* BioTransplant Inc., of Charlestown, Mass., said four notices ofallowance have been issued on patents covering the integral parts ofthe company's AlloMune and XenoMune systems to facilitatetransplantation of mismatched human and porcine cells, respectively.

* Boston Life Sciences Inc., of Boston, received two notices ofallowance on patent applications licensed from Children's Hospitaland Harvard University. They cover axogenesis factor 1 and the useof transcription factors to control expression of MHC Class IImolecules for treating autoimmune diseases.

* Celtrix Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Santa Clara, Calif., was issued U.S.patent No. 5,563,047 related to its recombinant protein productiontechnology for making soluble proteins in bacteria.

* Isis Pharmaceuticals, of Carlsbad, Calif., received a U.S. patent forISIS 5132/CGP69846A, an antisense inhibitor of C-raf kinase.

* Kimeragen Inc., of Newtown, Pa., was issued U.S. patent No,5,565,350 covering its novel chimerplasty gene repair technology.

* Pharmacopeia Inc., of Princeton, N.J., was issued U.S. patent No.5,565,324 containing broad claims that cover the identification ofbiologically active compounds from encoded combinatorialchemistry libraries using ECLiPS technology.

* Quantum Biotechnologies Inc., of Laval, Quebec, was issued U.S.patent No. 5,518,913 covering a method of expressing recombinantDNA in human cells.

* Sparta Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Horsham, Pa., said U.S. patent No.5,550,139 was issued. It was submitted by William Groutas ofWichita State University and covers novel classes of serine proteaseinhibitors.

* The Liposome Co., of Princeton, N.J., received a notice ofallowance for a patent, covering Abelcet, that is directed to a reducedtoxicity polyene antifungal agent lipid complex that is substantiallyfree of liposomes.

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