* Aradigm Corp., of Hayward, Calif., was issued U.S. patent No.5,419,315 covering pulmonary delivery of a range of protein andpeptide hormone drugs.

* Calgene Inc., of Davis, Calif., was granted U.S. patent No.5,420,034 covering three seed-specific promoters, including napin, inDNA constructs and Brassica host plants containing the constructs.

* Cell Genesys Inc., of Foster City, Calif., was issued two U.S.patents related to its "universal donor" cell program. No. 5,413,213covers human epithelial cells carrying a specific genetic modificationdesigned to reduce tissue rejection following transplantation. No.5,416,260 covers new strains of mice with the same specificmodification of the human universal donor cells.

* Cephalon Inc., of West Chester, Pa., received U.S. patent No.5,420,112 claiming the use of Myotrophin (rhIGF-1) as a treatmentfor peripheral neuropathy caused by certain anti-cancer agents.Cephalon already has a patent on Myotrophin covering its use foramyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

* Cortecs International Ltd., of London, was granted patents in theU.S. and Europe covering its Hepatic Avoidance using LymphaticOutput liver bypass oral drug delivery system., which is designed toenhance absorption of poorly bioavailable drugs.

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