Biotech Pharma Company Type/Product Area Amount Terms/Details (Month)
Company** (Symbol/Country)
Alexion United States Modification of 8/95 $6.5M U.S. Surgical made additional
Pharmaceuticals Surgical Corp. agreement on trans- (equity; $3M equity investment; U.S.
Inc. (NYSE:USS) genic pig organs for % ND) Surgical gets exclusive license to
human transplants an additional patent application
on method for creating transgenic
livestock; Alexion also transferred
certain xenograft manufacturing as-
sets to U.S. Surgical for $3.5M (10/97)
BioTransplant Novartis Pharma Expansion of 1991 $36M Novartis gets worldwide license
Inc. AG (Switzerland) collaboration in xeno- to mixed bone marrow chimerism
transplantation technol- technology in exchange for license
ogy (which focused on payments, research funding and
gene therapy approaches) milestones totaling $36M; agree-
to include BioTransplant's ment covers 3 additional years;
mixed bone marrow BioTransplant gets royalties and
chimerism approach retains co-promotion rights in
for creating specific North America (10/97)
transplant tolerance
Cephalon Inc. TAP Holdings Inc. Renewal of 5/94 ND The parties expanded this agree-
(U.S.-based joint ven- collaboration on use once, in 7/96; TAP is currently
ture between Abbott of tyrosine kinase conducting Phase I trials of CEP-
Laboratories and inhibitors for treating 2563 and will continue; it will
Takeda Chemical prostate cancer also fund R&D for 1 more year
Industries Ltd.; Japan) (11/97)
CoCensys Inc. Warner-Lambert Renewal and expansion $23.5M Warner-Lambert will make $7M
Co. (NYSE:WLA) of 10/95 agreement on (equity; equity investment and pay $16.5M
subtype-selective % ND) in milestones, as well as royalties;
NMDA receptor antag- collaboration renewed for 2 years;
onists for treating stroke CoCensys retains option to parti-
and other central nervous cipate in U.S. development, com-
system disorders to mercialization and profit-sharing
include AMPA modula- (10/97)
tors (another class of
glutamate receptor)
Cubist Merck & Co. Inc. Expansion of 6/96 ND Cubist will continue to conduct
Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:MRK) collaboration on com- automated screening and lead com-
Inc. pounds that inhibit fun- pound characterization; Merck will
ction of amino acyl-tRNA provide additional research funds
synthases for treating drug- (10/97)
resistant bacteria and fungi
to include 3 more Cubist
drug targets and Merck's
natural products com-
pound library
Gensia Sicor Inc. Sankyo Co. Ltd. Modification of 4/97 $7.3M Gensia Sicor has transferred its
(Japan) collaboration on drugs (8% equity) pharmaceutical R&D business to
for treating Type II its new subsidiary Metabasis; as
diabetes to include pay- part of the original agreement be-
ment to Gensia Sicor's tween Gensia Sicor and Sankyo,
subsidiary Metabasis Sankyo agreed to equity invest-
Therapeutics Inc. ment in Gensia Sicor or its subsid-
iary; Sankyo bought $7.25M
equity in Metabasis Therapeutics
for an 8% stake (12/97)
Gliatech Inc. Janssen Pharma- Extension of 10/94 ND Collaboration was already expanded
ceutica NV collaboration on com- in 1/96, when Janssen increased
(Belgium; subsid- pounds for Alzheimer's research funding and milestones
iary of Johnson & and other neurodegen- by 50%; currently, Janssen will extend
Johnson; NYSE: erative diseases, espec- collaboration for 1 more year and
JNJ) ially drugs that act as has retained rights to extend for an
anti-inflammatories additional year; Janssen will continue
to fund research and pay milestones
at current levels (10/97)
ImClone Systems Merck KGaA Expansion and amend- $65.5M Partners will continue to develop
Inc. (Germany) ment of 12/90 collab- (equity; BEC2 for U.S. and international mar-
oration on therapeutic % ND) kets and will comarket in North
cancer vaccines, espec- America; Merck will continue to have
ially BEC2 anti-idiotypic exclusive rights elsewhere; Merck
vaccine for use in small will fund clinical development world-
