Company Location Date Amt. (M) Investors
CropDesign NV Ghent, Belgium 8/18 $5 GIMV-Biotech Fund Flanders co-led this
(1st round) financing round, with additional funds
contribed by Sofinnova
Dynavax Berkeley, Calif. 8/3 $16.5 New investors in this Series B financing
Technologies Corp. included Axiom Venture Partners, Banc-
(2nd round) America Ventures and Biotechvest LP;
they were joined by previous investors
Alta Partners, Forward Ventures, Inter-
West Partners and Sanderling Ventures
Genaissance New Haven, Conn. 8/27 $10 Genaissance raised $10M through the place-
Pharmaceuticals Inc. ment of Series A convertible preferred
(1st round) stock with the Biomedicine Group, Dres-
dner Kleinwort Benson, Connecticut
Innovations, Merifin Capital and Winches-
ter Healthcare
The Medicines Co. Cambridge, Mass. 8/31 $36 Morgan Stanley Venture Partners served as
(3rd round) lead investor for this round of financing;
as well, the company's 2 largest share-
holders, E.M. Warburg, Pincus & Co. Inc. and
Biotech Growth SA, bought 36 percent of
the new shares issued; other new investors
included Alta Partners, affiliates of Moore
Capital Management and Credit Suisse
Asset Management; they were joined by
existing investors Hanseatic Corp. and The
Medicines Co.'s management; BancAmerica
Robertson Stephens acted as the placement
Pangaea Cambridge, Mass. 8/11 $4.7 Lombard Odier Cie led this financing
Pharmaceuticals Inc. round; seed investor Walden Group and
(3rd round) European Medical Ventures also partici-
pated in the financing
RTP Pharma Inc. Montreal 8/6 $3.5 The company raised $3.5M from EGS Part-
(5th round) ners and Credit Agricole
Vinifera Inc. Portland, Ore. 8/3 $1.8 Vinifera, a majority-owned subsidiary of
(other) Agritope Inc., sold 0.9M shares of common
stock to its minority shareholders for
$1.8M; in conjunction with the financing,
Agritope exchanged $4M of working cap-
ital loans for 2M shares of Vinifera com-
mon stock, increasing its equity stake
from 61 percent to 64 percent
ViroLogic Inc. South San Francisco 8/26 $12.6 ViroLogic raised $12.6M by selling pre-
(2nd round) ferred stock to new investor Biotech
Growth SA (a subsidiary of BB Biotech
AG) as well as current shareholders
The Capital Group and Soros Fund Manage-
XTL Biopharma- Rehovot, Israel 8/24 $10.1 New investors in this private placement
ceuticals Ltd. included Biotechvest, Goldman Sachs and
(5th round) Nomura International; they were joined
by current shareholders Medica and Bio-
technology Investments Ltd. (Rothschild)
Company Partner Amt. Triggering Details (Date)
(Symbol) (Symbol; Country) (M) Event
Diatide Inc. Nycomed Amersham $2 Submission The companies signed a marketing agree-
(DITI) plc (U.K.) of NDA ment in 8/95 that covers Diatide's Tech-
for NeoTect Tides (peptide-based imaging agents);
Diatide submitted an NDA for NeoTect
(a lung cancer imaging product) in 6/98,
for which it received the $2M milestone
payment (8/24)
Medarex Inc. Merck KGaA $1.2 Clinical The companies signed an agreement in
(MEDX) (Germany) progress 4/94 to collaborate on the development of
of MDX-477 Medarex's MDX-477 bispecific antibody for
certain cancers; the product now is
entering Phase II trials in head and neck
cancer, triggering a $1.2M equity invest-
ment (0.192M shares of Medarex common
stock) by Merck KGaA (8/27)
Regeneron Sumitomo Pharma- $5 License The companies signed an R&D agreement
Pharmaceuticals Inc. ceuticals Co. Ltd. agreement to develop Regeneron's brain-derived
(REGN) (Japan) for BDNF neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in Japan in
in Japan 6/94; in 8/98, Sumitomo licensed the prod-
uct for use in Japan, paying Regeneron
$5M as the initial fee (8/24)
There were no PIPE/Reg. S financings in August.