* Celtrix Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Santa Clara, Calif., said resultsfrom a Phase I study in healthy volunteers of SomatoKinedemonstrated the drug, a combination of insulin-like growth factor-1(IGF-1) and its major binding protein (BP3), can be safelyadministered in substantially higher doses than IGF-1 alone. Thecompany said the trial shows SomatoKine can be used to raise theblood concentration of IGF-1 35 times higher than normal levels.IGF-1 is involved in tissue repair, organ function and muscle andbone formation. Celtrix is targeting SomatoKine for treatment of avariety of conditions such as catabolism and osteoporosis.

* Cytoclonal Pharmaceutics Inc., of Dallas, licensed exclusive rightsfrom Washington State University, of Pullman, Wash., to a Yew treegene involved in the biosynthesis of the cancer drug, Taxol, orpaclitaxel. The company said its scientists also have isolated a relatedgene region from a fungus. Cytoclonal plans to use the gene toproduce Taxol. The drug, initially derived from the Yew tree, is soldby Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., of New York, for breast and ovariancancers.

* StressGen Biotechnologies Corp., of Victoria, B.C., acquiredexclusive worldwide rights to an anti-cancer gene therapy technologyfrom the U.K.'s Medical Research Council in London. Financialterms were not disclosed. The company said the gene therapy, inpreclinical studies, has shown it can inhibit tumor growth and act as avaccine against new cancer development.

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