cell lung cancer and wide for one indication (partners had
malignant melanoma; been sharing expenses); ImClone
now includes comar- will manufacture product; Merck will
keting agreement pay $15M more in milestones and
will immediately buy $40M in Im-
Clone convertible preferred stock
(ImClone will transfer stock in 4
tranches, up to 25% in 1st 2 years at
conversion rate of $12.50 per share;
the rest converts over 5 years); Merck
will pay $10M for clinical trial costs and
ImClone gets $0.5M signing fee (12/97)
Incyte Monsanto Co. Extension of 9/96 ND Multi-year partnership; Monsanto
Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:MTC) agreement in plant gets non-exclusive access to In-
Inc. genomics to provide cyte's full range of genomic and
Monsanto with a comp- bioinformatic know-how and ser-
rehensive set of Incyte's vices for use by all sectors of its life
genomic technologies sciences business; Incyte could get
future royalties; details ND (10/97)
Incyte Pfizer Inc. Extension of 6/94 ND Pfizer will continue to have access
Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:PFE) genomic database to Incyte's databases, including
Inc. partnership its LifeSeq gene sequence and
expression database as well as
others; details ND (12/97)
Inhale Baxter Inter- Renegotiation of certain ND Companies are renegotiating terms
Therapeutic national Inc. terms of 3/96 collabora- due to increase in overall program
Systems (NYSE:BAX) tion on use of Inhale's scope and cost (10/97)
dry powder pulmonary
delivery system as tech-
nology platform for 4
Baxter compounds
LeukoSite Inc. Warner-Lambert Expansion of Leuko- ND Partners formed multinational
Co. (NYSE:WLA) Site's existing agree- drug discovery alliance and will
and Kyowa Hakko ments with each partner combine resources; research col-
Kogyo Ltd.(Japan) (Warner-Lambert 11/94; laboration complemented by mar-
Kyowa Hakko 4/97) to keting agreements (Kyowa Hakko
discover small molecule is primary marketer in Asia, War-
antagonists that block 4 ner-Lambert in rest of world);
different chemokine recep- LeukoSite gets license fees,
tors in leukocytes as treat- research funding, milestones and
ments for inflammation royalties (11/97)
and autoimmune diseases
Microcide Daiichi Pharma- Extension of 11/95 $3.5M Daiichi will extend collaboration
Pharmaceuticals ceutical Co. Ltd. collaboration on small for 1 more year and will provide
Inc. (Japan) molecule drugs to pre- an extra $3.5M in research support
vent antibiotic resistance (12/97)
in Gram-negative bacter-
ia (by inhibiting efflux
pump mechanisms)
Millennium Pfizer Inc. Expansion of 3/95 ND Pfizer will add additional research
Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:PFE) collaboration on anti- personnel to project; further
Inc. fungal drug targets and details ND (12/97)
leads (which Pfizer init-
iated with ChemGenics
Pharmaceuticals Inc.,
since acquired by Millen-
nium) to include use of
transcript profiling and
ultra-high throughput
screening technologies
NPS SmithKline Extension of 12/93 $8M SmithKline extended agreement
Pharmaceuticals Beecham plc research and license (equity; for up to 3 years, with additional
Inc. (NYSE:SBH; U.K.) agreement on orally % ND) research funding of $2M/year;
active small molecule SmithKline also bought $2M in
drugs to treat osteoporo- stock at premium to market
sis via calcium receptors (0.16M shares at $12.21/each) and
will buy additional equity annual-
ly as long as extension remains in
place; SmithKline will conduct
clinical trials and market products
worldwide; NPS gets royalties;
NPS retains option to co-promote
in U.S. (12/97)
OSI Pfizer Inc. Continued funding of $14.3M Partners will provide Anaderm
Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:PFE) cosmeceuticals joint with $6.65M in committed fund-
Inc. venture Anaderm ing through 1998 and $7.6M
Research Corp. (est- through 1999 (depending on per-
ablished in 1996) formance); OSI will continue to
