Biotech Co.** (Country) Pharma Co. (Symbol/Country) Type/Product Area Amount Terms/Details (Month)
Allelix Neuroscience Inc. (subsidiary of Allelix Biopharmaceuticals Inc.;Canada) Janssen Pharmaceutica NV (Belgium; unit of Johnson & Johnson; NYSE:JNJ) Research collaboration; use of Allelix's glycine re-uptake inhibitor technology (targets GlyT-1 gene) to develop drugs for neuropsychiatric disorders, especially schizophrenia $6M (equity; % ND) Allelix gets US$4M up front, US$2M as cash license fee, research funds for 2 years, milestones and royalties; Johnson & Johnson Development Corp. will buy US$2M in convertible preferred stock (already owns 1.6% stake prior to this); Janssen has option to extend agreement; Janssen has worldwide marketing rights but Allelix gets option to co-promote in Canada (prices converted at a rate of C$1.55/US$1) (11/98)
Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Canada) C.R. Bard Inc. (NYSE:BCR) License and development agreement; use of Angiotech's paclitaxel and related compounds for perivascular treatment of restenosis associated with vascular surgery $19.4M Angiotech gets total of US$19.4M in up-front license fees and milestones, plus royalties; both companies will fund product development; Bard and its subsidiary IMPRA Inc. get exclusive worldwide license (prices converted at rate of C$1.55/US$1) (12/98)
Antigenics LLC* Sigma-Tau (Italy) Collaboration; clinical trials on Antigenics' heat shock protein vaccines (HSPPC-96 is in Phase II trial for melanoma and colorectal cancer) ND Sigma-Tau will conduct clinical trials in Italy and will provide logistical and financial support; further details ND (10/98)
ArQule Inc. The R.W. Johnson Collaboration; use of ND 4-year agreement; Johnson gets sub-
Pharmaceutical ArQule's Mapping Array scription to Mapping Array program for
Research Institute program (small-molecule which it pays annual fees; ArQule will
(unit of Johnson compound libraries) to deliver 1.1M compounds over 4 years;
& Johnson; discover lead compounds Johnson gets non-exclusive license to
NYSE:JNJ) in various therapeutic areas ArQule's process of designing and
manufacturing arrays; ArQule gets mile-
stones and royalties (12/98)
Axys Pharma- Rhone-Poulenc Research collaboration $80M 2-year collaboration, which Rhone-Pou-
ceuticals Inc. Rorer Inc. (sub- on small molecule thera- lenc can extend for additional 2 years;
sidiary of Rhone- peutics that inhibit Rhone-Poulenc gets exclusive rights to
Poulenc SA; cathepsin S (cysteine products for treating respiratory dis-
NYSE:RP; France) protease associated with eases, atherosclerosis and rheumatoid
inflammation), initally arthritis; Axys gets $80M in research
for treating asthma funds, license fees and milestones, as
well as royalties (12/98)
BioChem Pharma SmithKline Rsearch collaboration on ND Initial period of joint development to be
Inc. (Canada) Biologicals SA BioChem's influenza funded by both parties; companies will
(Belgium; unit of vaccine technologies, collaborate to market products in U.S.;
SmithKline including cell-derived SmithKline gets exclusive license else-
Beecham plc; injectable and nasal where; SmithKline will manufacture for
NYSE:SBH; U.K.) delivery technologies markets worldwide except Canada,
(including Light-Biovector where BioChem retains all exclusive
system licensed from rights; BioChem gets up-front and mile-
Biovector Therapeutics SA) stone payments (12/98)
Cambridge Bayer Corp. (unit Research collaboration on $26M Bayer responsible for all development
NeuroScience Inc. of Bayer AG; Cambridge Neuro's recom- costs, including reimbursement of
Germany) binant glial growth factor Cambridge Neuro's research costs;
2 (stimulates re-myelination Bayer gets exclusive worldwide manu-
of nerve cells) for treating facturing and marketing rights; Cam-
neurodegenerative diseases, bridge Neuro gets $26M in cash and
including multiple sclerosis milestones, as well as royalties; compa-
nies have already worked together (for
1 year) to develop manufacturing pro-
cess for product (12/98)
Cell Genesys Inc. Japan Tobacco Collaboration on selected $152.7M Companies will share equally both pro-
Inc. (Japan) products from Cell Gene- duct development costs and profits; Cell
sys' GVAX cancer vaccine Genesys gets marketing rights in North
program (gene therapy, both America; Japan Tobacco gets rights in
autologous and allogeneic Japan, Taiwan and Korea; companies
approaches to treating will share equally Europe and rest of
tumor cells ex vivo with world; Cell Genesys gets $12.7M on
granulocyte macrophage- signing, $2.5M at 1-year anniversary,
