* Terrapin Technologies Inc., of SouthSan Francisco, has been granted rightsto explore portions of the Walter ReedArmy Institute of Research, ofWashington, extensive syntheticcompound library for use in any ofTerrapin's product discovery projects.In exchange, the company will applyits proprietary drug discoverytechnology to identify therapeuticleads for potential development byWalter Reed, primarily focusing onantiparasitic treatments.

* Scios Inc., of Mountain View,Calif., raised $3.6 million throughthe sale of 200,000 shares of GuilfordPharmaceuticals Inc., of Baltimore.Scios, which still holds 1.45 millionGuilford shares, said the stock soldrepresents its cash investment inGuilford when the company was foundedin 1993. Scios sold the shares in aprivate placement with S-E-BankenLakemedelsfond, a Swedish health careinvestment fund.

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