Published April 13 & 20 (EPO); April 14 (WO)Ag. & Food Res. Coun. a-acetolactate WO 94/8020Norwich, U.K. synthaseNucleic acid encoding an a-acetolactate synthase of Lacto coccuslactis; to transform host cells; produce diacetyl.(See WO 94/8019)

Akzo NV Pseudorabies WO 94/8000Arnhem, Netherlands vaccinePseudorabies virus mutant preventing expression of viral polypeptides;foreign gene encoding porcine vaccine antigen.

American Cyanamid Co. Adenovirus EPO 592 836Wayne, N.J. integration siteDNA corresponding to a human adeno-associated virus integration site,or site-specific sub-sequence.

Arch Dev. Corp. Plant herbicide WO 94/8016Chicago, Ill. resistanceRecombinant plant and cyanobacterial polypeptides carboxylatingacetyl-Co-A.; for herbicide resistance in plants.

Behringwerke AG New AIDS virus EPO 591 914Marburg, GermanyAn HIV deposited in European Animal Cell Culture Collection.Antigens to detect retrovirus by antibodies. [In German]

Biotechnology Institute Plant fungal WO 94/8011Lyngby, Denmark pathogensGenes encoding osmotin-like proteins, to transform plant-colonizingmicroorganisms; for inhibiting fungal growth on plants.

British Bio-Technology Synthetic HIV EPO 593 132Oxford, U.K. antigenGap repair in vivo on hybrid DNA preparation; to make syntheticdouble-stranded gene encoding HIV-1 TAT protein.

Chiron Corp. Controlling viral WO 94/8002Emeryville, Calif. translationControlling translation of proteins and peptides from viralnucleic acid, particularly pestvirus and hepatits C virus.

Ciba-Geigy AG Protease inhibitors EPO 592 358Basel, SwitzerlandRecombinant desulphatohirudin by transformed yeast strains,using expression casette comprising yeast CUP1 promoter.

CSIRO Expression vector WO 94/8022Canberra, AustraliaExpression vector comprises antisense RNA genome within aribonucleoprotein complex within a virus-like particle.

Eastman Kodak Co. PCR diagnostic kit EPO 592 035Rochester, N.Y.PCR-based diagnostic test kit embodies antibodies to thermostableDNA polymerase; to eliminate non-specific PCR products.

Evernew Biotech Inc. Hepatitis C EPO 593 290-91Taipei, Taiwan detectionDNA, its protein product, antibodies, antigen, and hepatitis C virusantibodies; for HCV diagnosis.Finnish Tech. Res. Ctr. High-yield WO 94/8024Espoo, Finland recombinantsEukaryotic host cells transformed with multi-copy SSO genesoverexpress foreign protein, increase cell-mass production.

Genentech, Inc. Genomic DNA EPO 593 095S. San Francisco, Calif. cloningMethods for cloning and mapping genomic DNA begin by generatingmultiple sticky-end sequences.

German Cancer Res. Ctr. p53 detection WO 94/8241Heidelberg, GermanyNon-radioactive probe for detecting p53-specific antibodies in bodyfluids

Harvard University Neurotrophic factors WO 94/8007Cambridge, Mass.Neurotrophic factors able to induce ion channel formation in surfacemembrane of a neuronal cell.

Health & Welfare Min. Meningitis vaccine WO 94/8021Rijswijk, NetherlandsImmunogenic lipopolysaccharide and outer membrane vesicles fromNeisseria meningitidis; for vaccine.

Hoffmann La-Roche, F. SOD to detect EPO 592 894Basel, Switzerland pathogensOligonucleotides from superoxide dismutase (SOD) genes; fordetecting pathogenic and nonpathogenic microorganisms.

Hybridon, Inc. Anti-AIDS WO 94/8004Worcester, Mass. therapeutic 8052Blocking HIV proliferation, treating infection, by nucleotide sequencesthat hybridize to conserved region of HIV genome.

Immunogen, Inc. Humanized murine EPO 592 106Cambridge, Mass. antibodiesHumanizing rodent antibodies, using protein engineering methods _3D modelling, X-ray crystallography, etc.

INRA (Ag. Res. Inst.) a-acetolactate WO 94/8019Paris, France synthaseNucleic acid encoding an a-acetolactate synthase of Lactococcus lactis;to transform host cells; produce acetoine. (See WO 94/8020)

INSERM (Natl. Hlth. Res.) B cell and WO 94/8025Paris, France myeloid proteinsTranscription of genes under effect of inducers; vectors targeting geneswith pathology-related expression defects.

Isis Pharmaceuticals Human ras WO 94/8003Carlsbad, Calif. genesAntisense oligonucleotides hybridize with human ras genes;for detection, diagnosis, treatment of ras pathologies.

Japan Energy Corp. Hirudin variant WO 94/8034TokyoA recombinant hirudin variant "has a significantly high anti-thrombin activity especially suitable as an anticoagulant."

Kabi Pharmacia AB Prostaglandin WO 94/7920Uppsala, Sweden receptorA recombinant prostaglandin F2a receptor protein to assay affinitiesand efficacies of agonist and antagonist drugs.Kanagawa Sci. & Tech. Complete-length cDNA WO 94/8001Kanagawa, JapanObtaining cDNA containing total protein information by synthesizingcomplete-length cDNA with mRNA cap site sequence.

Kirin Beer KK Multi-resistant plant EPO 592 685TokyoIntegrating into plant genome cDNA encoding an enzyme thatdecomposes double-stranded RNA creates plant resistant to two ormore viruses.

