Biotech Pharma Type/Product Amount Terms/Details
Company** Company Area (Month)
(Country) (Symbol/
Acacia Bio- Bristol-Myers Compound profiling ND Bristol-Myers licensed technology
sciences Inc.* Squibb Co. agreement; use of and will make upfront payment
(NYSE:BMY) Acacia's Genome for technology evaluation on a
Reporter Matrix to limited number of potential thera-
profile small mole- peutic compounds; further details
cules against multiple ND (4/98)
disease pathways
(identifies changes in
gene expression in
presence of drug)
Affymetrix Inc. Roche Molecular Joint development of ND Affymetrix will manufacture
Systems Inc. (mem- diagnostic tests that GeneChip probe arrays for both
ber of the Roche combine Affymetrix's R & D and commercial phases of
Group; Switzerland) GeneChip DNA probe collaboration; Roche Molecular
array technology with responsible for worldwide clinical
Roche's PCR gene development, regulatory approvals
amplification technol- and marketing; Roche Molecular
ogy; initial focus will will develop instrumentation to
be diagnostic kits for support higher throughput use of
testing HIV drug GeneChip products; Affymetrix
resistance as well as will sell GeneChip arrays to Roche
p53 gene assays for Molecular; companies will share
cancer staging equally a defined percentage of
sales (4/98)
Amrad Corp. SmithKline Agreement to develop ND SmithKline has option to license
(ASX:AML; Beecham plc Amrad's vaccine for vaccine pending successful com-
Australia) (NYSE:SBH; U.K.) rotavirus infection pletion of current clinical trial;
(causes acute gastro- if it exercises option, SmithKline
enteritis in children) will take over further product
development and commercialize it
worldwide; Amrad gets milestones
and royalties (4/98)
Aradigm Corp. Novo Nordisk A/S Agreement to jointly $50M Novo Nordisk gets option to
(NYSE:NVO; develop pulmonary (2.6% develop technology for delivery
Denmark) delivery system for equity) of compounds in 2 other thera-
insulin (based on peutic areas outside diabetes;
Aradigm's AERx Aradigm got $4M upfront in cash;
system) and to eval- Novo bought 0.3M newly issued
uate its use in deliv- shares for $5M (25% premium to
ering other compounds market) and will buy another $5M
for regulating blood in equity in future; Aradigm could
glucose levels in get $36M in milestones; Novo will
diabetes fund all development costs and
both companies will fund final
development of AERx diabetes
system; Novo has exclusive world-
wide marketing rights; Aradigm
will initially manufacture products
and gets a share of profits (6/98)
Axys Pharma- Roche Bioscience Functional genomics ND Roche Bioscience will provide set
ceuticals Inc. (division of Roche alliance; use of nema- of genes to which Axys will apply
Holding Ltd.; tode Caenorhabditis its functional genomics platform;
Switzerland) elegans as animal Axys gets upfront fee and R & D
model system to eval- funds; Roche Bioscience has
uate function of genes option to license discovered targets
that may serve as drug for further development of diag-
targets for therapies nostic and antisense products; if
for pain and other it exercises option, Axys gets
peripheral nervous license fees, milestones and royal-
system disorders ties; Axys retains rights to develop
gene therapy and therapeutic pro-
tein products acting on targets;
agreement for 15 months, but
expandable to 24 months (6/98)
BioChem Pharma SmithKline Heads of agreement ND Final agreement should be signed
Inc. (Canada) Beecham Biologi- to develop BioChem by 3Q:98; BioChem Pharma will
cals SA (Belgium; Pharma's influenza get upfront and milestone pay-
unit of SmithKline vaccines (cell-culture- ments starting 2Q:98; BioChem
Beecham plc; derived injectable and retains exclusive rights in Canada;
NYSE:SBH; U.K.) nasal formulations and SmithKline gets exclusive rights
egg-derived nasal formu- in Europe and rest of world, where
lation) (injectable cell- it will manufacture and market
derived vaccine now products and share profits; comp-
completing Phase II/III anies will form joint venture in
Canadian trials; nasal U.S. to which all rights will be
cell-derived vaccine in transferred; SmithKline will mar-
Phase I trials) ket in U.S. and companies will
share profits (6/98)
Caliper Tech- Hewlett-Packard Agreement to jointly $100M Companies together will invest
nologies Corp.* Co. (NYSE:HWP) develop 1st-generation $20M over next year to develop
lab-on-a-chip technol- miniaturized instruments and then
ogy (uses liquid inte- $80M over following 4 years to
grated circuitry to create further develop and commercial-
chemical processing ize technology; Hewlett-Packard
systems on a micro- will develop instrumentation;
chip) Caliper will design, develop and
manufacture chip (5/98)