colony stimulating factor to $27.5M in R & D funds over 1st 3 years
stimulate immune response; and $80M in milestones through regula-
currently in Phase I/II trials tory approvals of 2 products; Cell Gene-
for prostate cancer, lung sys also gets $30M loan to cover its
cancer and melanoma); costs for Phase III trials; companies will
collaboration's initial focus also support ongoing clinical trial in
on 2 targets (prostate cancer Japan of GVAX for kidney cancer; if
and an unidentified target) parties agree to proceed with develop-
ment of this product, Cell Genesys gets
reimbursed for R & D plus other non-
specified payments; of $152.7M total
funds, Cell Genesys gets $45M during
1st 2 years (12/98)
Chiroscience Penwest Pharma- Collaboration to develop ND 3-year agreement; both companies will
Group plc (U.K.) ceuticals Co. controlled-release oral fund R & D and will share profits
(NASDAQ:PPCO) formulations of drug equally; Chiroscience will perform
isomers chemical, preclinical and clinical
development; Penwest will perform
pharmacokinetic analysis and product
formulation (12/98)
Cima Labs Inc. Organon (unit of Development and license ND Cima will develop product in exchange
Akzo Nobel NV; option agreement; develop- for option and development fees; Org-
the Netherlands) ment of OraSolv fast-dis- anon gets license option (12/98)
solve formulation of one of
Organon's prescription drugs
Cistron Biotech- Pasteur Merieux Collaboration and option $32.9M Pasteur Merieux has 3-year option to
nology Inc. (OTC Connaught (unit agreement on use of (equity; acquire exclusive license to technology;
Bulletin Board:CIST) of Rhone-Poulenc Cistron's interleukin-1 % ND) Pasteur Merieux will pay $0.9M over
Group; NYSE:RP; beta as adjuvant for thera- 3 years to fund R & D; if it exercises
France) peutic and preventative option, Cistron gets $31M in milestones,
vaccines plus royalties; Pasteur Merieux also
paid $1M total for 1.33M shares Cistron
common stock and warrants to buy
0.67M shares at $0.25 per share (10/98)
Compugen Ltd.* Parke-Davis Bioinformatics collabor- ND 3-year agreement; details ND (11/98)
(Israel) (division of ation; use of Compugen's
Warner-Lambert LEAD bioinformatics
Co.; NYSE:WLA) technology to identify
drug targets based on
analysis of expressed
sequence tags and genomic
Cortech Inc. (OTC United Product development and ND Cortech gets up-front license fee of
Bulletin Board: Therapeutics license agreement on $0.25M; United Therapeutics will fund
CRTQ) Corp.* Cortech's elastase inhibitor all future product development; Cortech
CE-1037 for treating gets milestones and royalties (11/98)
emphysema and other
CuraGen Corp. Glaxo Wellcome Pharmacogenomics-based $48M 5-year collaboration; Curagen gets
plc (NYSE:GLX; collaboration; use of Cura- $2.75M annually plus milestones and
U.K.) Gen's GeneCalling and Seq- royalties; CuraGen will evaluate var-
Calling technologies to eval- ious compounds across Glaxo's thera-
uate activity of undisclosed peutics areas and identify gene respon-
Glaxo drug candidates in pre- ses associated with toxicity and efficacy
clinical studies in animals (11/98)
to guide selection of drug
candidates for human trials
(gene expression profiling)
Cytel Corp. Japan Tobacco Technology agreements on ND Cytel gets exclusive rights to enzymes;
Inc. and Marukin 2 enzymes for use in Japan Tobacco will supply technology
Shoyu Co. Ltd. Cytel's carbohydrate syn- for making particular bacterial enzyme;
(both Japan) thesis technology Cytel has 3-year option to evaluate and
take out exclusive worldwide license;
Japan Tobacco retains right to use
enzyme for its own purposes; Cytel also
gets exclusive worldwide rights to
Marukin's enzyme and will pay Maru-
kin fees and royalties (10/98)
Dendreon Corp.* Kirin Brewery Co. Collaboration; develop- ND Kirin gets exclusive marketing rights in
Ltd. (Japan) ment of therapeutics based (includes Japan and other Asian and Oceanic
on Dendreon's dendritic equity) countries; companies will co-commer-
cell technology; also, cialize some products in Europe; Kirin
research agreement to made equity investment in Dendreon
jointly develop dendritic and will buy more equity in Dendreon's
cells as products per se IPO; Kirin has option to license den-
dritic cell products; Dendreon gets
signing fee, milestones and royalties;
Dendreon gets option for exclusive
license to products developed by Kirin
based on technology, which it would
market in North America (12/98)
Diatide Inc. Merck & Co. Inc. License agreement on ND Diatide gets non-exclusive license to
