Biotech Pharma Type/Product Area Amount Terms/Details (Month)
Company** Company
(Country) (Symbol/
Affymetrix Inc. Beckman Coulter Series of agreements ND Companies will cooperate in devel-
Inc. (NYSE:BEC) to commercialize DNA oping and commercializing DNA
probe arrays (including arrays and related instrumentation
GeneChip) under patents for research and diagnostics mar-
owned by, or licensed to, kets; companies may provide
the 2 parties access to 3rd parties (8/98)
Eli Lilly and Co. EasyAccess agreement; ND 3-year agreement; Lilly gets
(NYSE:LLY) GeneChip arrays, instru- broad access to technology for use
mentation and software in its R&D programs; Lilly gets
for monitoring of gene volume discount (9/98)
Agouron Japan Energy License agreement on $26M Agouron gets exclusive rights to
Pharmaceuticals Corp. (Japan) Japan Energy's HIV develop and commercialize drug
Inc. protease inhibitor in North America, Europe and
JE-2147 (especially elsewhere; Japan Energy retains
for treating drug- rights in Japan, Korea and Taiwan;
resistant HIV) Japan Energy gets $26M in fees,
including $6M initial license fee,
plus royalties (6/98)
Shionogi & Co. License agreement on $40M Agouron gets exclusive rights to
Ltd. (Japan) Shionogi's 2nd-gener- develop and commercialize drug
ation non-nucleoside in North America, Europe and
HIV reverse transcrip- elsewhere; Shionogi retains rights
tase inhibitor S-1153 in Japan, Korea and Taiwan; Shi-
(especially for treating onogi gets $40M in fees, including
drug-resistant HIV) $10M initial license fee, plus
royalties (6/98)
Aphton Corp. SmithKline Collaboration and $15M Companies will conduct clinical
Beecham Biologi- license agreement on (equity; trials jointly; SmithKline will fund
cals SA (Belgium; Aphton's Gonad- % ND) all costs of product development
unit of SmithKline immune anti-gonado- and approvals; SmithKline gets
Beecham plc; tropin releasing hormone exclusive worldwide rights to
NYSE:SBH; U.K.) (anti-GnRH) synthetic Aphton's patents and technology;
peptide vaccines for Aphton gets royalties but no up-
diagnosis, treatment and front or milestone payments;
prevention of GnRH- SmithKline bought $5M in equity
related cancers and other (0.24M shares at premium to mar-
diseases ket); Aphton has 2-year option to
sell another $5M in equity to
SmithKline; if option is exercised,
SmithKline has 90 days to buy an
additional $5M in equity (6/98)
Aviron Becton Dickinson Supply agreement; use ND Worldwide multiyear supply
and Co. (NYSE: of Becton Dickinson's agreement; terms ND (8/98)
BDX) AccuSpray noninvasive
nasal spray delivery
system for administration
of Aviron's FluMist intra-
nasal influenza vaccine
Axys Parke-Davis (divi- Combinatorial chemistry $20M 3-year agreement; Parke-Davis
Pharmaceuticals sion of Warner- agreement based on Axys' gets library plus enabling technol-
Inc. Lambert Co.; generic compound screen- ogies and synthetic protocols for
NYSE:WLA) ing library (consists of recreating the library and making
multiple small-molecule others; Axys gets payments of
synthetic organic compound $20M; further details ND (6/98)
Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmacogenomics ND Wyeth-Ayerst will conduct clini-
Laboratories (divi- agreement; clinical cal study on Axys' gene variant;
sion of American study of role played by Axys will provide patient geno-
Home Products polymorphism in cyto- typing and intellectual property;
Corp.; NYSE:AHP) chrome p450 3A4 gene further details ND (7/98)
in metabolism of 2 classes
of marketed drugs
BioCryst The R.W. Johnson Collaboration and $55M BioCryst gets $6M up front and
Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical license agreement on (equity; a $6M equity investment from
Inc. Research Institute BioCryst's orally % ND) Johnson & Johnson Development
and Ortho-McNeil active influenza neura- Corp.; BioCryst also gets mile-
Pharmaceuticals minidase inhibitors for stones and royalties; R.W. Johnson
Inc. (both Johnson & treating and preventing and Ortho get exclusive worldwide
Johnson companies; viral influenza rights to products (9/98)
Bioject Medical Merck & Co. Inc. Use of Bioject's needle- ND ND (7/98)
Technologies Inc. (NYSE:MRK) free jet injection sys-
tem to deliver selected
Merck vaccines
Cellegy 3M Drug Delivery Research agreement ND ND (6/98)
Pharmaceuticals Systems to evaluate combining
Inc. Cellegy's Celledirm
inflammatory response
