- VimRx Pharmaceuticals Inc., Stamford, Conn., said Johns HopkinsUniversity has gained approval to conduct the Phase I/II HIV/AIDStrial of oral dosing of hypercin, a naturally occurring antiviraltreatment.- Xytronyx Inc., San Diego, said that Colgate Pharmaceuticals istest-marketing Xytronyx's PerioGard periodontal tissue monitorkit in Canada.- North American Biologicals Inc., Miami, said it plans to builda biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility, where the company willprocess raw human specialty plasma from its collection centers intoimmune globulin therapeutics.- ChemTrak Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif., said it was awarded a $500,000Small Business Innovation Research Phase II grant for researchinto high-density lipoprotein testing. The grant came from theNational Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the NationalInstitutes of Health.- Mallinckrodt Medical Inc., St. Louis, said it received FDAapproval to market OctreoScan, a kit for the preparation ofIndium-111, which is a radiopharmaceutical that localizes andbinds to specific receptors on certain cancer tumors.- Ixsys Inc., San Diego, obtained an exclusive license from theScripps Research Institute for a monoclonal antibody that hasdemonstrated potential for the treatment of malignant tumors.The company said it intends to develop a humanized antibodyto treat cancer and other diseases.- HemaSure Inc., Marlborough, Mass., announced a collaborationwith the German Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service to expeditedelivery of the company's LeukoVir Filter, which is designed foruse in the viral inactivation of plasma for transfusion.

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