Biotech Pharma Company Type/Product Area Amount Terms/Details (Month)
Company** (Symbol/Country)
Abgenix Inc. Schering-Plough Collaborative research ND Schering-Plough has option to
(subsidiary of Research Institute agreement; use of Abgenix's enter research and license agree-
Cell Genesys Inc.) (unit of Schering- XenoMouse technology ment under which Abgenix would
Plough Corp.; to generate fully human get additional research and mile-
NYSE:SGP) monoclonal antibodies to stone payments as well as royalties
an undisclosed Schering- (2/98)
Plough target antigen
Advanced Polymer Pharmacia & Agreement to use ND Pharmacia & Upjohn will fund all
Systems Inc. Upjohn Inc. Advanced Polymer's product development, conduct
(NYSE:PNU; U.K.) Microsponge system to clinical trials and commercialize
develop a topical formula- product worldwide; Advanced
tion of one of Pharmacia Polymer gets R&D funds, license
& Upjohn's therapeutics fees, milestones and royalties (1/98)
Alkermes Inc. The R.W. Johnson Agreement to develop $30M Alkermes gets $30M in develop-
Pharmaceutical injectable, sustained- ment funds and milestones; John-
Research Institute release formulation of son & Johnson gets worldwide
(unit of Johnson erythropoietin via commercial rights; Alkermes gets
& Johnson; NYSE:JNJ) Alkermes' ProLease milestones; Alkermes will manu-
drug delivery technology; facture commercial product; John-
product for use in non- son & Johnson will conduct clini-
dialysis indications to cal trials and get regulatory appro-
restore blood cell levels vals (1/98)
in kidney patients
Alza Corp. Janssen Pharma- Collaborative agreement ND Alza will fund product develop-
ceutica NV to use Alza's E-Trans ment for next 2 years; Janssen has
(Belgium; unit drug delivery technology limited option to fund development
of Johnson & (uses electric current to after that point; if it exercises option,
Johnson; NYSE:JNJ) administer drug through Janssen will market product and
the skin) with a fentanyl Alza will share profits in U.S. and
drug product for get royalties elsewhere; Alza has
treating chronic pain right to copromote in U.S.; if Janssen
does not exercise option, Alza retains
all rights to develop and commercial-
ize product worldwide (1/98)
Bio-Technology Swiss Serum and Development and ND Agreement covers scale-up and
General Corp. Vaccine Institute licensing agreement on optimization of vaccine manufac-
(Switzerland) Bio-Technology Gen- turing process as well as clinical
eral's 3rd-generation development, registration and
recombinant hepatitis marketing of product; companies
B virus vaccine (viral also will develop combination
surface antigens S, vaccines; Swiss Serum will buy
pre-S1 and pre-S2 vaccine from Bio-Technology
expressed in mamma- General and distribute in western
lian cells) Europe, Latin America and other
countries; Bio-Technology General
gets milestones and royalties (2/98)
Cantab Kaketsuken Research and option ND Kaketsuken will fund research at
Pharmaceuticals (Japan) agreement to develop Cantab for 2 years in return for
plc (U.K.) Cantab's DISC VSV option to license all product rights
virus (genetically for Japan and certain other Asian
disabled live Varicella territories; once research phase is
zoster virus) as pro- completed, parties will form devel-
phylactic vaccine for opment and marketing agreement,
chickenpox and shingles under which Cantab will get license
and milestone fees and royalties and
retain marketing and sublicensing
rights for rest of world (1/98)
Chiron Corp. Pharmacia & Strategic collaboration ND Chiron gets up-front payment;
Upjohn Inc. to identify small mole- companies will contribute equal
(NYSE:PNU; U.K.) cule inhibitors of resources and funding for all
hepatitis C virus (HCV) phases of product development;
companies will share worldwide
marketing rights; Chiron will pro-
vide its scientific expertise on
HCV and nonexclusive rights to
all HCV targets covered by its
patents and patent applications
Chiroscience Bristol-Myers Research and licensing ND 3-year agreement; Bristol-Myers
Group plc (U.K.) Squibb Co. agreements on use of gets worldwide license on D2163
(NYSE:BMY) matrix metalloproteinase and D1927; Chiroscience gets
(MMP) inhibitors for access fees, research funds, mile-