(NYSE:MRK) Merck's technology (not develop, manufacture and market pro-
described) for use in ducts covered by Merck's patent (12/98)
Diatide's pulmonary
imaging product P748
(currently in Phase II
trials for imaging pul-
monary embolisms)
Dura Pharma- Eli Lilly and Co. Collaboration; use of ND Dura gets up-front payment, research
ceuticals Inc. (NYSE:LLY) Dura's Spiros pulmonary funds and milestones; Dura also gets
drug delivery technology manufacturing fees and royalties; Lilly
for insulin products gets worldwide marketing rights (9/98)
(powder for inhalation)
Elan Corp. plc Medi-Ject Corp. License agreement on ND Medi-Ject gets exclusive license; separ-
(Ireland) (NASDAQ:MEDJ) Elan's injectable drug ately, Elan invested $1M in Medi-Ject
delivery technology in exchange for preferred stock and
warrants (11/98)
Endocyte Inc.* Rhone-Poulenc Research collaboration; $40M Rhone-Poulenc Rorer gets exclusive
Rorer Inc. (sub- use of Endocyte's vitamin- license for use of folate receptors for
sidiary of Rhone- based vector technology delivery of oncology gene therapies;
Poulenc SA; for systemic delivery of it has 2-year option to expand scope of
NYSE:RP; France) gene therapies for cancer; license to include other vitamin-receptor
initially focus on use of patents; Endocyte gets $40M in license
folate (folic acid) receptors fees, R & D funding and milestones
EnzyMed Inc.* Merck & Co. Inc. Research collaboration; ND EnzyMed gets up-front fee, milestones
(NYSE:MRK) use of EnzyMed's combi- and royalties; details ND (12/98)
natorial biocatalysis tech-
nology to optimize certain
of Merck's compounds
Genetronics Ethicon Inc. Licensing and supply $21M Johnson & Johnson Development Corp.
Biomedical Ltd. (unit of Johnson agreement on Genetronics' (equity; will buy $6M in stock at market;
& Johnson; electroporation for delivery % ND) Genetronics gets $15M up-front license
NYSE:JNJ) of chemotherapeutic drugs fee, milestones and percent of net sales;
to solid tumors Ethicon gets worldwide exclusive rights
to technology; Ethicon will help develop
and test system in clinic; Ethicon will
conduct regulatory activities worldwide
except in Canada, where Genetronics
retains rights (10/98)
Genome Pharma- Byk Gulden Research collaboration; $30M 5-year collaboration; Byk Gulden will
ceuticals Corp. AG* (subsidiary of use of Genome Pharma- fund 3 specific research projects;
(Germany) Altana AG; ceuticals' functional Genome Pharmaceuticals gets up-
Germany) genomics technology to front payment and milestones for all
discover genomic targets targets accepted by Byk Gulden; it also
for controlling infections gets success fees on commercialization;
caused by Helicobacter Genome Pharmaceuticals can use tar-
pylori and Chlamydia gets not accepted by Byk Gulden as
pneumoniae basis for other partnerships (12/98)
Genome Hoechst Marion License agreement on ND Hoechst Marion gets exclusive access to
Therapeutics Corp. Roussel Inc. Genome Therapeutics' database; Genome Therapeutics gets
(subsidiary of microbial sequence data- annual subscription fees and royalties
Hoechst AG; base PathoGenome on any small molecule products;
Germany) Genome Therapeutics retains certain
rights for use of genes or gene products
Genset SA Pharmacia & Pharmacogenomics ND 2-year agreement; Genset gets research
(France) Upjohn Inc. collaboration; use of fees, milestones and royalties; it also
(NYSE:PNU; U.K.) Genset's high resolution gets royalties on 2nd-generation com-
bi-allelic marker map to pounds based on genes identified;
identify genetic markers financial terms ND (10/98)
in patients involved in
clinical study of a Pharma-
cia & Upjohn drug (i.e.,
responders and non-
Genzyme Molecular Schering-Plough License agreement on $40M This is separate agreement from 1/98
Oncology Corp. (NYSE:SGP) Genzyme Molecular's research alliance; Genzyme Molecular
p53 gene therapy rights gets $5M up-front fee and $35M in
patent, development and sales mile-
stones, as well as royalties; Schering-
Plough gets worldwide license on use
of p53 gene in gene therapy products;
Genzyme Molecular retains rights in
areas outside gene therapy (diagnostics,
therapeutics) (10/98)
Hyseq Inc. Kirin Brewery Co. Gene discovery collabor- $3M Companies will co-develop and co-mar-
Ltd. (Japan) ation; use of Hyseq's ket products; Hyseq gets $3M for 1st
gene discovery platform phase of collaboration; Hyseq retains
to target genes involved in rights to 100% of North American pro-
cell growth regulation from fits and will pay milestones and royal-
specific cell lines of Kirin's ties to Kirin; Kirin has rights in Asia
and Oceania; companies will share