modulator technology
with 3M's Latitude
transdermal drug
delivery system
Cellomics Inc.* Merck & Co. Inc. Agreement to develop ND ND (6/98)
(NYSE:MRK) cell-based, high-content
screening platform (uses
Cellomics Inc.* Warner-Lambert Agreement to develop ND ND (8/98)
Co. (NYSE:WLA) fluorescence-based
cytotoxicity assays
Cerebrus Holdings Eli Lilly and Co. Joint development of ND Cerebrus licensed the compound
plc (U.K.) (NYSE:LLY) Lilly's drug CEB-1555 and will conduct clinical trials
(selective 5HT1A through Phase II; Lilly then has
receptor agonist) for option of completing clinical devel-
treating delayed and opment alone or in collaboration
anticipatory emesis with Cerebrus; if it doesn't exer-
associated with cancer cise option, Cerebrus can develop
chemotherapy with or without new partner (9/98)
Cistron Pasteur Merieux Letter of intent to fund $31M Pasteur Merieux has 3-year option
Biotechnology Inc. Connaught (unit interleukin-1 beta (IL-1b) (equity; on exclusive license to use IL-1b
(OTC Bulletin Board: of Rhone-Poulenc vaccine adjuvant devel- % ND) as adjuvant for preventive and
CIST) Group; NYSE:RP; opment program therapeutic vaccines; Cistron gets
France) $0.9M for preclinical research
during option period and $29M in
milestones if Pasteur Merieux
exercises option; Pasteur Merieux
will buy $0.975M in Cistron
stock (1.3M shares at $0.75/share)
and a 3-year warrant to buy more
shares (7/98)
Cytoclonal Bristol-Myers License and research $50M Cytoclonal could get $50M in
Pharmaceutics Inc. Squibb Co. agreement; use of research and support fees and
(NYSE:BMY) microbial fermentation milestones, as well as royalties
to produce paclitaxel (6/98)
and/or other taxanes;
also, use of specific
genes to enhance pro-
Desmos Inc.* Guidant Corp. Collaboration to test ND Guidant will provide financial
(NYSE:GDT) feasibility of improving support; further details ND (7/98)
stent biocompatibility
by coating them with
Desmos' bioenhancing
Epix Medical Inc. Pfizer Inc. Collaboration on use ND ND (9/98)
and Mallinckrodt (NYSE:PFE) of AngioMark enhanced
Inc. (NYSE:MKG) magnetic resonance
imaging in diagnosis
and monitoring of
female sexual arousal
Gene Logic Inc. Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmacogenomics ND During 1st year of agreement, com-
Laboratories alliance; use of Gene panies will share costs of selecting
(division of Ameri- Logic's gene expression compounds and tissue samples to
can Home Products technology to develop be analyzed; Wyeth-Ayerst also
Corp.; NYSE:AHP) database of gene expres- gets access to flow-through chip
sion profiles to predict technology; Gene Logic may non-
preclinical toxicity of exclusively license products
Wyeth-Ayerst compounds developed to 3rd parties (6/98)
Genomica Corp.* Glaxo Wellcome License agreement; use ND ND (7/98)
plc (NYSE:GLX; of Genomica's bio-
U.K.) informatics gene-dis-
covery software system
for gene discovery and
functional analysis
Genset SA Wyeth-Lederle License agreement; use $15M Wyeth-Lederle gets exclusive
(France) Vaccines (unit of of Genset's genomic worldwide rights to patent appli-
American Home data on Chlamydia cations covering entire L2 genomic
Products Corp.; pneumoniae and sequences of both organisms for
NYSE:AHP) C. trachomatis for use in vaccines; Genset gets $15M
vaccines initial license fee and milestones,
as well as royalties; Genset retain-
ed rights for diagnostic, small
molecule, therapeutic protein, gene
therapy and cell therapy applica-
tions of genomic data (8/98)
Genzyme Bayer Corp. Genomics collaboration; ND Service agreement; Genzyme
Molecular (unit of Bayer AG; use of Genzyme Molec- Molecular will provide gene expres-
Oncology (division Germany) ular's SAGE technology sion analysis for Bayer's drug can-
of Genzyme Corp.) (serial analysis of gene didates (8/98)
expression) to identify
genes for development
of future drug candidates
Igen International Medinnova SF License agreement; ND Igen acquired exclusive worldwide
Inc. (Norway) use of Medinnova's rights to marker, which it will use
cardiac marker (N- in an Origen-based test (7/98)
terminal pro-atrial
naturietic peptide)
for detecting and
monitoring cardiac-
related diseases
Ilex Oncology Inc. Symphar SA Joint development ND Ilex will conduct all clinical devel-
(Switzerland) agreement on Symphar's opment; Ilex can negotiate for all
orally active, apoptosis- future rights to SR-45023A; fur-