ChemTrak Inc. Pfizer Inc. Contract research; $2.4M Pfizer will pay $0.4M quarterly
(NYSE:PFE) ChemTrak will develop over next 18 months for test devel-
disposable, quantitative opment; ChemTrak will be exclu-
fingerstick whole blood sive manufacturer of test (which
test for one of Pfizer's uses its AccuMeter technology)
drugs in development (6/98)
Connetics Corp. Suntory Pharma- Development, supply $14M Suntory will pay $1.6M license
ceuticals (division and commercialization fee and $12.4M in development
of Suntory Ltd.; agreement on ConXn milestones (including in U.S.);
Japan) (recombinant human Suntory responsible for all dev-
relaxin-H2) for treating elopment and commercialization
scleroderma expenses in Japan; Connetics gets
royalties; Suntory will buy ConXn
materials from Connetics; Con-
nectics retains rights to all other
indications in Japan and all ex-
Japan rights on product (4/98)
Gene Logic Inc. SmithKline Bioinformatics collaboration; ND SmithKline licensed OPM system
Beecham plc licensing of Gene Logic's and software tools; Gene Logic
(NYSE:SBH; U.K.) Object Protocol Model retains right to license software
(OPM)-based bioinformatics and products developed under
system to develop series collaboration to 3rd parties; Gene
of customized data bases for Logic gets licensing fees and
integrating public and funding; financial terms ND (5/98)
proprietary genomic and
biological data sources into
SmithKline's data mining
Gensia Sicor Inc. Asta Medica AG Joint development ND Companies will co-promote pro-
(Germany) of depot formulations duct in North America; further
of undisclosed peptides details ND (5/98)
as cancer therapies
(long-acting drug
GenVec Inc. Asahi Chemical Licensing agreement ND GenVec licensed U.S. rights to
(IPO pending) Industry Co. Ltd. on all gene therapy gene; further details ND (4/98)
(Japan) applications of tumor
necrosis factor alpha
gene (to be developed
for use in combination
with radiation therapy)
Fuso Pharma- Collaboration to devel- ND GenVec gets R & D funding for
ceutical Industries op gene therapies for (includes 5 years as well as milestones; Fuso
Ltd. (Japan) cancer equity) bought undisclosed equity stake in
GenVec on signing; Fuso gets
rights in Japan with option for
Korea and Taiwan; GenVec gets
royalties; GenVec retains right to
develop and commercialize pro-
ducts in rest of world (4/98)
Varian Biosynergy Joint development of ND Companies will collaborate in both
(subsidiary of Var- cancer therapies by pre-clinical and clinical develop-
ian Associates Inc.) combining targeted ment; Varian will develop equip-
radiation therapy with ment and software for delivery of
GenVec's gene therapy targeted radiation therapy; com-
(in vivo production of panies each retain rights to their
therapeutic products by respective products and technol-
gene transfer following gies (4/98)
exposure to radiation)
ImmuLogic Sankyo Co. Ltd. License agreement on ND ImmuLogic gets license fee, mile-
Pharmaceutical (Japan) certain of ImmuLogic's stones and royalties; further
Corp. patents for recombinant details ND (5/98)
proteins and peptides;
for use in treating allergy
to Japanese cedar pollen
Immunomedics Beckman Coulter Letter of intent to form new ND Beckman Coulter will provide its
Inc. Inc. (NYSE:BEC) company, IBC Pharma- affinity enhancement technology to
ceuticals, to develop cancer new company and will join with
drugs via affinity-enhance- Immunomedics to raise private
ment technology (use of bi- capital to fund the venture; both
specific humanized mono- 'parent' companies will share
clonal antibodies to deliver patents and technologies; IBC
therapeutic radionuclides to Pharmaceuticals will develop affinity-
cancer cells) enhancement technology (4/98)
Incyte Pharma- Bayer Corp. Genomic data base ND Bayer's global pharmaceutical div ision
ceuticals Inc. (unit of Bayer AG; agreement for access to Incyte's will use software for data management
Germany) LifeTools bio-informatics and to support research; Incyte will
software and LifeSeq PD provide consultation services; Incyte
(annotated version of public gets subscription fees; further
cDNA data base) details ND (4/98)
Incyte Pharma- Monsanto Co. Large-scale, genome- ND 3-year agreement (this is 2nd
ceuticals Inc. (NYSE:MTC) wide application of agreement between companies);
Incyte's gene expression Monsanto gets access to up to
microarray technology 50,000 DNA microarrays for use
for functional genomics across its life sciences programs;
applications in plant, Incyte will provide data from
animal and human custom and prefabricated DNA
genomes microarrays, software to manage
and analyze data and consulting
services; other terms ND (5/98)
IntraBiotics Inc.* Biosearch Italia Licensing and supply ND IntraBiotics will conduct U.S.