profits equally from sales in Europe and
rest of world; 2-year alliance (10/98)
Icos Corp. Eli Lilly and Co. Formation of joint venture $75M Lilly will fund 50/50 joint venture for 1st
(NYSE:LLY) to develop and market 3 years, after which companies will con-
phosphodiesterase type 5 tribute equally; Icos will contribute intel-
(PDE5) inhibitors as oral lectual property and research plaform
therapeutics for male and associated with IC 351; Icos gets $75M in
female sexual dysfunction up-front payment and milestones; joint
(IC 351 currently in Phase venture will market products in North
II trials for male erectile America and Europe; Lilly will market else-
dysfunction) where and pay royalties to Icos (10/98)
Igen International Bristol-Myers Rights to Igen's Origen ND Bristol-Myers will purchase Origen
Inc. Squibb Co. high-throughput drug dis- system and get a pre-launch production
(NYSE:BMY) covery system (based on model; further details ND (10/98)
Schering-Plough Rights to Igen's Origen ND Schering-Plough will purchase Origen
Corp. (NYSE:SGP) high-throughput drug dis- system and get a pre-launch production
covery system (based on model; further details ND (11/98)
ImClone Systems Merck KGaA Collaboration on ImClone's $90M This is 2nd collaboration between
Inc. (Germany) chimeric monoclonal (equity; companies; Merck gets exclusive rights
antibody C225 (inhibits no great- to drug outside North America, except
epidermal growth factor er than in Japan, where partners will co-develop;
receptor) for treating 19.9%) ImClone retains rights in North America;
various solid tumors ImClone gets $30M in up-front fees and
(about to enter Phase early cash-based milestones, $30M in late-
III trials) stage, equity-based milestones (but not
more than 19.9% total equity stake) and
$30M in credit line to build commercial
manufacturing facility; Merck will fund
clinical development outside North
America; ImClone will develop product
exclusively in North America; ImClone
gets royalties on Merck's sales (12/98)
Incyte Pharma- Schering-Plough Broad genomic data ND Schering-Plough gets access to data
ceuticals Inc. Corp. (NYSE:SGP) collaboration; use of from Incyte's custom and pre-fabricated
Incyte's microarray tech- DNA microarrays; Incyte gets technol-
nology and databases ogy access and per-array fees; multi-
(including LifeSeq and year collaboration; financial terms ND
LifeSeq FL) in Schering- (10/98)
Plough's research programs
Isis Pharma- Zeneca Pharma- Research collaboration on $40M 3-year collaboration; Isis will create
ceuticals Inc. ceuticals (unit of antisense-based drugs for product candidates; companies will
Zeneca Group treating cancer; initial focus jointly screen these for undisclosed
plc; NYSE:ZEN; on 2 unidentified molecular targets; Zeneca responsible for product
U.K.) targets development; Isis gets $40M, composed
of technology access fee, annual
research funds and milestones, as well
as royalties; Zeneca gets exclusive
worldwide rights to drugs; collaboration
is extendable into additional targets in
cancer and other therapeutic areas
Kosan The R.W. Johnson Research and license ND Kosan gets up-front payment, multi-year
Biosciences Inc.* Pharmaceutical agreement; use of Kosan's research funding, milestones and royal-
Research Institute combinatorial biosynthesis ties; Johnson & Johnson companies
and Ortho-McNeil technology to make macro- get worldwide rights to antibacterial
Pharmaceutical lide antibiotics (generates products; Research Institute responsible
Inc. (both Johnson analogues of bioactive for product development; Ortho will
& Johnson com- natural products via genetic- market in U.S.; other Johnson & John-
panies; NYSE:JNJ) ally engineered biosynthetic son companies will market elsewhere
pathways) (10/98)
Matrix Pharma- Hoechst Marion License agreement on ND Matrix will pay Hoechst Marion license
ceutical Inc. Roussel Inc. Hoechst Marion Roussel's fee; milestones and royalties; Matrix
(subsidiary of anticancer agent FMdC gets worldwide license, except in Japan
Hoechst AG; (nucleoside analogue that (9/98)
Germany) inhibits DNA replication
and cell division; completed
Phase I trials)
Medarex Inc. Novartis Pharma License agreement on $50M Novartis licensed worldwide rights to
AG (Switzerland) Medarex's HuMAb-Mouse (equity; use technology company-wide to make
technology for making % ND) antibodies to unlimited number of
fully human monoclonal targets over 10 years; Medarex gets
antibodies technology access fees, license fees and
milestones of $50M; Medarex also gets
royalties; Novartis made initial payment
