WASHINGTON _ BioWorld Today was awarded First Place in theSpot News or Exclusive News Reporting category of the NewsletterPublishers Association's annual journalism awards. The award wasannounced during the association's 20th annual meeting here.

The winning story, written by Staff Writer Charles Craig, reportedand analyzed the FDA's swift approval of Hoffman-La Roche Inc.'sInvirase, the first protease inhibitor to gain approval for the treatmentof AIDS. Craig reported and wrote the story in two hours followingthe FDA's announcement Dec. 7, 1995. It was faxed to BioWorldsubscribers as a Special News Bulletin at noon that day.

"When American Health Consultants acquired BioWorld two yearsago, one of our goals was to set and maintain a high journalisticstandard within these publications," said BioWorld Publisher DonaldR. Johnston. "We are thrilled that the Newsletter PublishersAssociation has recognized our efforts, and we are especially thrilledto see Charlie's hard work rewarded." n

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