Biotech Company** (Country)Pharma Company (Symbol/Country)Type/Product AreaAmountTerms/Details (Month)
Abgenix Inc.Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)Expansion of 12/97 collaboration and license agreement on use of Abgenix'sXenoMouse technology to make fully human antibodies to 3 of Pfizer's antigentargets$10MPfizer exercised option for 2nd antigen target (undisclosed; 1st targetis for oncology applications); with exercise of option, Abgenix gets $10Min cash plus royalties (10/98)
Allelix Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (Canada)Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE:LLY)Extension and expansion of partnership dating from 1989 on productsfor treating psychiatric, neurological and eating disordersNDGlutamate receptor program (for psychiatric and neurological disorders)has been extended for 2 years; genetic target program (for eating disorders)has been extended for 1 year (12/98)
ArQule Inc.Roche Bioscience (division of Roche Holding Ltd.; Switzerland)Amendment to 9/96 collaboration on new therapeutics via ArQule's directedarrays (custom libraries of compounds closely analogous to leads providedby Roche Bioscience)NDCompanies will continue collaboration in a different form (not defined)through 3/99; ArQule will provide Roche with screening libraries whilecontinuing to optimize a number of Roche compounds (10/98)
Axys Pharmaceuticals Inc.Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE:MRK)Extension of 11/96 collaboration on small molecule inhibitors of cathepsinK (cysteine protease) as therapies for osteoporosisNDOriginal agreement signed with Arris Pharmaceutical Corp. (which mergedwith Sequana Therapeutics Inc. in 1/98 to form Axys); companies extendedcollaboration to 11/99; further details ND (12/98)
Corixa Corp.SmithKline BeechamMajor expansion of 10/95$200MExpanded agreement adds 5 new vaccine
Biologicals SA collaboration on T cell-(equity;programs; SmithKline also has option to
(Belgium; unit of active vaccines for tuber-% ND)select 1 more application in future; 4-year
SmithKline Beecham culosis (amended 3/97 tocollaboration; SmithKline licensed rights
plc; NYSE:SBH; U.K.)include antigens for use into Corixa's HER-2/neu vaccine for breast
vaccines for breast andand ovarian cancer and its breast cancer
prostate cancer) to includeantigen mammaglobin; except for tuber-
vaccines for ovarian andculosis vaccine, SmithKline gets exclusive
colon carcinoma as well asworldwide rights to all vaccine products;
for infectious diseases SmithKline also has option on nonexclusive
Chlamydia trachomatislicense to Corixa's LeiF adjuvant and its
and C. pneumoniaemicrosphere delivery technology; Corixa
gets $49M committed funding over 4 years
(which includes a $2.5M equity purchase
now and $2.5M in the future, both at premi-
um); Corixa gets milestones of $150M, as
well as royalties; Corixa retains right to
form non-vaccine partnerships for these
antigens; transaction subject to antitrust
considerations (10/98)
Corvas Ortho ClinicalRestructured agreement$1MOriginal 1992 agreement concerned
International Inc.Diagnostics Inc.that supercedes 1992 supply of thromboplastin formulations
(unit of Johnson &agreement for license toto Ortho; Corvas has now licensed the
Johnson; NYSE:JNJ)Corvas' recombinantdiagnostic applications of its thrombo-
thromboplastin for useplastin; Ortho also gets certain licenses
in diagnosticsrelated to production of recombinant
tissue factor; Corvas gets $1M for
these licenses and will continue to get
royalties (12/98)
Schering-PloughExtension of 6/97 $3MSchering-Plough will support preclinical
Corp. (NYSE:SGP)collaboration on oraldevelopment through 9/99 and provide
anticoagulants based onadditional $3M in funding (12/98)
protease inhibitors
Gene Logic Inc.The Procter &Expansion of 6/97NDExpansion will result in doubling of
Gamble Co.collaboration on thera-Gene Logic's annual revenues from
(NYSE:PG)peutic targets for heartcollaboration; Procter & Gamble gets
failure (via Gene Logic'saccess to databases and will pay annual
READS gene expressionfees; Gene Logic also gets milestones
technology for database ofand royalties; the partners can now
differential gene expres-work together on any disease indication;
sion) to include target in Gene Logic can work with 3rd parties
osteoporosison specific indications (12/98)
Rhone-PoulencExpansion of 9/97NDThe original agreement was between