treating cancer; includes stone payments and royalties;
Chiroscience's 2nd-gen- Bristol-Myers gets all rights to new
eration oral compounds and jointly selected MMP inhib-
D2163 (currently in U.K. itors that are developed for oncol-
Phase I trials) and D1927; ogy; Chiroscience retains rights
also covers discovery of in all other therapeutic areas (2/98)
new MMP inhibitors via
Chiroscience's gene
expression technology
Chrysalis OrthoLogic Corp. Option on license for $0.8M OrthoLogic acquired minority
BioTechnology (NASDAQ:OLGC) Chrysalis' synthetic (equity; equity stake in Chrysalis for $0.75M;
Inc.* 23-amino-acid-peptide % ND) OrthoLogic has 9-month option on
chrysalin for orthopedic worldwide exclusive license to ortho-
applications, initially pedic applications of chrysalin; Ortho-
for healing of fractures Logic can continue and expand option
contingent on preclinical results;
OrthoLogic will fund R&D, mile-
stones and clinical trials (1/98)
Chrysalis Pfizer Inc. Genomics-based trans- ND Chrysalis will use its high-capacity
International Corp. (NYSE:PFE) genic research contract transgenic animal capabilities to
and its wholly owned and collaboration to identify and validate new thera-
subsidiary, identify and validate new peutic targets from genetic data
Chrysalis DNX therapeutic targets for 2 generated by Pfizer's genomics
Transgenic major disease categories initiative; Pfizer will fund research
Sciences via Chrysalis' transgenic for 2 years (1/98)
mouse and rat lines
CytoMed Inc.* UCB Pharma Research collaboration ND UCB will fund joint research pro-
(division of UCB on therapeutics for gram; further details ND (3/98)
Group; Belgium) major inflammatory
diseases (via small
molecules that modulate
specific anti-inflam-
matory activities)
deCode Genetics F. Hoffmann- Collaboration to dis- $200M 5-year collaboration; deCode gets
Inc.* (Iceland) La Roche Ltd. cover disease genes (equity; up to $200M (including equity
(Switzerland) for use in therapeutics % ND) investment, research funds and
and diagnostics; use of milestone payments); Roche gets
Icelandic population data- rights to develop small molecule
base to discover genes drugs and drugs based on gene
that predispose people products as well as diagnostics;
to developing 12 deCode retains rights to gene and
common diseases antisense therapies (2/98)
(4 cardiovascular; 4
4 metabolic); collab-
oration also includes
DepoMed Inc. The R.W. Johnson Research collaboration ND ND (3/98)
Pharmaceutical on use of DepoMed's
Research Institute Gastric Retention Sys-
(unit of Johnson & tem (orally administered,
Johnson; NYSE:JNJ) controlled-release system)
with a Johnson & Johnson
Elan Novartis Pharma- Development and $18M Elan will reformulate Novartis'
Pharmaceutical ceuticals Corp. licensing agreement on drug and test its pharmacokinetics
Technologies (unit of Novartis use of Elan's extended- in human trials; Novartis will con-
(division of Elan AG; Switzerland) release drug delivery duct all other clinical trials and
Corp. plc; Ireland) technology with a product registrations; Elan gets
Novartis prescription development and licensing fees of
drug (not disclosed) $18M total, as well as royalties;
Elan will manufacture product for
Novartis and gets manufacturing
fees (1/98)
Solvay Pharma- Agreement on use of ND Elan will develop new dosage
ceuticals Inc. Elan's extended-release formulation of Luvox; Solvay will
(member of drug delivery technology conduct all clinical trials and pro-
The Solvay Group; with Solvay's prescrip- duct registrations; Elan gets dev-
Belgium) tion drug Luvox (flu- elopment and licensing fees as
voxamine; a selective well as milestones; Elan will manu-
serotonin reuptake facture new formulation and gets
inhibitor for treating manufacturing fees; Elan also gets
obsessive compulsive royalties (2/98)
disorder and depression)
Epix Medical Inc. Mallinckrodt Inc. Collaboration to improve ND Companies will develop hardware
(NYSE:MKG) and and expand capabilities and software to be used with Epix's
General Electric of magnetic resonance MS-325 injectable contrast agent;
Medical Systems imaging for diagnosing financial details ND (1/98)
(NYSE:GE) coronary artery disease
and peripheral vascular
