DynaGen Inc. announced Monday that it is accelerating clinicaldevelopment of NicErase-IA to treat nicotine addiction.

Based on a naturally occurring plant substance called lobelinethat appears to bind nicotine receptors, NicErase-IA is designedfor twice-daily injection to reduce nicotine withdrawalsymptoms, particularly in hospitalized patients who arerestricted from smoking.

The Cambridge, Mass., company (NASDAQ:DYGN) has submittedto the FDA an investigational new drug application forNicErase-IA for clearance to begin Phase III trials to examinethe impact of lobeline on short-term nicotine craving.

Lobeline is not expected to be addictive. It has been used in anoral form prior to the development of NicErase-IA andNicErase-CR by the company. NicErase-CR is based on thecompany's proprietary controlled-release technology, and isdesigned as a once-a-week injection for individuals who wantto quit smoking.

"Development of NicErase-IA increases the market potential forour smoking cessation programs," said Indu Muni, presidentand chief executive officer. "By the third quarter, we expect tohave two smoking cessation products in Phase III clinicaldevelopment."

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