Immunomedics Inc. summarized results of Phase II trials of itsimaging agent for non-Hodgkin's lymphomas on Saturday atthe annual meeting of the German Society for Nuclear Medicine.

David Goldenberg, chairman of the Morris Plans. N.J., company(NASDAQ:IMMU), reviewed results showing ImmuRAID-LL2successfully tracked lymphomas in more than 80 percent ofpatients studied at three medical centers in Chicago, BatonRouge, La., and Newark, N.J., frequently revealing tumorsmissed by conventional imaging tests.

"Our results with the new lymphoma imaging agent suggestthat this test alone can compete well with a battery ofdiagnostic tests," Goldenberg said, "that include X-rays, CTscans, bone scans and other nuclear imaging agents. We believeImmuRAID-LL2 will be particularly appropriate for diagnosinglow-grade lymphomas, which are especially difficult tomanage."

The company is planning Phase III studies, said David Ortlieb,president and chief executive officer. The agent has orphandrug status from FDA.

Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas affect more than 36,000 Americansannually, an incidence that is increasing due to AIDS. Revealinglymphomas in AIDS patients with the agent may improve theirprospect for therapy.

ImmuRAID-LL2 comprises a mouse antibody fragment labeledwith technetium-99m, a readily available isotope used at mosthospital nuclear medicine departments. The small size shouldhelp make the agent rapid, simple and relatively safe,Goldenberg said.

The imaging agent's therapeutic counterpart, ImmuRAIT-LL2,contains the same antibody linked to a therapeutic isotope.Goldenberg presented results from Phase I/II trials in which asmall series of lymphoma patients who had failed conventionaltherapy showed a 40 percent response rate to ImmuRAIT-LL2.

Immunomedics' stock closed at $6.75 a share on Monday, down25 cents.

-- Nancy Garcia Associate Editor

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