SpA (Italy) agreement for Ramo- Phase II clinical trials; IntraBiot-
planin (antibacterial ics gets commercialization rights
agent for treating multi- in U.S. and Canada; Biosearch
drug-resistant bacteria, gets licensing fee, milestones,
especially Staphylococ- royalties and bulk supply pay-
cus aureus and Entero- ments; Biosearch will manufacture
coccus faecalis) drug substance; IntraBiotics will
formulate and package it (5/98)
Irori Inc.* Bristol-Myers Combinatorial chemistry $14.5M Companies will co-develop the
Squibb Co. collaboration; dev elopment (equity; NanoReactor in this 2-year colla-
(NYSE:BMY) of ultra-high throughput % ND) boration; Bristol-Myers will buy
combinatorial chemistry $4.5M equity stake in Irori and pay
system using Irori's Nano- milestones and licensing fees of
Reactor technology $10M; additional details ND (6/98)
(miniaturized micro-reactors
for screening very large
numbers of single compounds)
Isis Pharma- Merck & Co. Inc. Research collaboration $50M 3-year collaboration; companies
ceuticals Inc. (NYSE:MRK) on small molecule drugs will jointly design and synthesize
for treating hepatitis C small molecule compounds, which
virus (HCV) infection Merck will screen in its enzymatic
assays for HCV replication inhib-
itors; Isis gets annual research
funding, one-time technology
access fee, milestones and royal-
ties; Merck has commercial rights;
Isis retains right to use technology
developed in collaboration in its
antisense program (6/98)
Martek Bio- SmithKline Research collaboration; ND SmithKline Beecham licensed
sciences Corp. Beecham plc use of Martek's recon- technology; further details ND
(NYSE:SBH; U.K.) naissance probe technol- (5/98)
ogy (employs nuclear
magnetic resonance spec-
troscopy) to map bind-
ing sites where drugs
interact with receptors
Medarex Inc. Bristol-Myers Research collaboration; $20M Bristol-Myers has option to
Squibb Co. use of Medarex's commercialize antibodies; Meda-
(NYSE:BMY) HuMAb-Mouse tech- rex gets $20M in R & D funds,
nology to make high- license fees and milestones; it also
affinity fully human gets royalties (6/98)
monoclonal antibodies
to multiple antigens for
use in Bristol-Myers'
oncology drug discovery
Metra Biosystems Beckman Coulter Cross-licensing agree- ND Beckman Coulter gets rights to
Inc. Inc. (NYSE:BEC) ment on patent owned Metra's Pyrilinks-D (Dpd) test
by Beckman Coulter (urine-base assay for osteoporosis)
for use on its automated immuno-
assay analyzer; Metra gets rights to
continue to make, use and sell the
Alkphase-B formation marker (for
osteoporosis) that it currently
markets worldwide (5/98)
Molecular American Home DNA microarray tech- ND American Home will provide
Dynamics Inc. Products Corp. nology access agreement; funding and technical expertise;
and Amersham (NYSE:AHP) collaboration for contin- it gains early access to integrated
Pharmacia ued development of new microarray systems, related sup-
Biotech (Sweden) microarray technologies port and training programs; micro-
array technology will be accessed
by multiple research centers with-
in American Home, including Gen-
etics Institute, Wyeth-Ayerst and
American Cyanamid (4/98)
Bristol-Myers DNA microarray tech- ND Bristol-Myers Squibb will provide
Squibb Co. nology access agreement; funding and technical expertise;
(NYSE:BMY) collaboration for contin- it gains early access to integrated
ued development of new microarray systems, related sup-
microarray technologies port and training programs (4/98)
Hoechst-Ariad DNA microarray tech- ND Genomics Center will provide
Genomics Center nology access agreement; funding and technical expertise;
(joint venture collaboration for contin- it gains early access to integrated
between Ariad ued development of new microarray systems, related sup-
Pharmaceuticals microarray technologies port and training programs (5/98)
Inc. and Hoechst
Marion Roussel Inc.)
