Need help tracking developments in the biotechnology sector? TheBioWorld Phase III Report provides a one-stop source for productsin advanced clinical trials. The idea for a `score card' of products atthe end-stages of trials came directly from BioWorld readers whodidn't have time to search back issues and compile a master list.

Although BioWorld Today and BioWorld Financial Watch cover thebreaking news regarding all stages of clinical trials, this newpublication is a quick-read, reference tool (printed as a newsletter,rather than faxed) to keep. The Phase III Report contains more than140 products categorized by indication, and will be expandedquarterly as products wend their way to through the process.

To be sure your company's products are included in this newpublication, fax back the short survey included in the first issue. Toorder a subscription, call (800) 879-8790.

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