of $2M (in equity), and will buy $1M
additional equity after 1 year and $3M
in equity after 5 years (11/98)
Medical Science Glaxo Wellcome Development and license ND ND (12/98)
Systems Inc. plc (NYSE:GLX; agreement; use of Medical
U.K.) Science's BioFusion tech-
nology to develop computer
model for new compound
screening (computer-based
simulation models of
complex biological systems)
MedImmune Inc. Pasteur Merieux License agreement; use of ND Pasteur Merieux gets exclusive world-
Connaught (unit MedImmune's decorin- wide rights to technology; MedImmune
of Rhone-Poulenc binding protein technology gets milestones and royalties; further
Group; NYSE:RP; to develop 2nd-generation details ND (12/98)
France) vaccine for prevention of
Lyme disease
Millennium Phar- Bayer AG Broad, genomics-based $465M Bayer gets access to genomics-based
maceuticals Inc. (Germany) drug discovery alliance; (14% targets for drug development over 5
use of Millennium's tech- equity) years; Millennium can develop targets
nologies in genetics, geno- not chosen by Bayer; Millennium will
mics, automation and bio- identify and validate targets and will
informatics to supply share responsibility with Bayer for
225 new drug targets to making screening assays; Bayer respon-
Bayer in areas of cardio- sible for high-throughput screening;
vascular disease, cancer, Millennium gets total of $465M, up to
osteoporosis, pain, liver $368.4M of which is guaranteed fund-
fibrosis, hematology and ing and performance fees for identified
viral infections targets plus license fees for use of
(production-oriented Millennium's genomics technology; the
approach to move compounds remaining $96.6M is equity investment
from discovery to clinic) (4.69M shares or 14% stake); Millen-
nium received $130M ($96.6M for
equity, $33.4M unfront license fee) on
11/11/98; companies will share respon-
sibility for qualifying and developing
lead compounds; Bayer gets worldwide
rights to market small molecule drugs
it chooses to develop from leads;
Millennium gets royalties; Millennium
retains rights to use information genera-
ted to develop therapeutics and diag-
nostics (9/98)
MitoKor Inc.* Pfizer Inc. Research collaboration; ND MitoKor will identify molecular targets
(NYSE:PFE) identification of multiple (includes that will be screened for drug candi-
molecular targets and drug equity) dates; companies will work together to
candidates (based on mito- identify development candidates;
chondrial dysfunction) for Pfizer will make up-front cash payment
treating neurodegenerative and buy equity in MitoKor; MitoKor
diseases also gets additional cash and equity on
milestones; Pfizer will fund R & D;
specific terms ND (11/98)
Molecular Simula- Bayer AG Bayer joined Molecular ND ND (11/98)
tions Inc. (wholly (Germany) Simulations' Polymer
owned subsidiary of 2000 and pharmaceutical
Pharmacopeia Inc.) development consortia
(application of compu-
tational chemistry to
pharmaceutical develop-
ment and formulation)
Molecumetics Ltd. Choongwae License and supply agree- ND 2-year agreement; Choongwae will
(subsidiary of Pharma Corp. ment on certain key chemi- synthesize and deliver compounds to
Tredegar Indus- (South Korea) cal intermediates for synthe- Molecumetics; it will also perform in
tries; NYSE:TG) sis of compounds using Mo- vitro and in vivo testing of oral tryptase
lecumetics' SMART library inhibitors that will be jointly developed;
technology; also, research Choongwae gets rights to inhibitors in
collaboration on oral tryptase certain Asian countries; Molecumetics
inhibitors for treating asthma, retains rights in all other countries
inflammatory bowel disease (12/98)
and psoriasis
Myriad Genetics Monsanto Co. Research collaboration; use $15M 12-15 month collaboration; Myriad gets
Inc. (NYSE:MTC) of Myriad's protein interac- $15M total, including up-front payment,
tion database ProNet to un- option payments, license fees and mile-
derstand biochemical path- stones; Myriad also gets royalties;
ways of major diseases (Pro- Monsanto gets option to extend research
Net identifies human proteins program for additional disease targets;
and links them into specific further details ND (11/98)
pathways); initial focus on 2
specific diseases (undisclosed)
Schering AG Research collaboration; $51M 5-year collaboration; Myriad gets $20M
(Germany) use of Myriad's protein up-front and option to co-promote all
interaction database ProNet new therapeutics in North America, in
to understand biochemical which case Myriad will get 50% of profits;
pathways of major diseases if Myriad doesn't exercise option, it