Molecular Simu- Glaxo Wellcome Glaxo joined Molecular ND Scientists at Glaxo's research sites
lations Inc. (wholly plc (NYSE:GLX; Simulation's pharma- in U.S. and U.K. will participate
owned subsidiary U.K.) ceutical development in consortium; further details ND
of Pharmacopeia consortium (involves (5/98)
Inc.) application of compu-
tational chemistry to
pharmaceutical develop-
ment and formulation)
NaviCyte Inc.* Parke-Davis (div- R & D collaboration; ND Parke-Davis is 3rd member of
ision of Warner- development of Navi- NaviCyte's IDEA consortium
Lambert Co.; Cyte's computational (in vitro determination for evalu-
NYSE:WLA) pharmacokinetics techn- ation of absorption simulation
nology (Pk-Informatics) software system); Parke-Davis will
to identify drug make initial and milestone pay-
development candidates ments to help develop technology;
(enables prediction of Parke-Davis gets license to soft-
pharmacokinetic ware and computational models for
outcomes in humans) use with its compound libraries;
it will also fund NaviCyte's eval-
uation of certain compounds in its
in vitro experimental systems
Neurobiological Merz + Co. GmbH Research and marketing $2.1M Children's Medical will terminate
Technologies Inc. & Co. (Germany) alliance with Merz and its existing license to Neurobiolog-
(OTC Bulletin and Children's revenue-sharing partner- ical Technologies on Memantine
Board: NTII) Medical Center ship with Children's and grant exclusive rights to Merz
Corp. Medical on orally active instead; in exchange, Neurobiolo-
neuroprotective drug gical gets upfront payment of
Memantine (NMDA $2.1M from Merz; Neurobiologi-
receptor antagonist) for cal and Merz will work together to
treating neuropathic select global marketing partner;
pain, AIDS-related companies and Children's Medical
and other dementias will share clinical data; Neurobio-
and Alzheimer's logical and Children's Medical
disease will share in revenues from pro-
duct sales for all indications (4/98)
NeXstar Pharma- Glaxo Wellcome Two-part collaboration: $10M Glaxo gets non-exclusive rights to
ceuticals Inc. plc (NYSE:GLX; use of NeXstar's Selex (3.5% use NeXstar's Selex process for
U.K.) drug discovery process equity) target validation; NeXstar gets
(combinatorial chemistry exclusive rights to develop a lipo-
technology that identifies somal formulation of Lurtotecan
specific inhibitors of for treating cancer; Glaxo invested
targets, called aptamers) $10M in NeXstar stock (0.96M
for target validation in shares at $10.39 each for a 3.5%
Glaxo's functional stake); Glaxo also gets certain
genomics program; dev- rights to develop aptamers as
elopment of liposomal therapeutics, on which NeXstar
formulation of Glaxo's gets milestones and royalties;
cancer drug candidate NeXstar gets license to Lurtotecan
Lurtotecan (topoisomerase and Glaxo gets milestones and
I inhibitor) royalties on marketed products;
Glaxo has option to participate in
development of this product in
exchange for licensing fees and
shared development costs (5/98)
Oncogene Science Fujirebio Inc. Collaboration to format ND 4-year agreement; Fujirebio gets
Diagnostics Inc. (Japan) cancer diagnostic tests non-exclusive license to develop,
(wholly owned sub- on Fujirebio's automated manufacture and sell several
sidiary of OSI clinical instrument cancer assays in Japan; Oncogene
Pharmaceuticals Inc.) LumiPulse gets licensing fees, R & D funds
and royalties (5/98)
Oncormed Inc. Merck & Co. Inc. Oncormed will provide ras ND Oncormed will analyze patient samples
(NYSE:MRK) gene testing services for Merck's (gene characterization and pharma-
Phase I clinical trials of an anti- cogenomics); further details ND (5/98)
cancer therapeutic
Orchid Bio- Dynal AS License agreement on Dynal's ND Orchid gets exclusive license to
computer Inc.* (Norway) magnetizable bead technologies (includes Dynal's bead technologies; Dynal
for use in Orchid's micro- equity) made undisclosed equity invest ment
chemical processing chips in Orchid; further details ND (4/98)
Oxford Glyco- Pfizer Inc. Collaborative research $50M 2-year research program and
Sciences plc (U.K.) (NYSE:PFE) agreement to apply (1.5% 5-year clinical collaboration;
Oxford's proteomics equity) Pfizer bought 0.54M shares for
technology to identify $2.5M in a private placement con-
disease-specific proteins current with Oxford's 4/98 IPO
as diagnostics, clinical (same price per share); Pfizer will
