Pharmos Corp. announced that it has completed a Phase II trial of asubmicron emulsion (SME) formulation of pilocarpine in 60 glaucomapatients. The study indicated that the agent, Pilocarpine-SME, wasable to reduce subjectsU intraocular pressure by 6mm of mercury, orapproximately 25 percent, according to the company. The drug wasadministered twice daily for seven days.

Pilocarpine is a standard therapy for glaucoma. The companyUs SMEformulation is intended to reduce side effects and provide slowrelease, allowing fewer applications than standard pilocarpine andthus increasing patient compliance. Pharmos said Pilocarpine-SMEgiven twice daily produced similar reductions in intraocular pressureas pilocarpine given four times daily. Brow-ache, a common sideeffect of pilocarpine, was not observed in patients taking Pilocarpine-SME, the New York company added.

Pilocarpine-SME, which entered Phase II testing in 1992, is thecompanyUs lead product using the SME technology. Pharmos said itsSME formulations increase the solubility of lipophilic drugs in tissue,sustaining the drugsU release and reducing toxicity withoutdecreasing pharmacologic activity.

Spectral Licenses cDNA Clones

Spectral Diagnostics Inc. has obtained an exclusive license to cDNAclones coding for human cardiac Troponin I from the Johns HopkinsUniversity School of Medicine. Spectral had the option to acquire thecDNA clones under a February 1993 agreement with the university.

Spectral of Toronto announced Tuesday that it will use the cDNAclones in manufacturing scale-up quantities of recombinant TroponinI, a cardiac protein, for use in a second-generation cardiac prognostic.SpectralUs president, Douglas Ball, said Troponin I is released whenthe heart is under stress, and to the extent that the agent can bemeasured in the blood, one can diagnose whether or not chest pain isof cardiac origin.

The companyUs cardiac panel tests for four cardiac proteins Q CK-MB,Myoglobin, Myosin Light Chains and Troponin I Q to distinguishbetween cardiac and non-cardiac chest pain and tell unstable anginafrom a myocardial infarction. Spectral (NASDAQ:DIAGF) expects tomarket a second-generation cardiac prognostics test and cardiacspecific markers in 1994.

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