and addition of more own 14% and Pfizer 82% of
targets in skin pigment- joint venture (12/97)
ation, skin wrinkling
and hair growth
Protein Design Boehringer Reassignment of product ND Boehringer Mannheim returned all
Labs Inc. Mannheim GmbH rights under 10/93 agree- rights to OST 577 and Protovir
(Germany) ment (with Corange Ltd.) on and is terminating Phase II trial of
various human and SMART OST 577 (product gave rise to
antibodies; Boehringer side effects in some patients); Pro-
is returning rights to 2 tein Design is evaluating data and
products (OST 577, a human considering a study combining
anti-hepatitis B antibody; OST 577 and a nucleoside ana-
and Protovir, a human anti- logue; Boehringer is retaining
cytomegalovirus antibody) rights to and continuing develop-
as well as stopping clinical ment of other 2 products; Roche
development of OST 577; Holding is in process of acquiring
Boehringer is retaining rights Corange, Boehringer Mannheim's
and continuing development parent (pending regulatory appro-
of 2 other products (SMART val) (12/97)
anti-L-selectin antibody; and
1 other humanized antibody
for cardiovascular indications)
Sequana Glaxo Wellcome Intention to renegotiate ND Sequana announced this the same
Therapeutics plc (NYSE:GLX; terms of 7/94 alliance day it announced that it was mer-
Inc. U.K.) to identify genes involved ging with Arris Pharmaceutical
in Type II diabetes (ex- Corp.; Sequana and Glaxo will
panded in 2/96 to include renegotiate the terms of their alli-
obesity) ance to enable each to retain rights
to gene discoveries made inde-
pendently and to align collabora-
tion with each party's strategic
needs (11/97)
SIBIA Eli Lilly and Co. Lilly exercised option ND Lilly exercised option for non-
Neurosciences (NYSE:LLY) (granted in 6/95 exten- exclusive worldwide fully paid up
Inc. sion of agreement, which license; Lilly gets right to practice
originally dates from under patent for internal research
5/92) to license SIBIA's purposes only and does not have
patent on instrumentation right to sublicense (11/97)
and assay methods (fluor-
escense, chemilumines-
cence) for high through-
put functional screening
for new drug leads
Synaptic Merck & Co. Inc. 2nd extension of 11/93 ND Merck extended collaboration for
Pharmaceutical (NYSE:MRK) joint research program 1 more year (1st extension was in
Corp. on drugs for treating be- 10/96); specific financial terms ND
nign hyperplasia (by block- (12/97)
ing activation of alpha-1a
adrenergic receptors)
Transcend Boehringer Ingel- Exercise of option under ND Boehringer Ingelheim exercised
Therapeutics heim GmbH 2/97 agreement to devel- its option to develop product in
Inc. (Germany) op Procysteine IV (neutral- Japan, where it will be responsible
izes reactive oxygen spe- for all development and regulatory
cies when drug delivers expenses as well as marketing,
cysteine to cells) for treat- sales and distribution; Transcend
ing acute respiratory dis- gets royalties (12/97)
tress syndrome (currently
in U.S. Phase III clinical trials)
Vical Inc. Merck & Co. Inc. Expansion of 6/91 licens- $23M Merck made $5M equity invest-
(NYSE:MRK) ing agreement on Vical's (equity; ment at premium to market; Vical
naked DNA technology % ND) will get $18M in milestones, plus
to make therapeutic vac- royalties; Vical has certain options
cines for HIV and hepatitis B to co-promote products in U.S.;
virus (HBV) (1991 agreement Merck gets exclusive worldwide
covers use in preventive rights to use technology in therapeu-
vaccines for same viruses) tic vaccines for HIV and HBV (11/97)
Xenova Group Suntory Ltd. Extension of 4/93 ND Agreement extended until mid-
plc (U.K.) (Japan) collaboration on fungal 1998 while Xenova conducts
compounds with immuno- further biological studies on can-
regulatory activity didate compound; Xenova gets a
milestone payment and continued
research funding (11/97)
Agouron F. Hoffmann-La Termination of 6/96 -- Agouron agreed to end collabora-