Rorer Inc. alliance to conduct p53Rhone-Poulenc Rorer and OncorMed
(subsidiary of testing for clinical trials(which Gene Logic acquired in 9/98);
Rhone-Poulenc SA;of adenoviral p53 gene this is expansion of alliance to analyze
NYSE:RP; France)therapy for cancergenes for gene therapy clinical trials;
financial details ND (11/98)
GeneMedicine Inc.Merck & Co. Inc.Expansion of 12/97NDCollaboration initially focused on 2
(NYSE:MRK)collaboration to evaluatetherapeutic applications; it has now been
GeneMedicine's Gene-expanded to include 3 applications;
Switch technology (tofurther details ND (11/98)
control gene expression)
with Merck's vector system
for gene-based therapies
Genome Schering-PloughAcceleration of 12/96NDAsthma genetics program is ahead of
Therapeutics Corp. (NYSE:SGP)collaboration to identifyschedule; companies have enlarged
Corp.genes involved in suscep-program substantially and have moved
tibility to asthmaup the time lines (11/98)
Incyte Pharma-Pfizer Inc.Expansion of 6/94 genom-NDCompanies already extended and
ceuticals Inc.(NYSE:PFE)ic database partnership to expanded agreement in 2/98; now,
include Incyte's LifeToolsPfizer will use Incyte's LifeTools and
bioinformatics software LifeArray to support its global research
and LifeArray microarray programs; details ND (9/98)
data analysis and manage-
ment software
Inhale TherapeuticBaxter InternationalAmendment of terms ofNDCompanies intend to find 3rd party to
Systems Inc.Inc. (NYSE:BAX)3/96 collaboration to usefurther develop and commercialize
Inhale's dry-powder pul-an undisclosed compound; Baxter will
monary delivery system continue to provide funding in prepara-
for non-peptide, non-tion for Phase II trials while 3rd party
protein drug candidatesis identified; product falls outside Bax-
ter's current business focus; other 2
compounds in collaboration will remain
and may be developed in future (10/98)
Medarex Inc.Merck KGaAOption to expand 4/94$1.5MMerck paid $1.5M to obtain exclusive
(Germany)collaboration on Meda-option on worldwide licensing rights to
rex's MDX-477 bispecific product; Medarex would retain U.S.
antibody for certain cancersrights; Merck will fully fund Phase II
(targets epidermal growthtrials (12/98)
factor receptor; currently
in Phase II trials for head
and neck cancer)
Microcide Ortho-McNeilExtension of 10/95 collab-NDCompanies will continue joint develop-
Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals andoration on therapeutics forment of beta-lactam compounds; John-
Inc.the R.W. Johnson Gram-positive bacterialson & Johnson will support research
Pharmaceuticalinfections, especially drug-for additional 8-14 months; the duration
Research Instituteresistant strains; focus onand amount of funding will depend on
(units of Johnson &beta-lactam compoundsselection of 1 additional compound for
Johnson; NYSE:JNJ)development by 12/31/98; Microcide
regained rights to its antibiotic potentia-
tor technologies and compounds (10/98)
Myriad GeneticsBayer Corp. Extension of 9/95 alliance$12.2MBayer extended collaboration until 9/02;
Inc.(unit of Bayer AG;to discover genes that Myriad has made significant progress
Germany)predispose individuals to toward isolating disease-causing genes;
obesity, osteoporosis andMyriad will get additional $6.2M in
asthmacommitted research funds plus $6M in
milestones over next 2 years (12/98)
Neurogen Corp.Pfizer Inc.Extension and expansion$12.5MCollaboration extended for 2 years;
(NYSE:PFE)of collaborations on small-Neurogen gets $6.25M per year in
molecule drugs that act onadditional research funds (11/98)
specific GABA receptors
in brain; on drugs for
anxiety and cognition
(from 2/92) and drugs for
sleep disorders (from 6/94);
added depression as new
Xenova GroupParke-Davis Extension of 5/97 drugNDXenova provided natural product extracts
plc (U.K.)(division of discovery collaborationfor screening, which Parke-Davis has done,
Warner-Lambert based on Xenova's identifying potential hits from which
Co.; NYSE:WLA)NatChem natural productsXenova will now isolate and identify
libraryactive chemicals; Xenova gets certain
additional payments (10/98)
Alkermes Inc. The R.W. JohnsonTermination of 12/96Companies reached mutual decision to
Pharmaceuticalcollaboration on use ofterminate collaboration; Alkermes
Research InstituteAlkermes' ProLease drugregains all rights licensed to Pharma-
(unit of Johnson &delivery system to developceutical Research Institute, which has