inducing compound ther details ND (9/98)
SR-45023A (bisphos-
phonate ester deriv-
ative that stimulates
nuclear receptor FXR)
for treating cancer
ImmuLogic Heska Corp. License agreement; ND Heska gets exclusive worldwide
Pharmaceutical (NASDAQ:HSKA) use of ImmuLogic's license to technology (except in
Corp. recombinant allergen Japan, where rights are nonexclu-
technology for diag- sive); ImmuLogic gets license fees,
nosis, immunotherapy milestones and royalties (6/98)
and gene therapy appli-
cations in humans and
companion animals
The Immune Schering-Plough Research collaboration $80M In preclinical stage of agreement
Response Corp. Corp. (NYSE:SGP) and option agreement (1 year), Immune Response gets
to combine Immune $5M in initial fees, reimbursement
Response's GeneDrug and milestones related to delivery
gene delivery technology of IFN alfa-2b gene; if Schering
with Schering's interferon exercises option to use delivery
(IFN) alfa-2b gene (among system for additional genes, it will
others) as gene therapy prod- pay $75M in licensing fees and
ucts for treating hepatitis milestones; Immune Response also
B and C virus infection gets royalties (7/98)
Immunex Corp. SmithKline License agreement; use ND SmithKline gets nonexclusive
Beecham plc of Immunex's granulo- license to protein; Immunex gets
(NYSE:SBH; U.K.) cyte-colony stimulating up-front fee, milestones and roy-
factor receptor in Smith- alties (8/98)
Kline's R&D program (to
screen and develop small-
molecule compounds)
Inspire Kissei Pharma- Strategic collaboration; $17.5M Inspire gets $17.5M in up-front
Pharmaceuticals ceutical Co. Ltd. development of Inspire's (equity; fee, equity investment and mile-
Inc.* (Japan) inhaled respiratory % ND) stones; Inspire also gets R&D
therapeutic INS 365 funds and royalties; Kissei gets
(activates P2Y2 receptor exclusive rights in Japan plus
to stimulate mucociliary access to 2nd-generation ana-
clearance) for treating logues of INS 365 for respiratory
chronic obstructive uses (9/98)
pulmonary diseases
Intercardia Inc. Opocrin SpA License agreement; use >$1M Intercardia gets exclusive world-
(Italy) of Opocrin's OP2000 wide license except in Japan and
(oligosaccharide derived South Korea; Intercardia will con-
from heparin) for treat- duct clinical trials; Opocrin gets
ing inflammatory $1M in license fees as well as mile-
bowel disease stones (7/98)
Irori Inc.* Rhone-Poulenc Combinatorial chemis- $10.5M 2-year collaboration; Irori gets
Rorer Inc. (sub- try collaboration; devel- (equity; $0.8M on signing; Rhone-Poulenc
sidiary of Rhone- opment of ultra-high- % ND) will buy $4.5M in Irori equity and
Poulenc Group; throughput combina- will pay licensing fee and mile-
NYSE:RP; France) torial chemistry system stones; Rhone-Poulenc has option
using Irori's Nano- to buy an additional NanoReactor
Reactor technology system (6/98)
(miniaturized micro-
reactors for screening
very large numbers of
single compounds)
Lexicon Genetics DuPont Pharma- Mouse functional gen- ND DuPont will subscribe to Lexicon's
Inc.* ceuticals Inc. omics agreements in- OmniBank database and also gets
volving Lexicon's Omni- nonexclusive license to Lexicon's
Bank gene sequence data- positive-negative selection and
base of mutant mouse isogenic DNA patent portfolio;
clones and DuPont's Lexicon gets license to DuPont's
Cre-lox technology Cre-lox technology and certain
(creates tissue-specific sublicensing rights; Lexicon gets
gene knockouts) exclusive rights to use Cre-lox to
practice gene trapping in mouse
embryonic cells; companies will
pay each other royalties (8/98)
LJL BioSystems SmithKline Advanced technology ND SmithKline gets early access to
Inc. Beecham plc access program for LJL's advanced technologies
(NYSE:SBH; U.K.) LJL's high-throughput (9/98)
screening systems,
especially FLARe
platform (fluorescence-
based assays)
MacroChem Corp. American Home License agreement; use ND MacroChem gets license fees,
Products Corp. of MacroChem's SEPA (includes milestones and royalties; American
(NYSE:AHP) absorption enhancer for equity) Home will buy undisclosed
transdermal drug delivery amount of MacroChem common
of an American Home stock; American Home will
Products drug (undisclosed) develop and market product (7/98)
Medarex Inc. Medac GmbH Research collaboration ND ND (9/98)
(Germany) and license agreement;
use of Medarex's HuMAb-
mouse technology to make
