Neoprobe Corp. announced that FDA has approved its protocolfor a second Phase III clinical trial on RIGScan CR49, itsradiolabeled antibody-based system for detecting colorectalcancer intraoperatively.

The Columbus, Ohio, company began enrolling patients April 22for the first Phase III trial of RIGScan CR49, which is designedto evaluate patients with primary colorectal cancer. The secondPhase III trial will include patients with the metastatic form ofthis deadly cancer.

Neoprobe's (NASDAQ:NEOP) RIGS (radioimmunoguided surgery)system for detecting colorectal cancer uses a gamma-raydetecting probe to identify an I125-labeled monoclonalantibody specific to an antigen that occurs on cancerous tissuein the colon and rectum. The cancer patient is injected with theradiolabled antibody prior to surgery; during the operation thesurgeon uses a hand-held detection device to scan the surgicalfield to locate and determine the extent of the cancer.

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