Published Dec. 17 & 29 (EPO); Dec. 11 & 18 (WO); Dec. 24 (GB)

Amgen WO 97/46686 TNF-related polypeptide Thousand Oaks, Calif. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-related polypeptide, encoding gene, agonists; for therapeutics.

Amylin Pharma WO 97/46669 Amylin suppression transgenics San Diego Transgenic mammals, including mice, that have suppressed amylin gene expression.

Bayer WO 97/46678 Presenilin-related peptides Pittsburgh Genes for presenilin-related peptides, encoded proteins, antibodies; for Alzheimers' diagnostics and therapeutics.

Bayer WO 97/46681 Galanin receptor Pittsburgh Gene for the galanin receptor, encoded protein; for affecting smooth muscle contraction and cardiovascular activity.

Bayer WO 97/47744 Human IL-4 muteins Pittsburgh Human interleukin (IL)-4 muteins with normal T cell, but reduced endothelial cell, activating activity.

Biomolec. Engineering Inst. EPO 814 160 Kexstatin Suita, Japan Gene for a proteinase inhibitor that affects Kex2 proteinase, encoded protein, production methods.

BML WO 97/46677 Human Th2 gene Tokyo Gene for human Th2, encoded protein, antibodies; for sorting T cells into Th1/Th2 subsets, immunological disease therapy.

Boehringer Mannheim WO 97/47737 Chimeric blood coagulation proteases Mannheim, Germany Chimeric blood coagulation proteases with catalytic and blood coagulation factor domains.

Boren, T. WO 97/47646 Helicobacter adhesin Umea, Sweden Helicobacter pylori blood group antigen binding adhesin protein, encoding gene; for passive vaccination.

British Columbia, Univ. of WO 97/46671 ICAM-1 antisense therapy Vancouver, British Columbia Intercellular adhesion molecule (ICAM)-1 antisense delivery by lysosomes; for therapeutics.

Calif. Inst. Technol. WO 97/46713 Gene expression control Pasadena, Calif. Antibody derivative molecules that bind to transcriptional control elements; for controlling gene expression.

California, Univ. of WO 97/46572 Epitope-tagged proteins Oakland, Calif. DNA constructs encoding epitope-tagged proteins; for immunoaffinity purification.

California, Univ. of WO 97/47772 Ataxia-telangiectasia gene Oakland, Calif. Gene for ataxia-telangiectasia, mutations in this gene; detection methods.

Chiron EPO 814 154 Alphavirus vectors Emeryville, Calif. Recombinant alphavirus vectors with expression cassettes, packaging and host cells.

Chiron WO 97/46680 DP-75 gene Emeryville, Calif. Gene for DP-75, encoded protein, control sequences, expression vectors, antisense, ribozymes.

Chugai WO 97/47172 Vitamin D receptor isoforms Tokyo Gene for vitamin D receptor isoforms, encoded protein, antibodies, expression system; for modifying bone density.

Columbia Univ. WO 97/46661 Radiation resistance genes New York Normal and mutant genes for human radiation resistance; for predicting effects of radiation therapy.

Curagen WO 97/47763 Protein-protein interaction New Haven, Conn. Detection of protein-protein interactions by mating yeast types having genes encoding putative protein interactors.

Fox Chase Cancer Ctr. WO 97/46701 Mismatch endonucleases Philadelphia Endonucleases that recognize DNA mismatches; for detection of mutations in targeted polynucleotides.

Genentech WO 97/47751 Hyperactive DNase variants S. San Francisco Amino acid sequence variants of DNase I that have increased DNA hydrolytic activity, encoding genes.

Genetics Inst. WO 97/46682, 46683, & 46685 Secreted protein genes Cambridge, Mass. Genes from human dendritic and other cells that code for secreted proteins, encoded proteins.

GenPharm Intl. EPO 814 159 Transgenic chimeric antibodies Palo Alto, Calif. Transgenic mice having a human immunoglobulin heavy chain minilocus transgene; for making heavy chain isotypes.

Iatron Labs EPO 812 859 Factor Xa inhibitor antibodies Tokyo Monoclonal antibodies against Factor Xa-Tissue Factor pathway inhibitor complex; for immunological assays.

Immunex WO 97/47750 IL-1/TNF-a-activated kinase Seattle Gene for interleukin (IL)-1/tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-a-activated kinase, encoded protein.

Inst. Molec. & Cell. Biol. GB 2 314 332 Metallothionein vector Singapore Vector with metallothionein control sequences; for heavy metal ion-controlled foreign gene expression.

Inst. Phys. & Chem. Res. EPO 814 156 DNA purification Wako, Japan DNA purification method for microbial cells using a column to adsorb the DNA in the cell lysate.

Isis Pharma WO 97/46570 Oligoribonucleotides Carlsbad, Calif. Oligoribonucleotides that activate double-stranded ribonucleases; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Itoh, K. WO 97/46676 Tumor antigen peptides Miyaki, Japan Genes for tumor antigens that express peptides that bind MHC complex class I antigens recognized by T cells.

