Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. has reported early Phase IIclinical results of the companyUs (NASDAQ:AMLN) currentAC137 trials. The data suggest that this compound maymoderate rises in blood glucose levels after meals. Amylinplans to expand its clinical trials of AC137 to discover if suchglucose RsmoothingS effects can be confirmed.

If the effects are reproduced in future trials, the therapeuticbenefits of amylin agonists for treating Type I diabetes couldbe significantly enhanced. In addition, the company isevaluating the ability of AC137 to reduce the incidence and/orseverity of insulin-induced hypoglycemia in type I diabetics.

The company also announced that preclinical and clinicalresults have linked amylin to plasma renin activity, animportant regulator of cardiovascular function. Preclinical testsshowed that a new amylin antagonist, AC625, inhibitedamylinUs action on plasma renin, suggesting that amylinantagonists may play a role in treating cardiovasculardisorders.

The San Diego company has begun preclinical development ofAC625, in collaboration with Glaxo Holdings plc, with the goal ofstudying the compoundUs effects on cardiovascular function inhumans.

The AC625 studies are planned to occur simultaneously withGlaxoUs human trials of a second amylin antagonist, AC253, fortherapy with type II diabetes. Clinical studies of bothcompounds are scheduled to begin in the first half of 1994.

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