Biosys and The Solaris Group plan to introduce for the "mainstreamgardener" a water-dispersible, granular formulation of Biosys' OrthoBioSafe biological insect control product, the companies announcedMonday.

Ortho BioSafe, which Biosys (NASDAQ:BIOS) manufactures exclusivelyfor national distribution by The Solaris Group of San Ramon, Calif., isan environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic chemicalpesticides. Biosys of Palo Alto, Calif., has developed a method to mixbeneficial nematodes into granules that dissolve quickly when theproduct is combined with water.

"Our market research shows that the gardening consumer wantsenvironmentally sound products but does not want to compromise oneffectiveness or price," said Fred Vogelgesang, product manager.

"While BioSafe has always been highly effective, making it easier touse and price competitive will appeal to the mainstream gardener,"he said.

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