Carrington Laboratories Inc. said Thursday it has received FDApermission to go ahead with a Phase I study of its complexcarbohydrate, Acemannan, for AIDS patients.The Irving, Texas, company used data from a Canadian government-sponsored study using Acemannan in an oral form, and from a safetystudy in the U.S. using injectible Acemannan, to form the basis of itssubmission to the FDA. The Phase I U.S. study will use the injectibleform in HIV patients, Carlton Turner, Carrington's vice president ofscientific affairs, told BioWorld. He said it was too early to say whenthe study would start or how many patients will be involved.The carbohydrate drug, derived from the aloe vera plant, worksthrough the immune system at the macrophage level, Turner said.Acemannan, or other carbohydrate-based drugs, are already being usedby Carrington in a number of other indications, including wound andskin-care uses.The company recently completed a Phase I multi-center trial forulcerative colitis, and will be ready by late fall to start Phase II, Turnersaid. The company has filed for a pre-investigational new drug meetingwith the FDA for an injectible cancer product, he said.Carrington (AMEX: CRN) stock closed up 25 cents Thursday at$11.25 per share. _ Jim Shrine

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