Ergo Science The R.W. Johnson Collaboration to $40M Ergo gets $10M license fee plus
Corp. Pharmaceutical develop Ergoset (equity; $10M equity investment; Ergo
Research Institute (bromocriptine mes- % ND) also gets $20M on FDA approval
and Ortho-McNeil ylate, dopamine agonist) of Ergoset for Type II diabetes;
Pharmaceutical Inc. and other products as companies will share equally costs
(units of Johnson treatments for Type II of developing and commercializ-
& Johnson; NYSE:JNJ) diabetes and obesity ing Ergoset and other products;
(NDA accepted for they also will share profits equally;
filing 10/97) Ergo gets royalties on sales outside
U.S.; Ergo gets additional mile-
stones for other products; agree-
ment subject to antitrust consider-
ations (2/98)
Gene Logic Inc. NV Organon (unit Gene expression data- ND 3-year agreement; Organon gets
of Akzo Nobel; base alliance; use of nonexclusive access to database
the Netherlands) Gene Logic's Normal and bioinformatics system for use
database (reference set in its internal drug discovery pro-
of quantitative gene gram; Gene Logic also will con-
expression profiles in struct gene expression database
mouse, rat and human exclusively for Organon; Organon
tissues) and its bio- responsible for worldwide devel-
informatics system for opment and commercialization of
analysis and integration therapeutics; Gene Logic retains
of gene expression data rights to diagnostics and certain
therapeutics; Gene Logic gets
research funds, license fees, mile-
stones and royalties (1/98)
Genentech Inc. Dako A/S Agreement to develop ND Dako gets license to develop
(Denmark) in vitro diagnostic kit immunohistochemical diagnostic
for screening breast kit; Genentech gets royalties;
cancer patients for further details ND (3/98)
overexpression of
HER2 (growth factor
receptor) and to identify
their potential eligibility
to be treated with
Herceptin (humanized
anti-HER2 monoclonal
antibody; Phase III trials
Genentech Inc. Pharmacia & Development and $35M Pharmacia & Upjohn gets exclu-
Upjohn Inc. licensing agreement on sive worldwide rights to TPO;
(NYSE:PNU; U.K.) Genentech's thrombo- companies will jointly develop
poietin (TPO) for treat- product; Genentech will manufac-
ing thrombocytopenia ture product for development
in cancer patients work and commercialization;
receiving chemotherapy Pharmacia & Upjohn will fund
and in stem cell trans- future development costs and pay
plants (currently in $35M in license fees through
Phase II trials) 2000 (including initial $12M fee);
if product approved for market-
ing, Genentech gets final transfer
payment and royalties; Genentech
will conduct clinical trials in myelo-
ablative therapy; Pharmacia &
Upjohn will conduct clinical trials
for all other indications (1/98)
Genzyme Merck & Co. Inc. License agreement on $8M Merck gets nonexclusive rights to
Molecular (NYSE:MRK) Genzyme Molecular's cancer assay methods; Genzyme
Oncology methods for screening Molecular gets up-front payment
(division of small molecule com- and $8M in milestones, as well as
Genzyme Corp.) pounds that inhibit royalties on sales of any thera-
binding of cancer- peutic products (2/98)
related protein MDM2
to the p53 protein
(binding prevents p53
from activating genes
that control cell
Schering-Plough Research and option $80M Schering-Plough has option to
Corp. (NYSE:SGP) agreement; use of exclusively license Genzyme Mol-
Genzyme Molecular's ecular's gene delivery systems for
lipid gene delivery use with 6 of its genes; if it exer-
systems with several of cises option, Genzyme Molecular
Schering-Plough's genes, gets license fees, research funding
including p53 tumor and milestones totaling $80M;
suppressor gene, to Genzyme Molecular gets $7M
develop gene therapy over next year for research on p53
products gene therapy product (1st of 6
genes); Genzyme Molecular also
gets royalties on sales (1/98)
Immusol Inc.* Pfizer Inc. Genomic-based research ND Immusol will design specific
(NYSE:PFE) collaboration to validate ribozymes for each candidate gene
therapeutic targets in target sequence of Pfizer; further
Pfizer's pipeline via details ND (3/98)
Immusol's hairpin
ribozyme technology
and in vivo assay model
to determine gene func-
tion in human cell lines
