CytRx. Corp. has begun patient enrollment in a Phase II trial ofTherMax, its topical therapy for healing wounds.The Norcross, Ga., company intends to enroll 40 patients in the study,to be conducted at five sites. It is the first efficacy trial of thisformulation of TherMax, which previously has not been evaluated forthis indication, John Flax, vice president of clinical development andregulatory affairs for CytRx, told BioWorld. "There is some preclinicalevidence to suggest that TherMax improves healing burn wounds," hesaid."The primary objective is to evaluate the safety and efficacy ofTherMax lotion in treating itching and pain associated with partialthickness re-epithelized burn wounds," Flax said.Jack Luchese, CytRx's president and CEO, said a Phase II trial ofTherMax for psoriasis is being planned for later this year. Anddiscussions are under way with ophthalmic organizations to developTherMax for ocular applications.CytRx previously studied TherMax in humans in experimentallyinduced allergic skin reactions, to assess the anti-itching and anti-inflammatory properties of the drug. _ Jim Shrine

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