La Jolla Cancer Res. Fn. Transferase and WO 94/7917La Jolla, Calif. acceptorA b1->6 N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase, which formsoligosaccharides in O-glycans, and a leukosialin acceptor.

Lonza AG Recombinant biotin WO 94/8023Basel, SwitzerlandFive bio genes from enteric bacteria, arranged in plasmid, expressbiotin in host microorganisms.

Marumo, Fumiaki, et al. Kidney water EPO 591 789Tokyo channelA gene (WCH-1) from kidney medullary mRNA expresses in E. coli awater-channel localized in kidney collecting tubule.

Mass. Genl. Hospital Tumor-suppressor WO 94/8049Boston assayFunctional assay to determine if individual carries mutated tumorsuppressor gene, by encoding both alleles from a cell sample.

Max-Planck Sci. Inst. Tyrosine WO 94/8017G¿ttingen, Germany phosphataseRecombinant tyrosine phosphatase; antibody to an epitope on theenzyme; for therapy, drug development.

Merck & Co., Inc. Osteosarcoma WO 94/7916Rahway, N.J. receptorA steroid hormone receptor superfamily member, from humanosteosarcoma cell library; to identify chemicals binding to it.

Mogen Intl. NV Anti-fungal gene WO 94/8009Leiden, NetherlandsDNA encoding antifungal chitin-binding protein with very lowchitinase activity; to render plants resistant to fungi.

Monsanto Co. Pathogenic plant WO 94/8010St. Louis fungiGenes encoding acid osmotin-like proteins control fungal damage toplants.

MRC (Med. Res. Council) Altering immune WO 94/8008London responseGene for disease marker is cloned ex vivo from patient sample,and marker expressed in vivo to interact with immune system.

N. Carolina State U. Improved plant WO 94/7902Raleigh, N.C. host cellsRecombinant plant cells with increased yield, and reduced variability,of foreign gene expression.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Hlth.) Long-lived germ cells WO 94/7997Bethesda, Md.Primordial germ cells cultured with fibroblast growth factor, leukemiainhibitory factor, last longer than seven days..Ontario Cancer Inst. T-cell antigen EPO 593 092Toronto receptorA nucleic acid having a sequence that encodes a polypeptidethat is part of a T-cell antigen receptor.

Oregon Hlth. Sci. Univ. Pilin cell adhesive WO 94/8013Portland, Ore.Neisseria meningitidis pilin's variable region peptides, expressed on acell surface, adhere it to a human epithelial or endothelial cell.

Purdue Research Fdn. Quinic acid WO 94/8015W. Lafayette, Ind. conversionSynthesis of quinoid organic compounds from a renewable energysource, e.g., glucose, by manipulating metabolic pathway.

Research Corp. Techs. Raising gene yield WO 94/8012Tucson, Ariz.Increasing secretion of an overexpressed gene product in a host cell byinducing expression of intracellular chaperone proteins.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Streptogramin WO 94/8014Antony, France synthesisNucleotide sequences and expression system for a polypeptideinvolved in Streptogramin biosynthesis.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Brain gene therapy WO 94/8026Antony, FranceAdenovirus vectors transfer foreign genes into cells of the centralnervous system, especially brain; for gene therapy.

Rice-Breeding Res. Lab. Reducing seed EPO 591 530Miyagi, Japan storageVector containing glutelin promoter and foreign gene; totransform plants, reduce seed storage proteins.

Salk Institute Leukemia peptide WO 94/7502La Jolla, Calif.Human peptide a partial homolog of Drosophila trithorax; to diagnosediseases arising from chromosome 11 breakpoint.

Scios Nova Inc. Wound-healing EPO 593 065Mountain View, Calif. proteinDNA encoding human basic fibroblast growth factor; to obtainenough protein for effective wound healing, tissue repair.

Snow Brand Milk Prods. Allergy therapeutic EPO 592 230Sapporo, JapanHuman monoclonal antibody against CH4 region of IgE inhibitshistamine release from allergen-stimulated mast cells.

SRI Inc. Leukemia diagnosis WO 94/8005TokyoDiagnosing (8; 21)-type acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) by fusionproduct of a DNA fused with AMLI-MTG8.

Stanford University Efficient gene WO 94/8033Stanford, Calif. expressionSafely maintaining plasmids in growing prokaryotic cell culture byproviding gene for an essential tRNA.

Suntory Ltd. Anti-HBs monoclonal EPO 591 548Osaka, JapanRecombinant human anti-HBs monoclonal antibody, produced bygenetic recombination of immunoglobulin H and L chains.

Synaptic Pharm. Corp. Adrenergic WO 94/8040Paramus, N. J. receptorsDNA encoding normal and mutant human alpha-1 adrenergicreceptors; for drug-screening, alleviation of abnormalities.

Texas, University of Epidermal surface WO 94/7906Austin, Texas antigenRecombinant human epidermal surface antigen; for diagnosis, genetherapy of diseases, notably cancer and autoimmunity.

Unilever PLC Altered polypeptide WO 94/8018London Bioactive polypeptide with fewer amino acids in loop region thanunmodified polypeptide hence smaller.

Yale University Split-gene enhancer WO 94/8037New Haven, Conn.Nucleotide sequences of the human transducin-like enhancer of split("TLE") genes, and their encoded proteins.

Zoogen, Inc. Fowl-sexing WO 94/7907Davis, Calif.Avian chromosomal cDNA sequences for hybridization probes;to define sex of a bird.

Zymogenetics, Inc. Calcitonin receptors WO 94/8006SeattleRecombinant human calcitonin receptors and antibodies; to identifyagonists, antagonists, prevent bone resorption._Compiled by David N. Leff

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