Inhale Therapeutic Eli Lilly and Co. Collaboration on use $20M Inhale gets $20M in R&D funds
Systems (NYSE:LLY) of Inhale's deep-lung and milestones; Lilly gets world-
delivery system for wide rights to formulated drug;
macromolecules to Inhale gets royalties; Inhale will
formulate an unspeci- manufacture packaged powders
fied protein drug for for and supply inhalation devices
Lilly to Lilly; Lilly responsible for clini-
cal trials, product registration and
marketing (1/98)
Integra Johnson & Johnson Strategic alliance on $12M Integra gets $12M in milestones;
LifeSciences Corp. Professional Inc. an absorbable, collagen- Johnson & Johnson will fund all
(subsidiary of based implant (combined development costs beyond pre-
Johnson & Johnson; with an RGD peptide) for clinical stage; Integra will manu-
NYSE:JNJ) repairing and regenerating facture product; Johnson & John-
articular cartilage son will develop arthroscopic
instrumentation to be used in
surgeries; Johnson & Johnson gets
worldwide marketing rights (2/98)
Intercardia Inc. Opocrin SpA Letter of intent to ND Intercardia will get worldwide
(Italy) license OP2000 (an license except in Japan and
oligosaccharide product South Korea; Intercardia will
derived from heparin conduct clinical trials; Opocrin
with antithrombotic and will get $1M on signing of defin-
anti-inflammatory pro- itive agreement (3/98)
perties) for treating
inflammatory bowel
Ligand SmithKline Collaboration on small $9M SmithKline will buy 0.27M shares
Pharmaceuticals Beecham plc molecule drugs that (equity; Ligand common stock for $5M
Inc. (NYSE:SBH; U.K.) modulate signaling % ND) ($18.22/share, premium to market)
pathway controlled by and will also pay $1M for a 5-
leptin; use of Ligand's year warrant to buy 0.15M shares
STATS technology at $20/each; SmithKline will buy
(signal transduction and more stock on achievement of one
activator of transcription) specific milestone and will pay
to develop oral drugs cash for subsequent milestones;
for treating or prevent- SmithKline gets exclusive world-
ing obesity wide rights to products; Ligand
gets royalties; subject to anti-
trust considerations (3/98)
Magainin Ambalal Sarabhai Memorandum of under- ND Magainin will license applicable
Pharmaceuticals Enterprises Ltd. standing to form a joint technology to the joint venture and
Inc. (India) venture in India to provide technical assistance;
develop and commer- Sarabhai will conduct and fund all
cialize certain magainin development and commercializa-
peptide compounds tion activities for the joint venture;
(including Cytolex Magainin and Sarabhai will share
[a.k.a. MSI-78]) for profits equally (1/98)
treating infection in
diabetic foot ulcers as
well as other indications
Medarex Inc. Schering AG Research collaboration $9M Medarex gets R&D payments,
(Germany) and license agreement; license fee and milestones totaling
use of Medarex' HuMAb- $9M, plus royalties (2/98)
mouse technology to
make fully human mono-
clonal antibodies to a
Schering antigen
Molecular Rhone-Poulenc DNA microarray tech- ND Rhone-Poulenc Rorer will provide
Dynamics Inc. Rorer Inc. (sub- nology access agreement; funding and technical expertise;
and Amersham sidiary of Rhone- collaboration for contin- it gains early access to integrated
Pharmacia Poulenc SA; NYSE: ued development of new microarray systems; further details
Biotech (Sweden) RP; France) microarray technologies ND (1/98)
NanoSystems Boehringer Development, license ND NanoSystems gets up-front license
LLC* Ingelheim GmbH and supply agreement; fee, milestone payments and
(Germany) use of NanoCrystal royalties; further terms ND (2/98)
technology (improves
delivery of poorly
water-soluble drugs)
for undisclosed com-
pound for respiratory
Oncor Inc. Becton Dickinson Licensing agreement ND Oncor gets license fees, research
& Co. (NYSE:BD) for Oncor's Sunrise funding, milestones and royalties
Detection System; to (3/98)
be used in conjunction
with Becton's Strand
Displacement Ampli-
fication technology
in kits for infectious
disease detection
OncorMed Inc. Schering-Plough OncorMed will provide ND OncorMed will analyze patient
Research Institute p53 pharmacogenomic samples (to identify those with
(unit of Schering- services for Schering- missing or defective p53 gene) for
