DynaGen Inc. was to announce today that it will begin in MayPhase II trials of its NicErase System for smoking cessation.

NicErase is a non-nicotine substance that acts on the nicotinereceptors in the brain. It uses the Cambridge, Mass., company'sbiopolymer-based controlled release drug delivery system.

Injection of the compound "takes care of the compliance andabuse issue that exists with the patch and the gum," accordingto Jack Barlow, senior vice president for corporate planning atDynaGen (NASDAQ:DYGN). Barlow said injections maintainproper blood levels of the therapeutic, whereas affixing morethan the appropriate number of nicotine patches or chewingmore than the recommended amount of nicotine gum can raisethe amount above therapeutic levels.

DynaGen has applied for a patent covering NicErase via allparenteral routes of administration, including subcutaneousand intramuscular injections, implants and transdermalpatches.

The company's stock gained 25 cents to $7.75. -- SU

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