Published Feb. 17, 24 (EPO), Feb. 18 (WO), Feb. 24 (GB)

Mt. SInai School of Med. Steroid hormone WO 93/02691New York deliveryPharmocological glucocorticoids target a cell population, using arecombinant protein carrier molecule with binding sites forhormoneand cell.

Mt. Sinai School of Med. Lead-poisoning WO 93/03185New York susceptibilityA DNA sequence encoding the d-amino-levulinate type 2 gene,diagnostic kits to detect it, and vectors containing its sequence.

Mycogen Corp. Microorganism and WO 93/03154San Diego insecticideBacillus thuringiensis serovar japonensis strain Buihui producesinsecticidal toxin protein that kills coleopterous larvae.

NIH Flu protein in WO 93/03173Bethesda, Md. insect virusBaculovirus-expressed influenza A membrane protein M2antigens, from nuclear polyhedrosis virus, for routineserodiagnosis of infections.

N. E. Deaconess Hosp. Inducing hemo- WO 93/02654Boston globin synthesisInducing hemoglobin synthesis in red blood cell precursorsincreases its content in RBCs, for blood-oxygen enhancement.

Nat'l. Blood Transf. Fn. Cloning human WO 93/03163Paris cellsVector containing genetically engineered non-tumoral, EBV-immortalized lymphoblastoid human cells express heterologousproteins.

Pasteur Institute Malaria vaccine WO 93/03057Paris antigen160-amino-acid polypeptide sequence constitutes newPlasmodium falciparum antigen, induces malaria vaccineantibodies in vivo.

Rapoport, Basil Thyroid peroxidase WO 93/03146Greenbrae, Calif. epitopesDisease-associated B-cell epitopes of human thyroid peroxidase,particularly a nine-amino-acid recombinant sequence.

Rega V.Z.W. Antibody-Fv EPO 528 469Louvain, Belgium expressionRecombinant DNA molecule encodes functional Fv ("fragmentvariable") of desired antibody, to neutralize interferon gamma.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Transgenic serum WO93/03164Lewes, Del. albumenDNA constructs encoding human serum albumen, for secretionin transgenic animal's milk, under b-lactoglobulin promoter.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Stable yeast WO 93/03159Antony, France host cellsRecombinant Kluyveromyces yeast cells, with one essentialgene in vector, not yeast genome, highly stable in complexmedium.

Sandoz Ltd. Therapeutic antibody EPO 528 767Basel, Switzerland derivativesHuman/mouse monoclonals to difucosyl Lewis blood-groupantigens Y-6 and B-7-2, to treat epithelial cancers, HIVinfections.

Scientific Dimensions Over-expressing WO 93/03138New York nucleic acidsTo express selected DNA products, insert sequence downstreamof ab sequence from potato virus X, then introduce hybrid intocell or plant genome.

Scios Inc. Tissue-selective WO 93/03174Mountain View, Calif. insulinRecombinant tissue-selective human insulin analogs, e.g.,hepato selective, "provide superior clinical benefits" overhuman insulin.

Stanford University Cyclophilin C WO 93/03050Stanford, Calif. binding proteinCloning and characterization of new binding protein class,cyclophilin C, which can bind, e.g., to immunsuppressivecyclosporin A.

Takeda Chemical Indust. Parathyroid EPO 528 271Osaka, Japan hormone muteinsHuman parathyroid hormone muteins created by deletions ofselected amino acid sequences, cloned in vectors, expressed inhosts.

Texas, University of Anti-proteolysis WO 93/03156Austin, Texas stabilizationProtein stabilization sequence to stabilize proteolyticallysensitive proteins; gene sequence encoding stabilizationpolypeptide.

Toshiba K.K. Synaptophysin EPO 528 663Kawasaki, Japan antibodyMonoclonal specifically reactive with rat brain synaptophysincan quantitively analyze very small amounts of tissuesynaptophysin.

Transkaryotic Therapies DNA library WO 93/03183Cambridge, Mass. screeningHomologous-recombination screening of DNA libraries in aeukaryotic host; chromosome walking to build extendedphysical map.

University Research Corp. Polypeptide WO 93/03172Boulder, Colo. ligandsPolypeptide ligands of target molecules comprising ribosomecomplexes or mRNA polypeptide copolymers, partitionedrelative to target affinity, and amplified.

Virogenetics Corp. Bursal disease WO 93/03145Troy, N.Y. vaccineRecombinant poxvirus containing DNA from infectious bursaldisease virus, to provide immunity to inoculated host animal.

Washington University Substance P WO 93/03137St. Louis, Mo. receptorIsolation, characterization, cDNA cloning of human substance Preceptor; CHO cell line transformed with vector encodingreceptor.

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