Alpha 1 Biomedicals Inc. (NASDAQ:ALBM) of Bethesda, Md., hasreceived price approval for its Thymosin alpha 1 in Italy,where the compound is expected to be used in treating immunedeficiencies and as an adjuvant for influenza vaccine in kidneydialysis patients.

The price of a 52-dose, six-month regimen will be $5,500 to$6,000 at the cost of about $115 for 2 milligrams.

Marketing approval is expected in the next few months inItaly, according to Vincent Simmon, Alpha 1's president andchief executive officer. Approval for chronic hepatitis B couldfollow by mid-1994, he added.

The compound is in a Phase III U.S. trial for treatment ofchronic hepatitis B, and in other U.S. clinical trials for combinedtherapy in chronic, active hepatitis C and AIDS.

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