally gram after disappointing results of
bioavailable thrombin a Phase I trial; the 2 other research
inhibitors for prevent- programs (on inhibitors of Factor
ing and treating cardio- Xa and hepatitis C virus) remain
vascular disorders intact (8/98)
Diatide Inc. Nycomed Amer- Termination of 8/95 Nycomed will discontinue R&D
sham plc (U.K.) option and develop- payments for early-stage products
ment agreement on as of 1/31/99; Diatide regains U.S.
early-stage imaging rights to all non-optioned products;
products decision does not affect license
and co-promotion agreements on
AcuTect and P829 imaging prod-
ucts (8/98)
Gilead Sciences Glaxo Wellcome Termination of 7/90 The companies jointly decided to
Inc. plc (NYSE:GLX; collaboration on genetic end this collaboration (under a
U.K.) code blockers (including 3/96 extension, Glaxo had option
antisense and triple- to terminate after 2 years); each
helix compounds) company retains rights to jointly
developed technology as well as
its own research results (6/98)
MorphoSys Pharmacia & Termination of 3/97 Pharmacia & Upjohn made stra-
GmbH* Upjohn Inc. research collaboration tegic decision to focus its research
(Germany) (NYSE:PNU; on use of MorphoSys' in areas other than inflammation;
U.K.) human antibody library plans to continue into 2nd phase of
and phage-based screen- collaboration were suspended
ing technology to iden- (8/98)
tify lead compounds and
therapeutic targets for
inflammation and other
Ophidian Eli Lilly and Co. Termination of 5/96 Lilly said it will discontinue pro-
Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:LLY) collaboration on avian gram; Ophidian regains all rights
Inc. polyclonal antibody to to product (9/98)
neutralize toxins
secreted by Clostridium
difficile (gastrointes-
tinal infection; Phase I
trial completed)
Neurogen Corp. Schering-Plough Conclusion of joint Schering-Plough moved the re-
Corp. (NYSE:SGP) research phase of 6/95 search in-house; if drug candidates
collaboration on small-mol- progress through clinic, Neurogen
ecule drugs that modulate gets milestones and royalties;
dopamine receptor sub- Neurogen retains option to manu-
types for treating facture products for U.S. market
schizophrenia (7/98)
# This chart contains information on modified and terminated agreements only, covering the time period between 6/16/98 and 9/21/98. It does not include arrangements that are classed strictly as production, marketing and/or distribution agreements, nor does it include any collaborations that involve agricultural product development.
For a chart listing new collaborations between big pharma and biotech companies for the same time period (6/16/98 - 9/21/98), see the 9/28/98 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch.
ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
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