markers of disease and fund research for 2 years; Oxford
drug development targets; also gets milestones and royalties;
1st focus is Alzheimer's total value of deal up to $50M;
disease companies will jointly own intel-
lectual property; Oxford has exclu-
sive rights to commercialize diag-
nostic markers; once analysis of
Pfizer's Alzheimer's samples is
complete, it has option to select a
2nd disease indication (4/98)
Oxford Molecular The Procter & Use of Oxford Molecular's- ND ND (5/98)
Group plc (U.K.) Gamble Co. RS3 Discovery and RS3
(NYSE:PG) Discovery High Throughput
Screening research
information management
software in Procter &
Gamble's discovery
research programs
Peptide Therapeu- Pasteur Merieux- Collaborative agree- ND Pasteur Merieux-OraVax gets
tics Group plc OraVax (joint ven- ment to develop vac- worldwide exclusive option to use
(U.K.) ture between Ora- cines for treating Peptide Therapeutics' vaccine de-
Vax Inc. and Helicobacter pylori livery technology; if it exercises
Pasteur Merieux infection by incorpor- option, Peptide Therapeutics gets
Connaught [unit ating Pasteur Merieux- license fees, upfront and milestone
of Rhone-Poulenc OraVax's H. pylori payments as well as royalties; Pep-
SA; France]) antigens into Peptide tide Therapeutics retains rights to
Therapeutics' Salmo- license delivery system to other
nella typhi -based oral parties for use in other vaccines
vaccine delivery system (4/98)
Pharmaceutical Eli Lilly & Co. Licensing of certain of Lilly's ND Pharmaceutical Product gets
Product Develop- (NYSE:LLY) genitourinary compounds worldwide license to compounds;
ment Inc. to develop as treatments Lilly gets licensing fees and roy-
for bladder dysfunction and alties; Lilly gets 1st option to re-
sexual dysfunction license compounds in future (5/98)
Phylos Inc.* Hoechst Research Collaboration to jointly $27M 5-year collaboration; companies
and Technology develop applications of Phylos' (equity; will jointly develop and have co-
Deutschland GmbH directed protein evolution % ND) exclusive rights to technology;
& Co. KG (HR&T; technology (in vitro formation HR&T will take undisclosed
wholly owned sub- of mRNA-protein fusions equity stake in Phylos; further
sidiary of Hoechst allows repeated rounds of details ND (4/98)
AG; Germany) mutation and selection
of peptides or proteins)
QLT PhotoThera- C.R. Bard Inc. Alliance to combine QLT's ND Bard will fund product develop-
peutics Inc. photodynamic therapy with ment and clinical research; Bard
(Canada) Bard's catheter-based intra- gets exclusive worldwide market-
vascular delivery systems as ing rights; QLT gets royalties; QLT
therapy for reducing arterial retains option to co-fund R & D
restenosis (localized drug at later date in exchange for
delivery) increased share of revenues (4/98)
Ribozyme Pharma- Roche Bioscience Functional genomics ND Roche Bioscience will provide
ceuticals Inc. (division of Roche collaboration; use of in vivo models for undisclosed
Holding Ltd.; combinatorial ribozyme disease pathways; Roche Bio-
Switzerland) library to identify genetic science will conduct clinical dev-
therapeutic targets elopment and commercialization;
(identifies genes by Ribozyme will design, synthesize
phenotype without prior and deliver ribozymes; Roche Bio-
knowledge of sequence) science has rights to small mole-
cule and ribozyme-based thera-
peutics against validated targets;
Ribozyme has certain limited
rights to ribozyme-based thera-
peutics; Roche will fund R & D,
pay milestones and royalties (5/98)
Seattle Genetics Bristol-Myers Licensing of Bristol- ND Seattle Genetics was founded by
Inc.* Squibb Co. Myer's monoclonal 2 former Bristol-Myers scientists;
(NYSE:BMY) antibody-based cancer Seattle Genetics licensed the entire
targeting program program and paid Bristol-Myers a
(includes immunotoxins, one-time licensing fee; Bristol-
antibody-based drug Myers gets royalties; other details
conjugates, others) ND (4/98)
Sheffield Pharma- Zambon Group Strategic alliance to $25M Zambon made $2.15M equity
ceuticals Inc. SpA (Italy) develop 4 drugs for (13% equity) investment in Sheffield (including
treating respiratory the $0.65M it paid as an option fee
disease using Shef- in 4/98); Sheffield gets $2M interest-
field's Metered Solu- free loan as advance on future mile-
tion Inhaler (MSI) stones; Zambon will assume all
(drugs include albuterol, development costs (estimated at
beclomethasone, ipra- $20M) for 4 drugs; Sheffield gets