(ProNet identifies human gets "substantial" royalties; Myriad can
proteins and links them exercise co-promotion option by paying
into specific pathways) 50% of drug development costs; total
$51M to Myriad also includes license and
subscription fees and milestones (10/98)
Neoprobe Corp. CIS-US Inc. (sub- Letter of intent to license ND CIS will be exclusive supplier of radio-
sidiary of CIS- CIS' I-125-MIBG drug labeled drug to Neoprobe in its licensed
Biointernational; for use in intraoperative territory (not identified) (12/98)
France) detection of neuroblastoma
NetGenics Inc.* American Home Collaboration; use of ND 4-year agreement; NetGenics will pro-
Products Corp. NetGenics' Synergy vide enterprise-wide infrastructure for
(NYSE:AHP) application framework and drug discovery within American Home's
software engineering divisions; financial terms ND (10/98)
services to integrate and
enhance American Home's
bioinformatics, genomics
and drug discovery programs
Neurocrine Medtronic Inc. Clinical collaboration; evalu- ND Companies will collaborate to evaluate
Biosciences Inc. (NYSE:MDT) ation of Neurocrine's drug combined system in the clinic; further
NBI-3001 (interleukin-4 Pseu- details ND (11/98)
` domonas exotoxin fusion
protein), delivered directly
into brain via Medtronics'
implantable infusion pump
(SynchroMed) for treating
malignant brain tumors
Octagen Corp.* Beaufour Ipsen Collaboration; use of ND Beaufour made equity investment in
(France) Octagen's 2nd-generation (includes Octagen and will pay up-front fee, R&D
genetically engineered equity) funding, milestones and royalties;
Factor VIII for therapies Beaufour gets exclusive worldwide
for hemophilia license on any products (10/98)
Oravax Inc. (OTC Pasteur Merieux Co-development agree- $23.5M Pasteur Merieux gets exclusive world-
Bulletin Board: Connaught (unit ment on vaccine for wide license; Oravax will develop
ORVX) of Rhone-Poulenc Dengue fever (mosquito- vaccine through Phase I trials, after
Group; NYSE:RP; born disease caused by which Pasteur Merieux will take over
France) any of 4 related viruses); development, manufacturing, marketing
use of Oravax's Chimeri- and sales; OraVax got initial fee of $1M
Vax platform technology and also gets R & D funds ($6M over
that uses yellow fever 17D next 12 months), milestones ($16.5M)
vaccine virus as vector for and royalties; Pasteur Merieux has
genes of related viruses option to negotiate separate agreement
to license Oravax's Japanese encephali-
tis vaccine worldwide except Korea; in
exchange, Pasteur Merieux will fund
development and Phase I clinical trial
of encephalitis vaccine (12/98)
Oxford Asymmetry The Ares-Serono Combinatorial chemistry $4.6M 2-year agreement; Oxford will supply
International plc Group collaboration; use of libraries for use in Ares-Serono's
(LSE:OAI; U.K.) (Switzerland) Oxford's chemical com- Geneva and Boston labs; Oxford gets
pound libraries in Ares- $4.6M over 2 years and additional
Serono's drug lead payments for each product that is
discovery programs commercialized (prices converted at
a rate of £0.59/US$1) (10/98)
Oxford BioMedica RPR Gencell Collaboration and license $17.9M RPR Gencell gets exclusive worldwide
plc (AIM:OXB; U.K.) (division of agreement on Oxford's (equity; license; Oxford gets at least $1M in
Rhone-Poulenc Hypoxia Response % ND) research funds over 1st 2 years; RPR
Rorer Inc.; sub- Element (control element will buy 1.5M shares at $0.34 each (at
sidiary of Rhone- that switches genes on/off 100% premium) for $0.51M; RPR will
Poulenc SA; in response to oxygen buy more stock ($16.4M total at 10%
NYSE:RP; France) levels) for use in Gencell's premium) to pay for milestones; Ox-
cardiovascular gene ford will develop screens for small mol-
therapy products ecule therapeutics; Oxford also gets
royalties (prices converted at a rate of
£0.59/US$1) (12/98)
PathoGenesis Bristol-Myers License agreement on $4M Pathogenesis gets exclusive worldwide
Corp. Squibb Co. Bristol-Myers' antibiotic license in exchange for initial payment
(NYSE:BMY) drug candidate (PA-1806; of $4M; it will also pay milestones and
monobactam) for treating royalties to Bristol-Myers (10/98)
various bacteria that cause
chronic lung infections; to
be delivered via inhalation
Pangea Systems Bristol-Myers License agreement on ND ND (9/98)
Inc.* Squibb Co. Pangea's computational
(NYSE:BMY) algorithms for clustering
and alignment of expressed
sequence tags within large
databases; for use in
Bristol-Myer's genomics
Monsanto Co. License agreement on ND ND (11/98)
(NYSE:MTC) Pangea's computational
algorithms for clustering