fully human monoclonal
antibodies to Medac's
CD30 cancer antigen
(for treating Hodgkin's
Molecular Beckman Coulter Collaboration to develop ND ND (9/98)
Dynamics Inc. Inc. (NYSE:BEC) robotic system to inte-
grate and automate
operation of multiple
MegaBACE 1000 DNA
sequencing units
Molecumetics Ltd. Bristol-Myers Research collaboration; $45M 3-year agreement; Bristol-Myers
(subsidiary of Squibb Co. screening of Molecu- will screen 150,000 MolecuSet
Tredegar Indus- (NYSE:BMY) metics' MolecuSet com- compounds against a number of
tries; NYSE:TG) pounds for therapeutics disease targets; Molecumetics gets
for inflammatory and research funding and milestones of
immunological diseases; $45M over 3 years; both firms will
initial focus on small- work to optimize lead compounds;
molecule transcription Molecumetics gets royalties (9/98)
factor inhibitors
MorphoSys AG* DuPont Pharma- Collaboration and ND DuPont gets license to antibody
(Germany) ceuticals Co. licensing agreement; library and has option to develop
use of MorphoSys' specific antibodies as therapeutics,
human combinatorial in vitro or in vivo diagnostics or
antibody library to components of high-throughput
generate antibodies for screens; MorphoSys gets fees,
DuPont's drug discovery milestones and royalties (8/98)
NanoSystems Merck & Co. Inc. License agreement; use $30M NanoSystems gets $30M in pre-
LLC* (NYSE:MRK) of NanoCrystal tech- commercialization payments as
nology (to deliver well as royalties (this is 3rd col-
poorly water-soluble laboration between the companies)
drugs) to deliver an (8/98)
undisclosed Merck drug
NeuroSearch A/S Pharmacia & License agreement on ND Pharmacia & Upjohn acquired
(Denmark) and Upjohn Inc. anti-anxiety compound worldwide rights except in Nor-
Meiji Seika Kaisha (NYSE:PNU; U.K.) NS 2710 (gamma amino dic markets, Japan and Asia, where
(Japan) butyric acid modulator; NeuroSearch and Meiji retain
now in Phase II trials) rights, respectively; Pharmacia &
Upjohn will make initial payment
to companies as well as pay mile-
stones and royalties (7/98)
Pangea Systems Eli Lilly and Co. License agreement; ND ND (7/98)
Inc.* (NYSE:LLY) use of Pangea's bio-
informatics software in
Lilly's genomics and
target validation programs
Hoechst-Ariad License agreement on ND ND (8/98)
Genomics Center Pangea's computational
(joint venture algorithms for cluster-
between Ariad ing and alignment of
Pharmaceuticals expressed sequence tags
Inc. and Hoechst within large databases
Marion Roussel Inc.)
Phytera Inc.* Eli Lilly and Co. Research collaboration; ND Lilly will provide compounds for
(NYSE:LLY) use of Phytera's anti- (includes screening in Phytera's systems;
fungal screens (genomics- equity) Lilly responsible for profiling,
based) plus its natural lead optimization, development
product extracts (plant and commercialization; Phytera
cell cultures and marine gets up-front equity investment,
microbial libraries) to research funds, milestones and
discover products for royalties; Lilly gets worldwide
diagnosis, treatment and rights to products (7/98)
prevention of infectious
fungal diseases in humans
and animals
Phytopharm plc Pfizer Inc. Collaboration to develop $39M Pfizer will contribute $7M to
(U.K.) (NYSE:PFE) appetite suppressant Phase I trial (about to begin) and
based on P57 (product $32M in license fees and mile-
derived from extract of stones; Pfizer gets exclusive
South African plant) worldwide license to drug (8/98)
Proteomix Inc. Bayer Corp. (unit Research collaboration $3M Bayer gets access to genes and will
(subsidiary of of Bayer AG; on series of osteoclast pay $3M in milestones; further
NovaDx Inter- Germany) genes as drug targets details ND (9/98)
national Inc.; VSE: for metabolic bone
NVN; Canada) disease
Orincon Tech- Option on license to ND ND (7/98)
nologies Inc. Orincon's 2D electro-
phoresis image analysis
software for use in
proteomics research
RiboGene Inc. Roberts Pharma- Option and license $27M Roberts bought $10M in equity
ceutical Corp. agreement on Ribo- (equity; (1.4M shares of Series A non-
(AMEX:RPC) Gene's Emitasol %ND) voting convertible preferred stock
(metoclopramide; at $7/share); Roberts will conduct
intranasal drug for all product development; after FDA
treating delayed-onset approval, Roberts has 90-day exclu-
nausea and vomiting sive option to license marketing rights
in cancer chemotherapy in North America; if it exercises option,
