ImClone Systems Inc. announced that it has obtained anexclusive worldwide license from the University of Californiafor monoclonal antibodies targeting the epidermal growthfactor receptor (EGFR), as potential cancer diagnostics andtherapeutics.

EGFR is overexpressed on the surface of many cancer cells,including squamous, breast, ovarian, colorectal and lung cancercells.

For instance, 25 percent of the 183,000 new cases of breastcancer annually in the U.S. overexpress EGFR; 65 percent ofbladder cancer cases and 70 percent of ovarian cancers over-express EGFR as well.

"In developing EGFR-based approaches to cancer treatment, wewill build on successful preclinical test results which havedemonstrated the ability of anti-EGFR antibodies to inhibitcancer cell growth," said Samuel Waksal, ImClone's presidentand chief executive officer. "Based on these results, weanticipate actively pursuing a testing program that can addressthe wide range of potential indications for these products."

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