ImmuLogic Pharmaceutical Corp. announced Thursday that ithas received $6 million in license and milestone payments fromits partner, Marion Merrell Dow Inc. (MMD).

The two companies agreed in February 1992 to jointly developand commercialize ImmuLogic's Allervax family of allergytherapeutics. ImmuLogic (NASDAQ:IMUL) has now received$13 million of the potential $42 million coming to it as itachieves certain predetermined (and undisclosed) goals.

The announcement follows closely on the heels of ImmuLogic'sparticipation in a meeting on asthma and allergic diseaseresearch held March 4 at the National Institute of Allergy andInfectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes ofHealth.

Barbara Wallner, vice president for clinical research at theWaltham, Mass., company, told the attendees that ImmuLogichad completed its Phase I clinical trials on CatVax for treatingallergies to cats. In fact, ImmuLogic is "about to enter Phase IIson CatVax," said Richard Small, ImmuLogic's chief financialofficer.

ImmuLogic's collaboration with MMD of Kansas City, Mo.,includes developing vaccines for the five major allergensworldwide: cats, Japanese cedar pollen, house dust mite, lawngrasses and ragweed. "We're looking to file an investigationalnew drug (IND) application on a ragweed allergy therapeutic inthe fourth quarter," Small told BioWorld. -- Jennifer Van Brunt

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