Pharmaceuticals Roche Ltd. agreement on 2 anti- tion and will discontinue develop-
Inc. (Switzerland) cancer drugs (Thymitaq ment of Thymitaq (interim results
and AG3340, a matrix of Phase II/III trial demonstrated
metalloproteinase that drug was not sufficiently su-
inhibitor) and collab- perior to alternate drugs for liver
oration on early-stage and head/neck cancer); Roche
anticancer drug develop- will make final payment and
ment Agouron will immediately regain all
rights to its anticancer drugs (12/97)
Alliance Hoechst Marion Termination of 3/96 -- Hoechst Marion terminated the
Pharmaceutical Roussel Inc. (sub- licensing and develop- agreement, citing delays in drug
Corp. sidiary of Hoechst ment agreement on development and thus higher over-
A.G.; Germany) LiquiVent (biologically all expenses (12/97)
inert oxygen-carrying
liquid; a.k.a.perflubron )
for treating acute respira-
tory failure (Phase III
trial was halted in 4/97
due to decrease in mor-
tality rate for control group)
Cephalon Inc. SmithKline Beech- Termination of 6/93 -- Collaboration concluded 12/1/97;
am plc (NYSE: collaboration on calpain all rights related to calpain inhib-
SBH; U.K.) inhibitors (protease itors granted under Cephalon pat-
thought to mediate cell ents will revert to Cephalon;
death) as treatments for SmithKline is redirecting its re-
stroke sources to other priorities (11/97)
Cima Labs Inc. Glaxo Wellcome Termination of collab- -- Companies agreed by mutual con-
plc (NYSE:GLX; oration to use Cima's sent to terminate collaboration
U.K.) OraSolv drug delivery (12/97)
technology (microen-
capsulated drug formu-
lated into quick-dissolv-
oral dosage tablet) with
a Glaxo drug product
Hyseq Inc. SmithKline Beech- Conclusion of 10/95 -- Companies have agreed to explore
am Clinical Labor- licensing agreement on ways to commercialize Hyseq's
atories (unit of Hyseq's DNA sequenc- technology; this agreement came
SmithKline Beech- ing-by-hybridization to term and was not renewed
am plc; NYSE: technology for use in (10/97)
SBH; U.K.) diagnostic tests for
certain genetic diseases
Megabios Corp. Pfizer Inc. Termination of 6/96 -- Pfizer decided to discontinue pro-
(NYSE:PFE) collaboration on gene gram with 6 months' notice; there-
therapy products for fore it will continue funding
inhibiting angiogenesis through 5/98 (12/97)
in solid tumors
Protein Polymer Ethicon Inc. Termination of 1994 -- Ethicon declined to proceed with
Technologies (subsidiary of John- R&D collaboration on acceptance of specific product
Inc. son & Johnson; use of genetically engi- formulation for commercial devel-
NYSE:JNJ) neered protein polymers opment; Ethicon relinquishes all
as surgical tissue adhes- rights to technology and has no
ives and sealants for further financial obligations to
wound closure Protein Polymer (12/97)
Techniclone Alpha Therapeutic Techniclone reacquired -- Techniclone will manage further
Corp. Corp. (subsidiary rights to LYM-1 (Oncolym) clinical development of product;
of Green Cross it licensed to Alpha Thera- it will make payments to Alpha
Corp.; Japan) peutic in 10/92 (product based on milestones; Alpha will
is monoclonal antibody transfer all clinical data and other
linked to radioactive isotope information to Techniclone (11/97)
in clinical trials for non-
Hodgkin's B-cell lymphoma)
# This chart contains information on modified and terminated agreements only, covering the time period between 10/1/97 and 12/31/97. It does not include arrangements that are classed strictly as production, marketing and/or distribution agreements, nor does it include any collaborations that involve agricultural product development.
For a chart listing new collaborations between big pharma and biotech companies for the same time period (10/1/97 - 12/31/97), see the 1/19/98 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch.
ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available
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