Plough Corp.; Plough's clinical trials Schering-Plough's clinical trials;
NYSE:SGP) of its rAd/p53 cancer OncorMed also will provide se-
gene therapy (to ascertain quencing and other services (1/98)
p53 status of prospective
clinical trial subjects)
Oxford Asymmetry Bayer AG Development of lead $26M 2-year collaboration; Bayer will
International plc (Germany) discovery libraries of screen Oxford's libraries for leads;
(LSE:OAI; U.K.) new chemical entities Oxford gets $14.6M over 2 years,
(via Oxford's combi- plus $11.4M in milestones for
natorial chemistry) as each product that completes clini-
product candidates for cal trials; Oxford also gets royal-
Bayer's pharmaceutical, ties (2/98)
animal health and crop
protection businesses
Oxford Biomedica Rhone-Poulenc Feasibility study on ND ND (1/98)
plc (LSE:OXB; U.K.) Rorer Inc. (sub- use of Oxford's lenti-
sidiary of Rhone- viral vector systems
Poulenc SA; NYSE: in Rhone-Poulenc
RP; France) Rorer's functional
genomics program (to
transfer genes to certain
non-dividing tissues)
PowderJect Glaxo Wellcome Collaboration, develop- $321M Glaxo gets exclusive worldwide
Pharmaceuticals plc (NYSE:GLX; U.K.) ment, license and option (7.7% rights to use PowderJect technol-
plc (U.K.) agreement on DNA vac- equity) ogy to commercialize prophylac-
cines using PowderJect tic HBV vaccine and options
technology (includes pro- on others; Glaxo will take over
phylactic hepatitis B development of prophylactic HBV
virus (HBV) DNA vac- vaccine, for which it will pay $4M
cine, HBV and HIV DNA license fee; Glaxo also will buy
vaccines, DNA vaccines $20M of equity (4.9M shares for
for 2 infectious diseases a 7.71% stake) and pay another
and others); technology $297M in milestones, research
based on DNA-coated funding and license fees as it exer-
gold particles delivered cises its options on the other vac-
via needleless injection cines; Glaxo will be responsible
(prophylactic HBV for all vaccine development and
vaccine in clinical trials) commercialization; PowderJect
gets royalties; PowderJect will
manufacture and supply its device;
5-year agreement subject to anti-
trust considerations (3/98)
Progenics Roche Discovery Collaboration on orally ND Roche gets exclusive worldwide
Pharmaceuticals Welwyn (U.K.; active drugs that target license to Progenics' HIV co-
Inc. member of The HIV coreceptors CCR5 receptor technology; Progenics
Roche Group; and CD4 (required for gets up-front and milestone pay-
Switzerland) fusion and infection of ments, research funding for 3
immune cells) years and royalties (1/98)
Protein Design Eli Lilly and Co. Collaborative agree- $15M Protein Design got $3M in initial
Labs Inc. (NYSE:LLY) ment on antibiotics fee and gets annual research fund-
for treating certain ing of $2.4M for 5 years; Protein
bacterial infections, Design also gets milestones and
including those caused royalties; Lilly gets exclusive
by antibiotic-resistant worldwide rights to gene targets
strains; use of high- and human pharmaceutical and
throughput screens related diagnostic products directed
and combinatorial to 7 specific genera of bacteria;
chemistry to identify Protein Design retains rights to
bacterial genes that targets and compounds related to
are differentially ex- other bacteria, viruses and fungi;
pressed during infection parties will negotiate copromotion
rights in U.S. and Canada (1/98)
RiboGene Inc.* Dainippon Collaboration on anti- $8M Dainippon gets exclusive world-
Pharmaceutical bacterial compounds (equity; wide rights to develop and market
Co. Ltd. (Japan) that inhibit or interfere % ND) products; RiboGene gets $2M
with protein translation annually for 3 years to fund
in pathogenic bacteria research; Dainippon also will buy
(will use 2 of Ribo- $2M in RiboGene equity; Ribo-
Gene's principal bacterial Gene gets milestone payments for
targets) each compound, as well as royal-
ties; RiboGene has right to copro-
mote products in Europe and U.S.;
RiboGene retains rights to its
other bacterial targets (1/98)
Sepracor Inc. Janssen Pharma- Collaboration and ND Companies will jointly fund prod-
ceutica NV license agreement on uct development; Janssen has op-
(Belgium; unit 3rd-generation non- tion to acquire certain rights in U.S.