Johnson; NYSE:JNJ)sustained-release formula-discontinued product development
tion of undisclosed drug(11/98)
for treating hormone-
mediated disorders
Schering-Plough Termination of 1/92Companies reached mutual decision
Corp. (NYSE:SGP)agreement on use ofto terminate collaboration; Alkermes
Alkermes' ProLease drug regains all rights licensed to Schering-
delivery system to developPlough; further details ND (11/98)
sustained-release formula-
tion of Intron A (recombi-
nant interferon alfa-2b)
Allelix Biopharma-Astra ABTermination of 6/96As a result of corporate restructuring
ceuticals Inc.(Sweden)agreement to developat Astra, this program no longer fits;
(Canada)ALX1-11 (recombinantAllelix reacquired all product rights,
human parathyroidincluding assets, know-how and pro-
hormone) for treatingprietary rights; Allelix will assume
osteoporosis (currentlyresponsibility for product development
in Phase II trials)(9/98)
Ergo Science The R.W. JohnsonTermination of 2/98FDA denied approval of Ergoset in
Corp.Pharmaceutical collaboration on 11/98, after which Johnson & Johnson
Research InstituteErgoset Tablets (bromo-terminated collaboration (12/98)
and Ortho-McNeilcriptine mesylate; dopa-
Pharmaceutical Inc.mine agonist) and other
(units of Johnsonproducts for treating
& Johnson; NYSE:JNJ)Type II diabetes and
Inex Pharma-Schwarz PharmaTermination of 3/98Drug failed to show benefit in Phase II
ceuticals Corp.AG (Germany)collaboration to developtrial; companies discontinued develop-
(TSE:IEX; Canada)antisense drug INX-3280ment in Europe and North America;
(blocks function of c-mycInex will not continue product develop-
gene) for treating cardio-ment on its own (10/98)
vascular restenosis
Intercardia Inc.Astra Pharma-Termination of 12/95As a result of corporate restructuring at
ceuticals LPagreement on BextraAstra (it bought out Merck's share of Astra
(formerly Astra(bucindolol HCl) forMerck), Astra's product line now includes
Merck Inc.)treating congestive hearta competing product (Toprol-XL); agreement
failure (currently interminated by mutual agreement, due to
Phase III trials)non-compete clause in terms of original
deal; Intercardia regains all rights, material
and information relating to product,
plus termination fee (9/98)
NeoRx Corp.Janssen Termination of 8/97Janssen will terminate agreement at
Pharmaceutica NV collaboration on NeoRx'syear-end 1998, but is currently com-
(Belgium; unit ofradioimmunotherapy prod-pleting Phase II trials in advanced
Johnson & Johnson;uct Avicidin (for treatingcolon and prostate cancer; patients
NYSE:JNJ)solid tumors)exhibited high incidence of unaccept-
able diarrhea; all rights to product and
underlying pretargeting technology
revert to NeoRx, along with all data
generated by study (9/98)
Schwarz Pharma Termination of 4/97 Schwarz ceased product development,
AG (Germany)collaboration on NeoRx'sciting need for more studies with a new
Biostent (combinationcatheter and delays in the project;
drug/device) for treatingNeoRx has no plans to conduct Phase II
restenosis following trials without a partner (11/98)
balloon angioplasty
(Phase I trials completed)
Sonus Pharma-Daiichi Termination of 3/95Daiichi took product through Phase I
ceuticals Inc.Pharmaceutical license agreement ontrials in Japan, completed in 12/97, but
Co. Ltd. (Japan)EchoGen ultrasoundno further clinical development since
contrast agent for intra-that time; Sonus terminated agreement
venous myocardial con-and is seeking another development
trast echocardiographypartner (11/98)
# This chart contains information on modified and terminatedagreements only, covering the time period between 9/23/98 and 12/24/98.It does not include arrangements that are classed strictly as production,marketing and/or distribution agreements, nor does it include any collaborationsthat involve agricultural product development.
For a chart listing new collaborations between biotechcompanies and big pharma for the same time period (9/23/98 ­ 12/24/98),see the 1/4/99 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch.
ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available; TSE = TorontoStock Exchange
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Unless otherwise notes, the trading symbols for publicbiotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stockreport For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 12-13.

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