Japan Sci. & Technol. EPO 812 911 Microgene polymers Kawaguchi, Japan Microgenes with partial complementarity; for constructing polymers with repeating microgene units.

Japan Tobacco WO 97/47755 Increased expression vectors Tokyo Vectors with intron sequences inserted upstream of the foreign gene; for increased expression.

Kentucky, Univ. of WO 97/47754 Transcriptional silencing elements Lexington, Ky. Transcriptional silencing regulatory DNA elements and their binding factors.

Krebs Res. Inst. WO 97/46672 Chromosomal translocation ribozymes Heidelberg, Germany Antisense nucleic acids and hammerhead ribozymes specific for chromosomal translocations such as the bcr-abl fusion.

Lab. Molec. Biophotonics WO 97/47639 Photocleavable oligos Hamakita, Japan Photocleavable cyclic oligonucleotide with sequences complementary to target nucleic acids; for making antisense.

Laval Univ. WO 97/46691 DNA integration constructs Quebec City, Quebec DNA constructs for improving the integration of gene fragments into nuclear DNA during transfection.

Lilly EPO 814 163 Peptidoglycan biosynthesis inhibitors Indianapolis Peptidoglycan stem peptide biosynthetic murD gene from Streptococcus pneumoniae; for finding inhibitors.

Ludwig Inst. WO 97/46688 PI3 lipid kinase Zurich, Switzerland Phosphoinositol (PI)-3 lipid kinase expressed in leukocytes, encoding gene; for treating cancer metastasis.

Ludwig Inst. WO 97/46701 MAGE-B family genes New York MAGE-B family genes that are localized to the Xp arm of the X chromosome.

Massachusetts, Univ. of WO 97/46684 Receptor complex proteins Boston ZPR1 polypeptides that bind non-activated membrane-bound receptors and small nucleolar RNAs.

Massachusetts, Univ. of WO 97/47641 Nucleotide sugar transporters Boston Genes for nucleotide sugar transporters, encoded proteins; for studying cellular nucleotide sugar movement.

Mass. Inst. Technol. WO 97/46670 Programmed sequential mutagenesis Cambridge, Mass. Oligo-mediated, polymerase-dependent mutation of DNA templates in multiple synthetic rounds in programmed sequence.

Mass. Inst. Technol. WO 97/47758 Recombinase-mediated gene integration Cambridge, Mass. Stable, site-specific integration of transgenes using retroviral sequences and a Cre recombinase system.

Meiji Milk Products WO 97/47648 Cypress pollen allergen Tokyo T cell epitope site on the Japanese cypress pollen allergen; for diagnosis and immunotherapy.

Merck WO 97/47358 Synthetic hepatitis C genes Rahway, N.J. Synthetic hepatitis C genes, encoded antigens; for vaccines and gene therapy products.

Michigan State Univ. WO 97/47739 Recombinant proteins in hens eggs E. Lansing, Mich. Vectors for making transgenic hens expressing foreign genes in their oviducts and secreting the proteins into eggs.

Mitsui Toatsu EPO 814 091 20 kDa hGH antibodies Tokyo Monoclonal antibody against the 20 kDa version of human growth hormone (hGH); for immunoassays.

Mogam Biotech. Res. Inst. EPO 814 164 Viper serine protease Kyonggi-Do, S. Korea Gene for a fibrinolytic serine protease from Korean vipers; for thrombolytic and hemostatic agents.

NRC (Natl. Res. Counc.) WO 97/47749 Neisseria a-2,3-sialyltransferases Ottawa, Ontario Recombinant a-2,3-sialyltransferases from Neisseria; for producing desired carbohydrate structures.

NeoRx WO 97/46589 NR-LU-13 antigen antibodies Seattle Humanized antibodies that bind to the NR-LU-13 antigen, conjugates; for antibody therapy.

N. Illinois Univ. EPO 812 912 Catalytic RNA DeKalb, Ill. Catalytic RNA with hairpin and substrate binding domains; for cleaving specific RNA sequences.

Novartis WO 97/46673 HIV antisense therapy Basel, Switzerland Antisense to the unspliced or single-spliced portions of HIV-1 provirus mRNA transcripts; for HIV therapy.

Novartis WO 97/46675 GABAB receptors Basel, Switzerland Genes for GABAB receptors, encoded proteins, agonists, antagonists; for therapeutics.

Novartis WO 97/46687 Scaffold attachment region vectors Basel, Switzerland Vectors containing scaffold attachment regions; for increasing gene expression in transfected cells.

Novartis WO 97/47765 RNA structure determination Basel, Switzerland RNA treatment with base-modifying agents and subsequent replication; for determining three-dimensional structure.