and alignment of expressed
sequence tags within large
databases; for use in
Monsanto's life sciences
genomics research (agri-
cultural and pharmaceutical)
Pharmacopeia Inc. Schering AG Multi-target screening $64M Chemical optimization of active com-
(Germany) agreement; use of Pharma- pounds identified via high-throughput
copeia's multi-million screening may be performed by either
small compound library to company; Pharmacopeia gets $64M in
screen multiple targets R & D payments and milestones, plus
chosen by Schering royalties (10/98)
Schering-Plough Research collaboration; $60M This is 2nd new collaboration between
Corp. (NYSE:SGP) use of Pharmacopeia's the parties; Pharmacopeia gets $60M
combinatorial libraries in research funds over 5 years; it also
for discovering and gets milestones and royalties; Pharma-
optimizing lead drug copeia will create combinatorial librar-
candidates against targets ies for use by Schering-Plough; Pharma-
chosen by Schering-Plough copeia will also design an entire discov-
ery program around Schering-Plough's
targets; further details ND (11/98)
PPD Discovery Rhone-Poulenc Functional genomics $30M 4-year agreement; Rhone-Poulenc will
(subsidiary of Phar- Rorer Inc. (sub- collaboration; use of PPD's fund R & D; Rhone-Poulenc gets world-
maceutical Product sidiary of Rhone- GSX System (isolates fun- wide rights to therapeutics developed
Development Inc.) Poulenc SA; ctional inhibitors, or gene- from gene targets; PPD gets worldwide
NYSE:RP; France) tic suppressor elements, of rights to diagnostic uses, including
any gene) to identify human pharmacogenomics; PPD also gets
gene targets in oncology, rights to develop therapeutics for targets
inflammation, cardiovascular not chosen by Rhone-Poulenc, on which
diseases and central nervous Rhone-Poulenc has 1st option on
system disorders license; Rhone-Poulenc gets non-exclu-
sive license to GSX technology; PPD
and Rhone-Poulenc will pay each other
milestones and royalties on each other's
products; PPD gets $20-$30M if targets
in 2 of 4 therapeutic areas are identified
and validated (12/98)
Proteome Sciences Rhone-Poulenc Research collaboration; ND 2-year agreement; Rhone-Poulenc
plc (AIM:PRM; U.K.) Rorer Inc. (sub- use of proteomics to Rorer will fund research and retains all
sidiary of Rhone- identify differentially rights to therapeutic uses for heart
Poulenc SA; regulated proteins in failing disease and heart failure; Proteome
NYSE:RP; France) myocardium (cardiovascular retains all rights to diagnostics; Proto-
disease) ome and Harefield Hospital (U.K.) get
royalties for therapeutics (9/98)
Sangamo Bio- Bayer Corp. Research collaboration; ND Bayer gets specific GeneTools to evalu-
Sciences Inc.* (unit of Bayer AG; use of Sangamo's Universal ate; companies may enter into broader
Germany) GeneTools (rationally agreement; details ND (12/98)
designed zinc finger DNA
recognition proteins that
selectively recognize and
regulate any target gene or
DNA sequence) to identify
and validate gene targets
for drug discovery
Pfizer Inc. Research collaboration; ND Pfizer will provide funding in exchange
(NYSE:PFE) use of Sangamo's Universal for use of Sangamo's technology;
GeneTools (rationally financial terms ND (9/98)
designed zinc finger DNA
recognition proteins that
selectively recognize and
regulate any target gene or
DNA sequence) to validate
gene targets for drug discovery
SmithKline Research collaboration; ND ND (10/98)
Beecham plc use of Sangamo's Universal
(NYSE:SBH; U.K.) GeneTools (rationally
designed zinc finger DNA
recognition proteins that
selectively recognize and
regulate any target gene or
DNA sequence) in Smith-
Kline's transgenic mouse
systems for validating gene
Zeneca Pharma- Research collaboration; ND Zeneca will provide funding to San-
ceuticals (unit of use of Sangamo's Universal gamo in exchange for use of technol-
Zeneca Group GeneTools (rationally ogy; further details ND (11/98)
plc; NYSE:ZEN; designed zinc finger DNA
U.K.) recognition proteins that
selectively recognize and
regulate any target gene or
DNA sequence) to identify
and validate gene targets
for drug discovery
Sepracor Inc. Eli Lilly and Co. License agreement on $90M Lilly gets exclusive worldwide license;
(NYSE:LLY) Sepracor's single-isomer Sepracor gets up-front milestone pay-
version of fluoxetine ment and license fee of $20M total, plus
(active ingredient in $70M in additional milestones and
Prozac) for treating royalties; Lilly gets rights for all uses
depression (currently in and indications; Lilly responsible for
U.S. Phase I trials) all subsequent product development,