patients) RiboGene gets $10M; RiboGene also
gets royalties; RiboGene will provide
$7M in development funds through
submission of NDA (7/98)
Ribozyme Glaxo Wellcome plc Genetic target valida- ND Glaxo will designate target genes
Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:GLX; U.K.) tion and discovery and Ribozyme will design, synthe-
Inc. agreement via Ribo- size and deliver GeneBloc rea-
zyme's technology and gents; financial terms ND (7/98)
GeneBloc molecules
(inhibit gene expression)
Sepracor Inc. Janssen Pharma- License agreement on ND Janssen gets exclusive license to
ceutica NV (+) norcisapride (isomer all of Sepracor's worldwide rights
(Belgium; unit of of active metabolite of to norcisapride enantiomers;
Johnson & Johnson; Janssen's marketed drug Sepracor has option to co-promote
NYSE:JNJ) Propulsid for treating product in pediatric market (7/98)
heartburn due to gastro-
esophageal reflux)
Sugen Inc. Taiho Pharma- Alliance to develop $70M Taiho will help fund product devel-
ceutical Ltd. (Japan) Sugen's angiogenesis opment; Taiho gets marketing
inhibitors (including rights in Japan; Sugen retains rights
SU5416, currently in in rest of world; Sugen gets up-front
Phase I/II trials) for payments, research funds and mile-
preventing and treating stones totaling $70M; Sugen will
cancer manufacture and supply product to
Taiho for sale in Japan (7/98)
Tularik Inc.* Japan Tobacco Inc. Research collaboration; ND 3-year agreement; companies will
(Japan) development of small- share development and commer-
molecule therapeutics to cialization costs and profits world-
regulate orphan nuclear wide; Tularik gets exclusive rights
receptors (which are in U.S. and Canada; Japan Tobacco
transcription regulators) gets exclusive rights in Japan
and Korea (9/98)
UroGen Corp. Baxter Healthcare Joint collaboration on $25M UroGen bought exclusive rights
(OTC Bulletin Corp. (subsidiary of gene therapies for (>19% to Baxter's gene transfer technol-
Board:UROG) Baxter International blood disorders; use of equity) ogy with 5,444 shares of Series A
Inc.; NYSE:BAX) Baxter's recombinant convertible preferred stock; Uro-
adenoviral vectors for Gen may also buy rights to other
gene transfer and Uro- gene therapy technologies by
Gen's tumor sensitization paying 1.76M shares of common
and related technologies stock and 324 shares of Series A
convertible preferred stock; Baxter
will pay $22M-$25M to fund joint
development of gene therapies and
gets worldwide marketing rights (7/98)
Vertex Schering AG Strategic alliance on $88M 5-year agreement; companies will
Pharmaceuticals (Germany) development of orally co-manage R&D; Schering will
Inc. active neurophilin com- provide $28M in up-front and
pounds to promote research support over 5 years, plus
neural regeneration in $60M in milestones; Vertex re-
treating neurological tains manufacturing rights in
diseases North America, where companies
will share marketing expenses and
profits; Schering has right to man-
ufacture products in Europe, the
Middle East and Africa, where
Vertex gets royalties; Vertex has
option to manufacture bulk drug
substance for other markets (8/98)
Xenogen Corp.* F. Hoffmann- License agreement; eval- ND Roche will evaluate technology in
La Roche Ltd. uation of Xenogen's biopho- its preclinical drug development
(Switzerland) tonic imaging technology program; further details ND (9/98)
and up to 4 strains of
bacteria genetically engi-
neered with reporter
genes that code for
light-emitting proteins
# This chart contains information on new agreements only, covering the time between 6/16/98 and 9/21/98. It does not include arrangements that are classified strictly as production, manufacturing, marketing and/or distribution and supply agreements; a chart covering these arrangements will appear in the 10/12/98 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch. The chart above also does not include any collaborations that involve agricultural product development (which are covered periodically in this publication).
A chart covering modified agreements and terminated agreements between big pharma and biotech companies for the same time period (6/16/98 - 9/21/98) will also appear in the 10/12/98 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch.
ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
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