Cor Therapeutics Inc. announced that it has completed its PhaseII clinical trial of Integrelin, an anti-thrombotic compound, fortreating unstable angina.

Cor of South San Francisco, Calif., began the 200-patient,multisite trial in February 1992.

"Now that all patient treatment has been completed, we willgather, review and analyze the data from this double-blind,placebo-controlled Phase II clinical trial over the next severalmonths," said Vaughn Kailian, Cor's president and chiefexecutive officer. After that, the company intends to "bothpresent and publish the data," said Laura Brege, Cor's vicepresident and chief financial officer.

Integrelin is a synthetic peptide that is a highly specific andrapidly reversible inhibitor of the glycoprotein GPIIb-IIIa, thereceptor that mediates platelet aggregation. Plateletaggregation can cause unstable angina, a transient blockage of acoronary artery that affects more than 900,000 individuals inthe U.S. every year, and even heart attacks.

Cor (NASDAQ:CORR) also initiated Phase IIs in October 1992 onIntegrelin for patients undergoing coronary angioplasty. Fortreating this condition, the goal is prevent the occurrence of"abrupt closure," which occurs in 5 percent to 8 percent ofpatients who have had some sort of angioplasty.

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