tropium and cromolyn) milestones on NDA approval of each
of 4 drugs and for 1st European
product licenses for each drug;
Sheffield gets royalties on Zambon's
sales and copromotion rights in U.S.;
Sheffield retains rights to non-respi-
ratory disease applications of MSI
system (option agreement 4/98;
final agreement 6/98)
Soane BioSciences The Perkin-Elmer Collaboration to develop auto- ND Perkin-Elmer made undisclosed
Inc.* Corp. (NYSE:PKN) mated and integrated genetic (includes equity investment in Soane; both
analysis systems based on equity) companies will invest in joint research
Soane's microfluidics technology and product development; Perkin-
(electric fields move reagents Elmer gets exclusive worldwide
through microcapillaries on license to commercialize products;
chips) Soane will manufacture and supply
the microfluidic chips (5/98)
Sparta Pharma- Schering-Plough Licensing agreement on Sparta's ND Schering-Plough paid Sparta up-
ceuticals Inc. Corp. (NYSE:SGP) Spartaject drug delivery system front license fee; Sparta also gets
(for injection of poorly water milestones and royalties (4/98)
soluble or insoluble compounds)
for use with Schering's oral anti-
cancer agent Temodal (in develop-
ment for treating recurrent
malignant melanoma)
Structural Bio- Yamanouchi Drug discovery collaboration on ND ND (4/98)
informatics Inc.* Pharmaceutical undisclosed target of
Co. Ltd. (Japan) Yamanouchi's; use of Structural
Bioinformatics' computational
molecular modeling and virtual
screening technology to identify
small molecule drug candidates
Therapeutic Anti- G.D. Searle & Co. Research collaboration; $8M Therapeutic Antibodies will devel-
bodies Inc. (division of Mon- development of ovine op, manufacture and register pro-
santo Co.; NYSE: polyclonal antibody to duct; Searle will pay $8M to fund
MTC) undisclosed therapeutic R & D and buy product supplies
target of Searle's ($1M paid on signing); Searle gets
worldwide marketing rights; com-
panies will share revenues (5/98)
TheraTech Inc. Astra AB Use of TheraTech's oral trans- ND Astra will market product world-
(Sweden) mucosal delivery technology wide; TheraTech gets R & D pay-
to develop undisclosed peptide ments, licensing fees and royalties
as treatment for pain (peptide (5/98)
being developed by Astra and
BioChem Pharma Inc.)
Trega Biosciences Novartis Pharma Research collaboration $39M Trega will screen its combinator-
Inc. AG (Switzerland) and license agreement ial chemistry libraries and confirm
on orally active small activity and function for drug can-
molecules for treating didates; companies will collabor-
diseases mediated by ate to optimize candidates and test
melanocortin receptor preclinically; Novartis will conduct
pathway (associated clinical development and commer-
with MC-4 receptor), cialize products worldwide; Trega
including Type II has option to get an equity invest-
diabetes, obesity and ment from Novartis; Trega gets
Syndrome X payments for past research, current
R & D funding and milestones
worth up to $39M for the 1st pro-
duct (up to $19M in guaranteed
funding); Trega also gets royalties;
Trega will get additional mile-
stones and royalties for subsequent
products (deal could be worth
$50M-$75M in all) (5/98)
Tripos Inc. Boehringer Ingel- Software consulting and ND Boehringer Ingelheim will use
heim R & D (Aus- custom software devel- customized software to access bio-
tria; unit of Boeh- opment agreement; use logical screening, chemical and
ringer Ingelheim of Tripos' Web-based genomic data (3/98)
GmbH; Germany) scientific information
# This chart contains information on new agreements only, covering the time between March 25, 1998 and June 15, 1998. It does not include arrangements that are classified strictly as production, manufacturing, marketing and/or distribution and supply agreements; a chart covering these arrangements will appear in the June 29, 1998, issue of BioWorld Financial Watch. The chart above also does not include any collaborations that involve agricultural product development (which are covered periodically in this publication).
A chart covering modified agreements and terminated agreements between big pharma and biotech companies for the same time period (March 25, 1998 - June 15, 1998) will also appear in the June 29, 1998 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch.
ASX = Australia Stock Exchange; ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 13-14.