of Johnson & sedating antihistamine and elsewhere; if exercised, com-
Johnson; NYSE:JNJ) norastemizole (for treat- panies will share equally costs and
ing seasonal allergic profits of further development;
rhinitis) Sepracor retains rights to copro-
mote in U.S.; Janssen has rights
elsewhere (2/98)
Sequenom* Bruker-Franzen Collaborative agree- ND Bruker-Franzen will upgrade the
Analytik GmbH ment to develop high- hardware and software interfaces
(Germany) speed mass spectrometer of its instruments to enable them
dedicated to process to process Sequenom's Spectro-
Sequenom's Spectro- Chips exclusively (1/98)
Chips for DNA analysis
(functional microarrays)
Signal DuPont Merck Collaboration on drugs $25M 3-year collaboration; DuPont will
Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Co. for hepatitis C and (equity; provide research funding, and up-front
Inc.* (partnership between HIV infection; use of % ND) and milestone payments; DuPont
the DuPont Co. Signal's high-throughput will buy equity stake in Signal's
[NYSE:DD] and screening assays to IPO; Signal will screen for and
Merck & Co. Inc. identify virus-specific identify leads; DuPont will opti-
[NYSE:MRK]) gene-regulating targets mize leads, and develop and mar-
ket products; Signal gets royalties
Nippon Kayaku Collaboration to ND Nippon will provide research fund-
Co. Ltd. (Japan) develop Nippon's small ing to Signal for 1st 2 years and
molecule nerve growth will continue to conduct animal
factor mimetic as a drug pharmacology studies; Signal will
for treating peripheral optimize compound prior to clin-
neuropathies; use of ical trials via combinatorial chem-
Signal's human neuronal istry and neuronal cell lines; com-
cell lines to optimize panies will co-develop product and
compound and character- share marketing rights worldwide
ize its mode of action except Japan (2/98)
Synaptic Glaxo Wellcome Licensing agreement $2M Synaptic had already licensed
Pharmaceutical plc (NYSE:GLX; U.K.) for certain of Synaptic's these rights to Merck & Co. under
Corp. alpha adrenergic receptor an 11/93 agreement; thus Merck
patents and functional- had to approve the transaction
use patents for treating with Glaxo; Glaxo gets non-exclu-
benign prostatic hyper- sive license to receptor patents;
plasia Synaptic got $2M up front and will
get additional payment if Merck
exercises option on nonexclusive
license to functional-use patents
(option expires 5/22/99); Synaptic
gets milestones under certain con-
ditions and royalties (3/98)
Grunethal GmbH Cooperative agreement ND Grunethal will conduct preclinical
(Germany) to develop drugs for and clinical studies; Synaptic
treating pain via retains manufacturing and market-
Synaptic's cloned human ing rights in U.S., Canada and
receptor-targeted drug Mexico; Grunethal has those rights
design technology and in Europe and Central and South
Grunethal's pain model America; companies will share
systems; initial focus rights elsewhere; companies are
on alpha-2 adrenergic each responsible for own expenses
receptors during research phase and will
share equally all costs through
Phase II trials (1/98)
Synt:em* Laboratoires Research collaboration ND Servier will develop and market
(France) Servier (France) on vectorization of anti- products; Synt:em gets milestone
cancer molecules using payments; further details ND
Synt:em's Pep:trans (2/98)
technology (enables
creation of peptidic
vectors able to cross
cell membranes, thus
internalizing drugs into
cancer cells)
Therion Biologics Pasteur Merieux Collaboration to $25M Cross-licensing agreement; Pasteur
Corp.* Connaught develop live recom- (equity; gets exclusive rights to certain of