regulatory submissions, manufacturing,
marketing and sales (12/98)
SkyePharma plc Novartis Pharma Collaboration; use of Skye- $10.1M Companies will jointly develop new formu-
(U.K.) AG (Switzerland) Pharma's multi-dose dry (2% lation; SkyePharma responsible for finished
powder inhaler device to equity) formulation, including manufacturing;
make new formulation of Novartis will pay technology access fee,
long-acting bronchodilator development costs and milestones; Novartis
Foradil (beta-agonist for also bought $10.1M in equity (8.6M shares
treating asthma) at $1.174 each; at 13% premium) for 2% stake;
Novartis gets exclusive worldwide rights;
SkyePharma gets royalties (prices
converted at rate of £0.59/US$1) (11/98)
Supratek Pharma RPR Gencell Collaboration; use of ND RPR Gencell will fund feasibility study
Inc.* (Canada) (division of Supratek's biotransport of Supratek's system and gets option on
Rhone-Poulenc carrier technology (gene exclusive license (11/98)
Rorer Inc.; sub- delivery system) for certain
sidiary of Rhone- of RPR Gencell's cardio-
Poulenc SA; vascular projects
Targeted Genetics Medeva plc Research collaboration $54M Targeted Genetics gets $54M, comprised
Corp. (NYSE:MDV; U.K.) on Targeted Genetics' (equity; of $5M license fees, $19M in milestones,
tgAAV-CF gene therapy % ND) $3M in equity investment, $2M loan and
product for treating $15M research funding over 3 years; it also
cystic fibrosis (uses adeno- has option under certain conditions to get
associated virus to deliver another loan of $10M for building manu-
normal CFTR gene) facturing facility for product; Medeva will
fund clinical and regulatory costs;
Targeted Genetics will manage U.S. clinical
trials through Phase I and may manage
Phase IIs; Medeva will manage all
other trials; Medeva will buy product
from Targeted Genetics under long-term
supply agreement (11/98)
TerraGen Diversity Schering-Plough Collaboration; use of ND TerraGen will generate and screen
Inc.* (Canada) Research Institute TerraGen's combinatorial libraries of traditionally inaccessible
(unit of Schering- biosynthesis technology microbial compounds; TerraGen gets
Plough Corp.; to discover anti-infective annual R & D funds, milestones and
NYSE:SGP) compounds derived from royalties; Schering-Plough responsible
unculturable, environ- for product development; TerraGen
mental microorganisms retains rights to its libraries; parties
will jointly patent chemical structures
of lead compounds (12/98)
Tularik Inc.* Knoll AG Collaboration on drugs ND 3-year agreement; Tularik gets R&D
(Germany) that act on regulatory funds, milestones and royalties; Knoll
targets in energy metabol- responsible for all product development
ism pathways, for treating (preclinical through regulatory clear-
obesity ance); Knoll gets worldwide marketing
rights, except in Asia; Knoll has option
of expanding collaboration to include
additional targets in obesity (12/98)
Trega Biosciences Parke-Davis Research collaboration ND This new agreement supercedes the 5/97
Inc. (division of on Trega's Chem.Folio agreement between the companies; Parke-
Warner-Lambert (combinatorial chemistry Davis will buy $1.5M of Trega's combina-
Co.; NYSE:WLA) libraries) for use in Parke- torial libraries on nonexclusive basis; as
Davis' drug discovery a result, it will not buy Trega stock (per the
programs 1997 agreement); further details ND (12/98)
Visible Genetics Organon Teknika License agreement on ND Visible Genetics gets right to sell
Inc. (Canada) (subsidiary of Organon's Boom tech- nucleic acid extraction kits based on
Akzo Nobel NV; nology (method for Boom technology (10/98)
the Netherlands) extracting RNA and DNA
from plasma and RNA
from other bodily fluids)
# This chart contains information on new agreements, covering the time between 9/23/98 and 12/24/98. It does not include arrangements that are classified strictly as production, manufacturing, marketing and/or distribution and supply agreements; a chart covering these arrangements will appear in the 1/11/99 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch. The chart above also does not include any collaborations that involve agricultural product development (which are covered periodically in this publication).
A chart covering modified agreements and terminated agreements between big pharma and biotech companies for the same time period (9/23/98-12/24/98) will also appear in the 1/1/99 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch.
AIM = Alternative Investment Market (U.K.); LSE = London Stock Exchange; ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 17-18.