Novo Nordisk Biotech. WO 97/47746 Fungal hemoprotein production Davis, Calif. Hemoprotein production and purification methods using filamentous fungi.

Pasteur Inst. EPO 812 918 Allelic exchange mutants Paris Exchanging myocobacterial gene alleles using a vector encoding a metabolic enzyme and a protein of interest.

Pasteur Merieux WO 97/46693 Virus-like particles Lyon, France Virus-like particles; for delivering DNA constructs for treatment of cancer and infections.

Pasteur Merieux WO 97/47197 Lyme disease treatment Lyon, France Expression vector containing genes for Borrelia antigens; for treating Lyme disease.

Pharmacia & Upjohn WO 97/47747 Daunorubicin production Milan, Italy Vectors and genes coding for proteins that convert precursors to daunorubicin; for bacterial production.

Res. Develop. Fdn. WO 97/47638 Cellular injury response element Carson City, Nev. Expression vector containing a cellular injury response element promoter.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer WO 97/47757 Circular/replicating viral vectors Antony, France Circular and replicating DNA molecules generated using a Cre recombinase system; for making viral vectors.

Sarnoff WO 97/47640 Nuclease protection assay Princeton, N.J. Solid phase nuclease protection assay with fluorescent detection; for detecting non-mismatched duplexes.

Sarnoff WO 97/47761 Sequential step sequencing Princeton, N.J. Sequential step sequencing of polynucleotides using various string patterns.

Scripps Res. Inst. WO 97/47314 Substrate selection libraries La Jolla, Calif. Substrate selection libraries; for the identification of highly selective enzyme inhibitors.

SmithKline Beecham EPO 812 913, WO 97/47741 & 47742 HR-1 receptor Philadelphia Gene for human HR-1 receptor, encoded protein; for diagnostic assays and treating allergic disorders.

SmithKline Beecham EPO 812 916, WO 97/47642 & 47643 Cathepsin K Philadelphia Gene for cathepsin K, encoded protein, agonists, antagonists; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

SmithKline Beecham EPO 814 157 Presenilin aberrant splice variants Philadelphia DNA sequence probes for a four amino acid motif present in aberrant alternative splice variants of presenilin.

SmithKline Beecham EPO 814 158 C3a receptor variant Philadelphia Gene for human C3a receptor variant, encoded protein; for diagnostics and treating autoimmune disease.

SmithKline Beecham WO 97/46662 & 46663 ICE-like apoptotic proteases King of Prussia, Pa. Genes for interleukin-1ß converting enzyme (ICE)-like apoptotic proteases, encoded proteins; for cell death.

Spanish Scientific Invest. Counc. WO 97/47745 Plant retinoblastoma protein Madrid, Spain Plant cell gene for a retinoblastoma-like protein, encoded protein; for regulating the cell cycle.

St. Jude's Hosp. WO 97/46679 Alternatively spliced cyclin C Memphis, Tenn. Alternatively and partially spliced cyclin C mRNAs, encoding genes, truncated protein; for cyclin inhibition.

St. Jude's Hosp. WO 97/47759 Genome targeting vector Memphis, Tenn. Recombinant adeno-associated vector with a nuclear matrix association element; for genome targeting.

Suntory EPO 814 165 Yeast gene recombination Osaka, Japan DNA constructs with R sensitive sequences and selectable markers; for yeast transformation by recombination.

Takeda WO 97/46668 Tumor treatment peptide Osaka, Japan Gene for a peptide useful in treating hormone-producing tumors, encoded protein.

Toyota Jidosha EPO 812 914 Prenyl diphosphate synthetase dimers Aichi, Japan Vectors for expressing subunits of prenyl diphosphate synthetase; for making heterodimeric enzyme.

United Biomedical WO 97/46697 Anti-HIV antibodies Hauppauge, N.Y. Antibodies against a CD4-chemokine receptor complex; for treating a wide variety of HIV-1 isolates.

Utah, Univ. of WO 97/47766 Sequence variant mass spectrometry Salt Lake City Electrospray mass spectrometry of amplified polymorphic DNA regions; for analyzing sequence variants.

Virginia, Univ. of WO 97/46573 Inhibiting antigen processing Charlottesville, Va. Inhibiting histocompatibility complex-induced T cell responses by inserting repeat units into foreign proteins.

Washington, Univ. of WO 97/46664 Amyloid deposition transgenics Seattle Transgenics with perlecan and amyloid transgenes; for studying amyloid deposition.

Wisconsin, Univ. of WO 97/46711 Artificial mismatch hybridization Madison, Wis. Modified oligos with one artificial mismatch; for discriminating between control and target sequences.

Yeda Res. & Develop. WO 97/47653 & 47654 Hepatitis B human antibodies Rehovot, Israel Human monoclonal antibodies to hepatitis B virus surface antigen, hybridoma; for treating infection.

Zymogenetics WO 97/47743 Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor Seattle Human type II gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor; for detecting ligands and treating cancer.