(Canada; member binant pox virus % ND) Therion's therapeutic cancer vac-
of the Rhone- vector-based thera- cines; Therion gets access to cer-
Poulenc Group) peutic vaccines for tain of Pasteur's pox virus vector
and its affiliate colorectal and lung technologies; Pasteur gets exclu-
Virogenetics cancer and melanoma sive worldwide rights to Therion's
Corp.* therapeutic melanoma vaccines
and carcinoembryonic antigen
(CEA)-based therapeutic vaccines;
Therion gets $25M in milestones;
Pasteur made initial equity invest-
ment in Therion (1/98)
Transgene SA Schering-Plough Research collaboration $88M 5-year collaboration; Schering-
(France) Corp. (NYSE:SGP) and license agreement; Plough gets rights to existing and
use of Transgene's future adenoviral gene technology
adenoviral gene delivery for use with p53 gene; Schering-
systems with Schering- Plough has option to license Trans-
Plough's p53 tumor gene's adenoviral systems for up
suppressor gene (and to 5 additional genes; Transgene
several other genes) to gets $8M in initial license fees; if
develop gene therapy Schering-Plough exercises options
products for all 6 genes, Transgene gets
$88M (licensing fees, research
funding, milestones); Transgene
also gets royalties (2/98)
Triangle Bukwang Pharma- Licensing of L-FMAU $6M Triangle licensed rights to product
Pharmaceuticals ceuticals Ind. Co. (a pyrimidine nucleo- for all human antiviral applications
Inc. Ltd. (South Korea) side analogue intended worldwide except in Korea; Bukwang
for treating hepatitis B gets up-front fee of $6M, milestone
infection) payments and royalties (2/98)
Vanguard Medica Stiefel R&D collaboration $8M Vanguard responsible for clinical
Group plc (U.K.) Laboratories Inc.* on VML 262 as a development through Phase II, at
topical treatment for which point Stiefel will take over
psoriasis (compound was clinical trials (which it will fund);
originally isolated from Stiefel gets product rights in Euro-
marigolds and is now pean Union and Latin America;
chemically synthesized; Stiefel will reimburse some of
Phase II trials initiated Vanguard's preclinical develop-
2/98) ment costs; Vanguard will get $8M
in milestones over 4-5 years, as
well as royalties (3/98)
Xenova Group plc Eli Lilly and Co. R&D collaboration on $35M Xenova and MetaXen will get
(U.K.) and its sub- (NYSE:LLY) small molecule inhib- $35M in license fees, research
sidiary, MetaXen LLC itors of plasminogen funding and milestones, as well as
activator inhibitor royalties; Lilly gets exclusive
(PAI-1) from Xenova's worldwide rights to PAI-1 inhibit-
natural products library ors and related technology for use
as antithrombotic drugs in cardiovascular medicine; Meta-
for chronic use Xen will conduct preclinical work;
Lilly responsible for clinical trials
and product registrations as well
as marketing (2/98)
# This chart contains information on new agreements only, covering the time between 1/1/98 and 3/24/98. It does not include arrangements that are classified strictly as production, manufacturing, marketing and/or distribution and supply agreements; a chart covering these arrangements will appear in the 4/13/98 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch.
A chart covering modified agreements and terminated agreements between big pharma and biotech companies for the same time period (1/1/98 3/24/98) also will appear in the 4/13/98 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch.
ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available; LSE = London Stock Exchange
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 15-16.