Institutional investors purchased all of David Blech's shares in NeoRxCorp., making the Seattle company more than 50 percent institutionallyheld, NeoRx announced Friday.Blech, an investment banker, sold about 2.76 million shares, or about24 percent of NeoRx's 11.5 million shares outstanding."Even a year ago our institutional base was not more than 10 percent.Now its risen to in excess of 50 percent," Robert Littauer, senior vicepresident, chief financial officer for NeoRx, told BioWorld. "Itprovides stability for the stock price, and the actual institutions owningthe stock are well-respected, long-term institutional owners."Littauer would not reveal the investors. And a Blech representative saidthe company would have no comment.NeoRx (NASDAQ:NERX) stock was down 25 cents Friday, closing at$4.25. _ Jim Shrine

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